How to Recover Deleted Photos Windows 10/11/7 FREE | 5 Fixes

Want to recover deleted photos in Windows 10/11/7? This post will explain 5 free fixes for you to restore deleted photos. And WorkinTool Data Recovery is the most powerful and simplest way. You recover vairous photo types from any storage device or file system. Sounds great, right? Just download it can recover your lost/formatted/deleted photos today!
🏆 Various data loss scenarios are supported.
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Last updated on Jan 29, 2023 by Betty Written by Betty
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How to Recover Deleted Photos Windows 10/11/7 FREE | 5 Fixes

How to Recover Deleted Photos Windows 10/11/7 FREE | 5 Fixes

Photos can record tiny changes in our cities, kids’ growth, and turnover of four seasons. We can cherish and store these images for a long time. However, as time goes by, we have kept an increasing number of photos on our Windows computers and would delete or format some important photo files accidentally. It’s not easy to recover deleted photos by ourselves. Are you feeling desperate? Don’t give up on rescuing your photos because this post will tell you 5 fixes to recover deleted photos Windows 10/11/7 for free. If you want to know the practical guides, continue reading!

Words before Knowing about Photo Recovery

👀 Where are my pictures in Windows 10/11?

1. The photo location depends on where you download or transfer photos. Therefore, you can go to the corresponding folders to find the photos. 2. They may be stored in the Photos app, a Windows built-in tool for users to see and find all their photos from clouds, phones, and computers. Hence, you can just click on the win button on your keyboard and enter photos. Then the Photos app will pop up automatically, and here you can see all your pictures in Windows 10/11.

🔎 Is there any way to recover deleted photos?

You can confidently say yes to this question because there are various solutions to restore deleted photos. And for your convenience, this post will expound 5 free methods to end your worries about photo recovery.

💡 Fix 1. Recover Deleted Photos Windows 10/11/7 from Recycle Bin

If you accidentally delete or format pics of Windows, you can try to find them in the Recycle Bin. However, if you have emptied Recycle Bin or Recycle Bin removes files automatically due to reaching its maximum size or time, this method will be invalid. However, you can try four other ways to retrieve your photos.

📝 How to Retrieve Deleted Photos from Recycle Bin

  • Step 1. Double-click on Recycle Bin icon on your desktop.
  • Step 2. View and find the photo file you want to recover. Then right-click on it and select Restore. Alternatively, you can tap on Recycle Bin Tools > Restore all items/ Restore the selected items. Lastly, photos can be returned to their original place.

recover deleted photos windows 10 recyclebin

💡 Fix 2. Recover Deleted Photos Windows 10/11/7 with Software

Suppose you have permanently deleted photos from a Windows computer. In this case, it’s not as easy as photo recovery with Recycle Bin. However, photo recovery software makes it simpler. There are multiple recovery products mixed in the market. Good software will allow you to do half the work with double the results. By comparison, malware will make the situation worse. Hence, it’s crucial to choose a reliable and powerful tool. And WorkinTool Data Recovery deserves your trust and use.

It is a free and effective photo recovery tool for all Windows users. With six powerful recovery scene modes, it can quickly recover your deleted/lost/formatted photos from various major storage devices and file systems. Moreover, it can recover various photo types, such as JPEG/JPG, PNG, SVG, ICO, etc. Besides, it can not only recover images but also retrieve other 1000+ file types, like emails, audio, documents, zips, videos, etc. And you can enjoy 500 MB of free data recovery, which means you can recover thousands of photos. Just download and get a free trial!

data recovery software icon

📝 How to Retrieve Pictures in Windows with WorkinTool

Step 1. Download and launch this free tool. Click on the Scene Mode > Deletion Recovery mode.

recover deleted photos with workintool

Step 2. Select the partition where the deleted images are stored. Then tap on Scan Now to begin scanning photos.

the second step of photo recovery

Step 3. Within seconds, all the recoverable pictures will appear on your computer. Then, you can click on Filter > Filter Type > Picture to target more precisely. Of course, you can set the modified date and file size in Filter. At last, select your desired image files and click on Recover to recover deleted photos.

recover deleted photos windows with workintool

More Functions You Probably Like

sublogo of data recovery

💡 Fix 3. Retrieve Deleted Images with Backup and Restore

You can effortlessly retrieve permanently deleted photos if you have set up an auto backup with Backup and Restore. Backup and Restore function is a Windows built-in tool designed for Windows 7 and Windows Vista age, which is gradually unused and discarded by the users of the later system. However, it is still powerful to create system images, backup files, and recover your lost images. 

