Top 7 FREE SanDisk Recovery Software for Windows/Mac [2023]

In the digital age, a small SanDisk memory card or SD card can hold tons of large digital photos, videos, documents, etc. However, it is a disaster to delete or format all the files in SanDisk cards. Luckily, this post lists the top 7 free SanDisk recovery software to solve all your problems. Among them, WorkinTool Data Recovery is the most worth trying for its high success rate and easy operation. More reasons why you must have it:
🏆 Various data loss scenarios are supported.
🤩 Multiple file types are supported.
🏆 100% Safe and no damage to files.
🤩 High success rate and fast speed.

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Top 7 FREE SanDisk Recovery Software for Windows/Mac [2023]

Due to technical advances, everything seems simpler and more convenient. A small memory card or SD card can hold tons of large digital photos, videos, documents, etc. Whenever and wherever we are, it’s easy to review and appreciate items stored in this tiny card. And SanDisk is one of the most famous flash drive and memory card manufacturers. However, sometimes an accidental click, virus attack, or system crash will lead to the data loss of the SanDisk card. But no worries. This post will elaborate top 7 free SanDisk recovery software for Windows/mac to solve your recovery problem.

Words before Knowing SanDisk Recovery Tools

sandisk recovery title

📝 What Is SanDisk?

Holding over 20 years of history, SanDisk is one of the most prestigious American manufacturers of flash drives and other memory/storage products. Indeed, SanDisk memory products include SD cards, CF (Compact Flash) cards, xD-Picture (eXtreme Digital-Picture) cards, etc. They can be used for extended storage space on mobile phones. Additionally, they can be exerted to store files in digital cameras or other digital devices.

📝 Can a SanDisk Be Recovered?

Luckily, the answer is yes. Of course, there are some situations where we fail to restore files from SanDisk. However, you can try to recover as many files as possible using WorkinTool Data Recovery or the other six software mentioned below.

Top 7 FREE SanDisk Recovery Software for Windows/Mac

  • 1. WorkinTool Data Recovery (Windows) ★★★★☆ 
  • 2. Disk Drill (Windows & Mac) ★★★★☆
  • 3. Cisdem Data Recovery (Mac) ★★★☆☆
  • 4. DiskGenius (Windows) ★★★☆☆
  • 5. MiniTool Power Data Recovery (Windows) ★★★☆☆
  • 6. Recuva (Windows) ★★★☆☆
  • 7. IObit Undelete (Windows) ★★★☆☆

1. WorkinTool Data Recovery (Windows) 

The Best choice for Windows users without a spending plan – Restore SanDisk SD cards using WorkinTool in three steps

🤩 Recommended Rating: ★★★★☆   🖥 Platforms: All Windows systems   🛒 Price: PRO version from $29.99 – $49.99

❌ Limits on the free/trial version: Recover at most 500 MB

If you want to seek a great SanDisk Recovery software, WorkinTool Data Recovery is your best option. It is a free and all-in-one recovery wizard. Unlike other highly-paid tools, it has a cheap price for all its powerful functions without any limits on recovery size or times. With it at hand, you can not only recover data from SanDisk products like sd cards, CF cards, etc. but also enable to retrieve data from other various storage devices like SDDs, MP3/4 players, USBs, and disk partitions. Moreover, it supports almost all major file systems, such as FAT-FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, etc.

As for the recovery features, it is designed with six powerful recovery modes, including Deletion Recovery, Formatted Recovery, USB/Memory Card Memory, Recycle Bin Recovery, Disk & Partition Recovery, and Deep Recover. You can choose a suitable feature as needed. If you cannot find the desired results after a quick scan, you can try a deep scan. Because it will increase the chance of digging out more files and the success rate.

sandisk recovery with workintool

🌝 Pros:

  • Low Price and Ad-Free: It will be a cost-efficient recovery tool whose highest price doesn’t exceed $50. Moreover, no pop-ups allow users to enjoy an ultimately comfortable recovery experience.
  • Easy to Use: It has two user-friendly modes of interface (scene mode and wizard mode) and intuitive navigation. Therefore, you can easily recover SanDisk cards like a pro.
  • 100% Safe: It performs a read-only scan, which will not overwrite or damage the original files.
  • Fast Speed & High Success Rate: Due to advances in the NTFS scan method, it can recognize files as long as it includes valid data. Meanwhile, it also maximizes the success rate with faster speed.

🌚 Cons:

  • Platforms: Currently, it only supports Windows systems.

data recovery software icon2. Disk Drill (Windows & Mac)

The most reliable choice for Windows/Mac novices – Instantly recover all you want from SanDisk SD cards 

🤩 Recommended Rating: ★★★★☆   🖥 Platforms: Win 11/10/8/7/XP/Vista & mac OS X    🛒 Price: Pro version $89~$598

❌ Limits on the free/trial version: Restore at most 500 MB for free

Want to retrieve all files from SanDisk SD cards on Windows or Mac? Disk Drill will take its technical hands to help you. It is a free and comprehensive data recovery tool. You can retrieve not only your documents but also archives, photos, videos, and audio files within three simple steps. Besides SanDisk SD cards, it can also recover data from any storage device, such as hard disks, external USB drives, CF cards, memory cards, digital cameras, SSDs, etc. Additionally, it supports multiple file systems like FAT/FAT32/exFAT, NTFS, HFS & HFS+, APFS, EXT3/EXT4, and any RAW disk.

sandisk recovery with disk drill

🌝 Pros:

  • Two for One: If you subscribe to a premium plan for Mac, you can get the Windows version for free.
  • Free Data Protection: You use the Recovery Vault feature to protect specific files.
  • Preview Mode: You can preview scanned files and target the wanted more precisely before starting recovery.
  • Various Data Loss Situations Supported: It can do well in complex recovery situations, such as malware infection, deletion files, physical damage, formatted partition, etc.

