Illustrator File Recovery: Recover Unsaved or Deleted Illustrator Files

Performing Illustrator File Recovery cannot be easier with WorkinTool data recovery software. Download and enjoy it right now to know the best way to recover unsaved and undeleted illustrator files here.

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Illustrator File Recovery: Recover Unsaved or Deleted Illustrator Files

Illustrator File Recovery: Recover Unsaved or Deleted Illustrator Files


We know how destructive it can be to a whole workflow when someone loses their illustrator files. If the missing files were at the beginning of what you did, you would have a chance to start over. But if you’ve done it and you lose it for some reason, no one wants to do it all over again. Whatever the reason you lost, you would do no matter what it takes to get those files back, no doubt. But do you know how to recover unsaved or deleted illustrator files? Are there any good ways to perform illustrator file recovery for free?

Don’t panic. In this post, we will present a thorough guide on recovering those illustrator files. Four solutions can cover all the situations of losing your illustrator files. Now, let’s take a look at what we can do to retrieve those files.

🚨 Note: To get the best chance to recover illustrator files, we highly recommend that you stop using the computer once you find out your files are lost. Because continuous work can add new data to this computer. As a result, they will overwrite your deleted illustrator files. At that point, there’s nothing you can do to restore those desired files.

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💊 Solution 😕 Issue
Method 1: Recover from the Recycle Bin This works for anyone who wants to recover recently deleted illustrator files.
Method 2: Illustrator file recovery – data recovery software Suitable for people who recover permanently deleted illustrator files.
Method 2: Recover Illustrator files from an autosave Available to recover an Illustrator file lost in a crash.
Method 4: Recover from Recent Files Same as the last one if it doesn’t work.


How to Perform Illustrator File Recovery

Now, let’s look at the four recovery methods that can help you recover lost illustrator files. No matter if you accidentally deleted them a few minutes ago or emptied the Recycle Bin, making it permanently lost, there is a way to help you solve the problem.


#1: Recover from the Recycle Bin

Deleting files is something that cannot be simpler for computer operations. All you have to do is click on the delete button, and your file will disappear entirely. Well, as long as you don’t empty the Recycle Bin, this little problem can still be fixed. As you know, all the deleted files will be stored in the Recycle Bin before you permanently remove them. This will give you a certain period of time to restore those accidentally deleted illustrator files. It’s super easy. Just follow our steps to get it done.

illustrator file recovery 1

  1. Launch the Recycle Bin application on your computer
  2. Find the Illustrator file you’d like to recover.
  3. Right-click on the file and click Restore.

The Restore feature will put the recovered files wherever they were initially on the computer.


#2: Illustrator File Recovery: Data Recovery Software


Although ideally, the files you want are still in the Recycle Bin, the reality is that they have been emptied. Then, you can try using data recovery software to restore permanently deleted illustrator files. It helps users scan their computers for lost files, including those stored on devices, and allows them to recover them. So, where can you find both user-friendly and free data recovery software? Don’t worry. Here, we recommend that you use WorkinTool Data Recovery Software.


workintool data recovery software


WorkinTool Data Recovery Software

WorkinTool data recovery tool is an illustrator file recovery tool that you should always take advantage of. There is no need for beautiful software design or complex functional simulation. Simple data-loss scenario selection lets users choose different data recovery functions according to different situations. Whether you have an early recovery experience or not, you can restore deleted pictures, videos, and many other items within a minute. It is able to scan 400 different types of files and recover them wherever you want, including illustrator files.

 This recovery tool not only retrieves files from the computer. It can also help users bring back what is lost from external devices like USB flash drives or SD memory cards. You can even recover a disk that is already RAW. But what is most beneficial to the users is that WorkinTool Data Recovery right now is 100% FREE and SAFE to use all the features without ads. Here are the six recovery modes this tool provides users who need help knowing how or where they lost their files. If there is a need, choose the right one and follow the instructions.


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Three Steps to Perform Illustrator File Recovery

1. Launch WorkinTool Data Recovery and select Deletion Recovery.

how to recover deleted videos 0

2. Locate the disk partition where you saved the illustrator file before, then click Scan Now.

how to recover deleted videos 1

3. Use the Filter and File Type menu to find the desired illustrator file and click Recover.

how to recover uninstalled programs on windows 10 1

4. Finally, make the recovered file your saving path. Then you can wait for the recovery result to come out.


#3: Recover Illustrator File from an Autosave


There is always an auto-recovery feature in Adobe Illustrator. This will help users automatically save their work if the application or computer suddenly crashes. So, when something is wrong, you lose your work. Check the autosave and recover your work immediately.

Please follow these steps to recover your unsaved illustrator file:


illustrator file recovery 2

    1. Launch the Adobe Illustrator application.
    2. There will be a pop-out box when you open this application. Click OK.
    3. Your file will then be recovered with the file name showing at the top.


#4: Recover from Recent Files


In some situations, you didn’t delete your illustrator file, but you just saved it to a different location, and now you cannot find it. So, how can you find it? If you recently opened it once, it should be easy to locate. Using the illustrator’s recent file record to access it can help you open it the fastest way.


illustrator file recovery 3

    1. Launch the Adobe Illustrator application.
    2. Go to File > Open Recent.
    3. Check the list of recently opened files and reopen the one you want to recover again.
    4. Please save it to another location where you can access it.


Bottom Line

Yes, we must admit that once you delete an illustrator file, it takes work to find and get it back. But there are still chances according to the situation. Among all the methods you can think of, using a data recovery tool is the fastest and the most efficient way. That is why we recommend WorkinTool Data Recovery Software.
As long as your files are not overwritten yet, you can use this illustrator file recovery tool to recover them in a flash. Remember that after the recovery, put your files in another location in case a similar data loss happens again.

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