📝 How to Restore Deleted Photos on Windows 7 with Backup and Restore

  • Step 1. Hit the win icon on your keyboard and enter the control panel into the search box. Then click on the Control Panel in the pop-up search results.
  • Step 2. Tap on System and Security > Backup and Restore (Windows 7). Then find Restore > Restore all users’ files > Browse for folders. Here you can see and find all the copied files.
  • Step 3. Select the image folder you want and click on Add folder. Then click on Next and select the storage location. With the final click on Restore, you will obtain the dream results.

recover deleted photos with backup and restore

💡 Fix 4. Restore Deleted Photos with File History

File History is a free Windows built-in tool developed for Windows 8/8.1/10/11 users to bake up and recover files. And the difference between the Backup and Restore function and File History is that the former’s primary purpose is to help users create a complete system image. Comparatively, the latter enables users to back up and restore truly. Hence, since Windows 8, Microsoft Office has recommended users use File History rather than Backup and Restore.   

📝 How to Recover Deleted Photos Windows 10/11 with File History

  • Step 1. Enter the control panel in the search box next to the win icon at the bottom left. Then select the Control Panel tool.
  • Step 2. Go to System and Security > Save backup copies of your files with File History > Restore personal files. Then you will see all the copies of your files, including your deleted photos.
  • Step 3. Click on the right or left arrow icon to browse your files’ previous/next version. Then you can long press Ctrl while tapping on the image files you want to restore. Lastly, click on the green Restore to original location to return all your lost photos.

recover deleted photos with file history

💡 Fix 5. Restore Deleted Photos with Previous Versions

Previous Versions come from File History, cloud apps like OneDrive, or restore points. It is a unique feature for Windows users to recover files in case of data loss. Hence, you will likely find and regain your lost image files through Previous Versions. Moreover, the steps are super easy and friendly to novices.

📝 How Do I Retrieve Deleted Photos through Previous Versions 

  • Step 1. Click on the hard drive where you store the photos. Then, click on Home > Properties on the top toolbar
  • Step 2. Tap on Previous Versions. Then you will see all the recoverable files/folders within the box. Lastly, click on the folder or files you desire and tap Restore to recover deleted photos Windows 10/11/7.

recover deleted photos with previous versions

* If the Restore icon is grey, you cannot recover the files. However, you can try other methods to restrive deleted photos. 

Common Reasons for Deleted Photos in Windows

Various reasons will lead to photo loss. However, below will list several common reasons for photo loss that you can avoid and be more careful about next time.

  • 💻 Accidental Deletion: Sometimes, you will click the deletion button without thinking and even failing to see clearly the text on the button. And the one-click will cause tons of image loss permanently.
  • 💾 Format Partitions: If your computer is out of memory, you will likely format the unused partition. However, this partition is the home of your camera photos which you have forgotten. However, you can not regret formatting because the process is irreversible.
  • 🔌 Virus Infection: Viruses from unknown emails, malware, or unverified websites will modify your Windows System and even delete your files without your knowledge or permission. Hence, your photos are likely to be removed by them.
  • 🔋 System Crashes: The Windows system will respond to your commons slowly, freeze or shut down automatically. These symptoms all indicate the system crashes. After crashes, your files will be inaccessible or erased permanently.  

The Bottom Line

In short, the deletion of photos is inevitable for us. However, the most essential thing is to have a good command of photo recovery skills. If you know the keys, you will never be afraid of photo loss again. Luckily, this post provides you with 5 free fixes to recover deleted photos Windows 10/11/7. And the easiest and most effective fix is to use WorkinTool Data Recovery. You only need to choose the mode and partition, and WorkinTool will tackle the rest complex recovery process automatically. Sounds magical, right? Just download it and restore deleted photos immediately!

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