iBoysoft Data Recovery Crack Free License Key or Alternative?

Want to free download iBoysoft Data Recovery crack? Are you searching for a free full version of iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows and Mac? Click this post! It is hard to find an iBoysoft data recovery license key or crack for free without risks. Why don’t you turn to cost-effective alternatives from a secure website? This post covers everything you probably need, including the free alternative you can put to actual use. Read on to get:
1. Possible consequences of using cracked software
2. Free iBoysoft Data Recovery alternative
3. Similarities and alternatives of iBoysoft and its alternative
4. Comparison of their pro plans

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iBoysoft Data Recovery Crack Free License Key or Alternative?


iBoysoft Data Recovery Software, released in 2017, is a reliable tool that allows you to recover lost documents, videos, photos, as well as other types of files from various internal hard drives and external storage media. Featured in BitLocker Data Recovery, RAW Partition Repair and Data Recovery, as well as Lost Partition Recovery, this data recovery tool has attracted a wide range of users worldwide.

iboysoft data recovery trial

Meanwhile, a plethora of cracked versions of this data recovery software is flooding into the market. If you are also searching for an iBoysoft data recovery free license key or crack, please be cautious in your usage. Otherwise, there will be severe consequences. This article shares the potential consequences of using cracked software. Please verify if they are within your tolerance.

If not, please continue reading to find out how you can obtain safer, genuine data recovery software at the lowest price.

Table of Contents

  • Possible Consequences of Using iBoysoft Data Recovery Crack
  • An Alternative Recommendation to iBoysoft Data Recovery
  • Shared Features and Variances of iBoysoft and WorkinTool
  • Comparison of The Pro Versions Two Data Recovery Software
  • FAQs


Possible Consequences of Using iBoysoft Data Recovery Crack

There may indeed be a useful and safe iBoysoft data recovery crack available, but finding it can be quite challenging. Additionally, regardless of the process of searching for or using iBoysoft data recovery pro crack, you may encounter some tricky issues, such as:

iboysoft data recovery crack free license key

  • Attacks from malware infections of fishing websites
  • Violation of copyright laws and legal issues
  • Unreliable data scanning and recovery performance
  • Lack of technical support or updates from official websites
  • Incompatibility with future software updates or operating system upgrades

Therefore, it is vital to weigh these problems and consider the potential risks before downloading a free crack or searching for a free iBoysoft data recovery license key for Windows or Mac.


An Alternative Recommendation to iBoysoft Data Recovery

According to iBoysoft Data Recovery Review, this software features the recovery of multiple types of files from various devices. Besides, it supports the recovery of a plethora of data loss scenarios, including BitLocker data recovery, RAW partition recovery, deleted files recovery, Recycle Bin recovery, corrupted/formatted drive recovery, lost partition recovery, virus infection recovery, etc.

Speaking of free alternatives to iBoysoft Data Recovery Software, there is indeed an option available—WorkinTool Data Recovery. This data recovery software, similar to iBoysoft data recovery for Windows and Mac, also has different versions suitable for the two operating systems. In addition to the recovery of different scenarios mentioned above, it is also able to recover versatile videos, images, documents, archives, audio files, as well as databases from storage devices like HDDs, SSDs, external HDDs, USB drives, SD cards, CF cards, various memory cards, and more.

workintool data recovery v2.2

Unlike the iBoysoft pricing, which starts at $69.95 a year, you can get the product of WorkinTool with an equal validity period for $39.99 (20% off coupon inc.). Its cheapest plan starts at $23.99 a month (20% off coupon inc.). For the latest version 4.0 version, iBoysoft cannot recover files for free. WorkinTool Data Recovery Software, however, offers 500MB of free data recovery capacity.

Users who want to rescue small files for emergencies, who want to rescue accidental deletion for the lowest price, as well as who want to get a lifetime data recovery tool without costing too much can pick this data recovery software. You needn’t afford much money for a license key or risk downloading iBoysoft data recovery crack. Want to know more about this free iBoysoft alternative? Refer to the following:

📂 Support 500+ types of files that nearly cover all videos, pictures, documents, audio files, archives, and so on.


