Laptop Hard Drive Recovery without Losing Data [Easy & Fast Solutions]

Don’t be anxious if you find your laptop’s hard drive fails. With this effective and efficient ✅ WorkinTool data recovery software, you can recover a laptop hard drive without losing data. How can we fix the corrupted hard drive?
1️⃣ Recover data from the dead hard drive with WorkinTool (free version available).
2️⃣ Format the hard drive to fix it.
3️⃣ Copy the recovered data to the laptop hard drive again.

Last updated on May 03, 2023 by Eleanor Written by Orlando
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Laptop Hard Drive Recovery without Losing Data [Easy & Fast Solutions]

As a portable device, the laptop has always been loved by everyone for its flexibility and lightness. During daily use, we will store all kinds of data on the laptop, like learning courses, mobile phone photos, company information, office documents, etc. However, the data stored in the laptop is only partially safe. Problems such as hard drive crashes will cause data loss during operation. Once critical files are lost, it will more or less bring us some inconvenience. What can we do to fulfill the laptop hard drive recovery and retrieve data? This guide will show you the easiest and fastest ways.

😟 What Causes Hard Drive Failure?

Regardless of the laptop’s brand, some common situations can cause hard drive failure on a laptop, resulting in data loss on the hard disk. It is essential to understand the status of your laptop hard drive before performing laptop hard drive recovery.

❓ Partition loss: deleted partition, damaged partition table, repartitioned hard disk, etc.

💾 Partition damage: The hard disk partition becomes RAW format, and if it cannot be opened. It prompts that it is not formatted, and the data cannot be accessed.

💻 Bad sectors: Bad sectors appear on the hard disk, resulting in loss of partitions and inaccessibility of partitions.

💣 Virus attack: Virus infection or malware attack wreaks havoc on your laptop hard drive

🔌 Physical failure: the hard disk hardware is broken; the computer cannot detect the hard disk; abnormal noises; many bad sectors, etc.

Can We Realize Laptop Hard Drive Recovery

It is completely feasible to recover a dead laptop hard drive without losing data yourself with the help of professional laptop hard drive data recovery software. No matter what causes the data loss problem, there is hope for data recovery as long as the data is not overwritten after loss. But you must notice that if your hard disk is physically damaged, it is relatively hard to repair with software. In that case, you have to find some professional hard drive recovery services.

laptop hard drive recovery

📌 How to Recover Data from a Dead Laptop Hard Drive

WorkinTool Data Recovery is a sophisticated laptop hard drive recovery software mainly for Windows users. It is practical in recovering data from crashed or damaged hard drives, including HDD, SSD, USB, SD card, etc. It is a handy tool for beginners with little knowledge of laptop data recovery. You can effortlessly retrieve data from a failed laptop hard drive within a few steps. In addition, the software realizes a rapid data recovery process. Its quick scan feature helps you search for data on a laptop hard drive within seconds. Moreover, its recovery course also remains fast, saving you from the boring waiting.

Don’t worry if you are unwilling to spend much money on laptop data recovery. WorkinTool offers a free trial version. The free version allows you to recover up to 500MB of data without restriction. By the way, its pro version permits you to recover unlimited data and provides a reasonable cost. It is indeed one of the best data recovery software in the field.

guaranteed. If you are a Windows user, install it and give it a try.

sublogo of data recoveryWorkinTool Data Recovery

Restore data from a corrupted laptop hard drive easily and quickly

  • Free trial accessible
  • Fast data scanning and recovery process
  • Successfully recover data from a corrupted hard drive caused by various reasons
  • No watermarks on the recovered files
  • No ads, pop-ups, or viruses when using the software

💲 Pricing:

Free version available (Recover 500 MB of data in total)

Pro version provided ($29.99/month, $39.99/year, $49.99 for lifetime)

workintool data recovery download

workintool data recovery main page


🎯 How to recover laptop hard drive with WorkinTool Data Recovery Software

🔸 Step1. Install laptop hard drive data recovery software

Download WorkinTool Data Recovery software and run it on your laptop. Then, select Disk & Partition Recovery on the main user interface.

hard drive recovery with workintool

🔸 Step2. Scan the hard drive

Select the crashed or dead laptop hard drive, click Find partition, and pick a related drive to scan.

scan the laptop hard drive

🔸 Step3. Recover data from the laptop hard drive

Filter the scanned data by file type, size, position, etc. Then select the files you want to retrieve. Press the Recover button and select a new local folder to download those recovered files.

laptop hard drive recovery with software

🔸 Step4. Recover laptop hard drive

Open the File Explorer on your computer, then select the hard disk. Right-click it and choose the Format function to fix the dead laptop hard drive. Then save the recovered data to the repaired hard drive again.

fix corrupted laptop hard drive

🔎 FAQs on Laptop Hard Drive Recovery

💬 Can the laptop hard disk be recovered?

Yes. You can recover the laptop’s hard disk without losing crucial data with professional data recovery software. You can first use this kind of software to retrieve and back up your data in the failed hard drive. Then format the hard drive to revive it to normal status.

💬 What are the symptoms of a damaged hard drive?

Various reasons may cause a hard drive to fail. Usually, a crashed hard drive has these common signs: overheating, strange noise, corrupted files, major slowdowns, a blue screen of death, frequent error messages, system crashes, and more.

💬 How do I fix a corrupted laptop hard drive?

The most direct way to fix a corrupted laptop hard drive is to format it to the normal situation. Before that, use professional hard drive recovery software to recover the laptop hard drive data. This method can cope with many logically damaged hard drives. But not for physically damaged ones. You need to search for hard drive recovery services to fix a physically corrupted laptop hard drive.

Wrapping Up

This article focuses on laptop hard drive recovery. Using specific laptop hard drive data recovery software, you can easily recover a dead hard drive on your laptop at home. WorkinTool offers easy and fast solutions for data recovery. You can try its free trial version at the very beginning. Hope you can successfully fix the corrupted laptop hard drive.


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