How to Recover Excel File on Windows [Deleted or Unsaved]

You can choose this WorkinTool Data Recovery software to recover permanently deleted Excel files. It is 100% free and can quickly scan your PC, helping you find your target workbook in seconds. You can use it to retrieve files in the hard disk, desktop folder, USB, and more. Moreover, it allows you to customize the folder you want to scan. Just type in the name of the file folder, and then it immediately deep scans it.

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How to Recover Excel File on Windows [Deleted or Unsaved]

In daily work and study, we inevitably need to process several Excel files to record important information, analyze data, make spreadsheet programs, etc. However, sometimes we may delete critical Excel files by mistake. Or the Excel content that has been done is lost due to a computer crash and other situations. So how to recover Excel file on Windows11/10 at no cost? This post will explain the easiest ways to restore a deleted or unsaved Excel file on a PC.

How to Recover a Deleted Excel File on PC

Suppose you delete a critical Excel spreadsheet by accident and want to find it back; there are two ways to help you regain it. On the one hand, if you don’t empty the recycle bin on your computer, it is easy to recover deleted Excel files from it. On the other hand, if the Excel workbook is permanently deleted, you can choose to retrieve it with professional data recovery software.

💡 Method 1. Restore from Recycle Bin

If you just deleted the file or have not yet cleaned up the Recycle Bin, you can get the file back in the Recycle Bin. See how to recover the Excel file from the Recycle Bin in the following:

  • Open the Recycle Bin on your computer.
  • Search for the name of the file you just removed or browse through all the files to find it.
  • Pick the target file and right-click it, then click restore to recover it to your PC.

recover excel file from recycle bin

💡 Method 2. Restore Permanently Deleted Excel with Free Data Recovery Software

Suppose your Excel file is cleaned up from your computer, then you can rely on professional data recovery software to recover your Excel file. WorkinTool Data Recovery is a powerful and efficient file recovery tool for the Windows system. It is 100% free to use without restrictions on the use times. Most importantly, it helps you locate the file you want to recover in seconds. It divides the file location and file type to scan your computer quickly and further help you discover the target file precisely.

It provides you with two interface modes. As for the scene mode, you can scan the file according to your needs, like recovering formatted data, recycle bin, USB, etc. As for the Wizard mode, you can quickly recover files by selecting different file locations. It also supports customizing selection. In comparison, the latter can help you find lost files faster if you remember where the files were saved.

Main Product Features of WorkinTool Data Recovery

100% free to restore files WorkinTool is a relatively rare, completely free data recovery software. Other data recovery services and tools in the field cost highly. New to the market, WorkinTool offers all its users a long-term free trial without any requirement to save the recovered files. You can use it with confidence.
Scan & recover files in seconds It is feasible to scan your folders quickly, and the recovery process remains fast. It also fulfills batch recovery, helping you avoid repetitive operations and endless waiting.
Retrieve deleted or corrupted files with great results This file recovery software can lead to great results. With its quick scan feature, you can find back nearly all lost files on your computer. It also gives you a deep scan option to further scan your device.
Quickly locate the file you want to recover It allows you to customize the file location you want to search for so that it enables you to quickly find the target file.

data recovery software icon

How to Recover Excel File with WorkinTool Data Recovery

  • Step1. Install WorkinTool Data Recovery

Download and install the software from the WorkinTool official site.

install workintool data recovery

  • Step2. Scan the target folder

Open the tool. Click Switch to Wizard Mode at the bottom of the user interface. Then select the file location. You can also try its customizing selection feature. Choose it and then type in the folder you want to scan. Click Scan Now and wait for seconds.

scan the folder

  • Step3. Recover the deleted Excel file

You can search for the file by adding its name or find it by filtering the file type. Then pick it up and press Recover. You can customize the file location and press Sure to start recovering. In this way, you can retrieve the deleted Excel file back.

recover deleted excel files

In addition to recovering deleted Excel files, you can also use WorkinTool Data Recovery to:

Repair corrupted Excel file Repair crash hard disk Retrieve files from USB
Deep scan of your PC External hard drive recovery Recover corrupted JPEG


How to Recover an Unsaved Excel File on Windows

If you lost an Excel file by accident, like misoperations, crashes, computer glitches, etc., you could use the Excel software to retrieve an unsaved file. Take Microsoft Excel as an example. It will save the precious version of your workbook, and if you log in to your Microsoft Office account, you can open the auto-save button to preserve the file automatically. See how to recover an unsaved Excel file in Microsoft Excel.

  • Launch Microsoft Excel on your computer.
  • Click File to check the most recent files, then press More workbooks> Recently unsaved workbooks at the bottom of the page. Then open the unsaved file to recover.
  • Press File> Save as to download the file to your folder.

retrieve unsaved excel

Need more detailed tutorials on how to recover office files, you can refer to Microsoft Support.

Bonus Tips: How to Set Auto-save in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel has a built-in auto-save function. It allows you to set up the auto-save time. You can also upload the workbook to the cloud to avoid file loss. See how to set auto-save before creating forms in Microsoft Excel.

Step1. Open Microsoft Excel and click File> Options> Save to customize how workbooks are saved.

Step2. Set an auto-save period. Then set the autosave files to the cloud by default if you want to.

Wrapping Up

This guide includes practical ways to recover an Excel file. Detailed tutorials on retrieving a deleted Excel file and regaining an unsaved Excel file are available here. You can get your crucial files by referring to the above steps. If you have trouble when using WorkinTool Data Recovery, please get in touch with us anytime.


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