WorkinTool Data Recovery Software

✅Reliable data recovery success rate and high-quality performance without damaging data integrity
💻 Suitable for data loss caused by deletion, formatting, system crashes, malware infection, software corruption, as well as logical disk errors. 👀Cost-effective price among various data recovery software on the market
📝Attainable for both Windows and Mac operating systems. Available for SSDs, internal/external HDDs, USB drives, memory cards, specific files, etc. ⚡Distinctive scan methods with speedy scanning, including Quick, Deep, as well as Formatted Scan
🔎Preview files and filter them by file type, size, date modified, as well as original directory as desired. 🌕Intuitive interface and three-click operation steps

workintool data recovery download

Shared Features and Variances of iBoysoft and WorkinTool

By comparing their similarities and differences, you will better understand whether to download an iBoysoft Data Recovery crack or utilize WorkinTool Data Recovery. Let’s dive into their shared features first.

Shared Features

  • Recover data from various storage devices and scenarios.
  • Secure and authorized software with advanced algorithms
  • Able to preview and search scanned files
  • Available on both Windows as well as macOS

Their Major Differences

iBoysoft Data Recovery WorkinTool Data Recovery
  • iBoysoft Pricing: $69.95 ~ $299
  • Yearly plans only
  • No recovery space in the free iBoysoft Data Recovery trial
  • Two scan modes: Quick and Deep
  • Slower deep scan speed
  • Filter files by Deleted or Existing
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Scan specific partitions only
  • Support 1000+ types of files (Unverifiable).
  • The software interface needs enhancements.
  • WorkinTool Pricing: $49.99/Lifetime, $39.99/Year, $29.99/Month, 20% off coupon available
  • Monthly, yearly, as well as lifetime plans available
  • 500MB of free recovery capacity
  • Three scan modes: Quick/Deep/Formatted
  • Faster deep scan speed
  • Filter files by Size, Type, Date Modified, Name, as well as Directory (custom intervals available).
  • 7&14-day money-back guarantee
  • Scan specific partitions, folders, Desktop, as well as Recycle Bin.
  • Support 500+ types of files.
  • Intuitive and modern interface

Data is sourced from iBoysoft Data Recovery as well as WorkinTool Data Recovery Websites and their official reviews.


Comparison of The Pro Versions Two Data Recovery Software

We also provide a detailed comparison of their pro plans.

iBoysoft Data Recovery Software WorkinTool Data Recovery
  • No recovery space
  • Preview part of files
  • Can’t recover data from Bitlocker-encrypted drives
  • It does not support RAW drive recovery in the free version.
  • Unconditionally free for 500MB of recovery space.
  • Preview part of files
  • Support Bitlocker-encrypted drive recovery
  • Support RAW drive recovery
  • Unlock features according to plan levels
  • $69.95/Basic, $199/Professional, $299/Technician (1 year validity)
  • Lowest price: $69.95 (30% off coupon inc.)
  • Basic/Professional plans: 1 license for 1 PC
  • Technician plan: 1 license of 5 PCs
  • Unlock all features regardless of plan levels
  • $49.99/Lifetime, $39.99/Year, $29.99/Month (20% off coupon available)
  • Lowest price: $23.99 (20% off coupon inc.)
  • All plans: 1 license for 1 PC

As you can see, WorkinTool can do the same tasks as iBoysoft data recovery. From the comparison tables of their features and plans, you can see their difference and similarities clearly. If you are quivering about the expensive iBoysoft license key and worried about the potential risks of downloading iBoysoft Data Recovery crack, then WorkinTool Data Recovery is an excellent option. You can get reliable data recovery services and high-quality performance at a cost-effective price when restoring data using this tool.



Is iBoysoft Data Recovery safe?

Of course. iBoysof Data Recovery is a safe and authorized software.

Is iBoysoft data recovery really free?

No. The free iBoysoft Data Recovery trial only allows users to scan and preview files. Therefore, to recover lost files, you need to upgrade to its pro editions, which start at $69.95 a year.

Does iBoysoft data recovery work?

Yes. iBoysoft Data Recovery supports recovery of deleted, formatted, Bitlocker-encrypted, as well as RAW drive files with a high recovery rate. But please download genuine software from the official website.

How much does iBoysoft Data Recovery cost?

iBoysoftware Data Recovery’s price ranges from $69.95 to $299. All the plans are billed yearly.

How to use iBoysoft data recovery for free?

The free iBoysoft Data Recovery trial only allows users to scan and preview files. Therefore, to recover files for free, you need to upgrade its advanced plans or turn to a cheaper WorkinTool alternative.

workintool data recovery download


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