🌚 Cons:

  • Slow Scan Speed: The scan speed is a bit slow and doesn’t exceed 50 MB/sec.
  • Insufficient File Details: There is no file quality information after scanning.

3. Cisdem Data Recovery (Mac)

The best option for Mac users with a spending budget – Download Cisdem to retrieve your lost SanDisk files today

🤩 Recommended Rating: ★★★☆☆   🖥 Platforms: macOS 10.9 or later   🛒 Price: Paid License from $69.95~$149.95

❌ Limits on the free/trial version: Only free to scan and preview files, not including recovery

Regret the deletion of files for SanDisk SD cards or memory cards? Relax. It’s a great option for you to use Cisdem Data Recovery. It’s a versatile and reliable recovery software. Using it, you can fulfill SanDisk recovery quickly with a high success rate. Surprisingly, it can recover over 200+ file types on Mac, such as office documents, photos, videos, audio, archives, emails, etc. Moreover, other than SanDisk SD card, CF card, and memory card, it can also recover files from any storage device, including internal/external hard drive, USB drive, digital camera, etc. It also supports file systems like APFS, HFS+, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, etc.

cisdem data recovery

🌝 Pros:

  • Accessible to Use: You can recover files without any steep tutorial or technical help.
  • Full-scale Data Recovery: It is good at retrieving files from SanDisk cards in any data loss scenarios like corrupted disks, unmounted drives, system crashes, repartition, etc.
  • Various Languages Supported: It supports multiple languages, such as English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, etc.
  • Powerful Recovery Features: It is built with various functions, such as File Filter, File Preview, Recover to Cloud, Backup Recovery, and more.

🌚 Cons:

  • Uneasy to Install: To install it, you need to download the setup package and double-click the .dmg file. Then drag the Cisdem icon to the Applications folder.
  • Double Purchase: After buying a license on a Mac, you cannot automatically get a free license for Windows. You need to buy a new one for Windows.

4. DiskGenius (Windows)

Popular with its recovery and partition management features – An all-in-one solution for SanDisk SD card restoration

🤩Recommended Rating: ★★★☆☆   🖥 Platforms: Win 11/10/8/7    🛒 Price: Standard/pro versions from $69.9~$699.9

❌ Limits on the free/trial version: Only small files can be recovered

If you want to retrieve all files from SanDisk cards, DiskGenius will be an excellent assistant for you to get back what you want. You can quickly restore not only deleted but also lost or formatted files from SanDisk. Furthermore, it can bring back files from storage devices (hard drives, HDDs, USB, virtual disks, memory cards, RAID, etc.) and file systems (NTFS, exFAT, FAT32, FAST16, FAT12, EXT2, EXT3, and EXT4). Besides data recovery, it can also manage your partitions and back up your data to disk divisions in case of data loss.


🌝 Pros:

  • Flexible Recovery: You can make an elastic recovery by selecting stop, suspend, or re-scan at any healing time.
  • More than Data Recovery: Other than recovering files, it can clone, resize, extend and split partitions, and check & repair bad sectors.
  • Various Data Loss Supported: It can restore data in any situation, such as partition loss, human mistakes, virus attack, system crash, disk unreadable, etc.
  • File Security Promised: It will not overwrite your original files from SanDisk cards during scan and recovery.

🌚 Cons:

  • Outdated & Unclear Interface: The designed style of the interface is out of style. And there are too many words on the toolbar, which is not friendly to first-use users.
  • No Free Tech Support: If you use the free version, you will fail to enjoy the free tech support.

5. MiniTool Power Data Recovery (Windows)

The free version is in vogue and fits users who like previewing files before recovery – Use it to get an easy & successful recovery

🤩 Recommended Rating: ★★★☆☆   🖥 Platforms: Win 11/10/8.1/8/7   🛒 Price: Paid versions from $69~$99

❌ Limits on the free/trial version: Up to 1 GB of data recovery

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is designed for Windows users to settle all recovery-related hassles, including SanDisk recovery. This free tool can quickly recover all your photos, videos, audio files, documents, and more from a SanDisk SD card or memory card. Besides SanDisk, it can get back missing files from other brands of pen drives such as Kingston, Sony, Transcend, Toshiba, HP, Lexar, etc.

sandisk recovery with minitool

🌝 Pros:

  • Superior File Preview: You can preview up to 70 file types before restoring, even including listening to audio or watching videos.
  • Easy to Use: As long as the files are not overwritten in Sandisk cards, you can quickly recover all files within three steps.
  • Specific Location Recovery: To save time and effort, you can only select whether Desktop, Recycle Bin, or a particular folder to scan and recover files.
  • Various Data Loss Situations: It can perfectly finish the recovery task under different data loss scenarios like accidental deletion, OS crash, virus attack, disk damage, etc.

🌚 Cons:

  • Slow Scan Speed: It will take 0.5~3 hours to scan a hard drive. Certainly, the speed depends on the number of files.

6. Recuva SanDisk Recovery (Windows)

A great choice for users who only need primary recovery with a litter cost – Recuva makes recovery easier

🤩 Recommended Rating: ★★★☆☆   🖥 Platforms: Windows   🛒 Price: Pro versions $19.95~$39.95

❌ Limits on the free/trial version: no virtual hard drive support & automatic updates

If you want to recover all photos, videos, or other files from SanDisk, all you need is Recuva, a free and reliable recovery tool. Its initial version was released fifteen years ago. Meanwhile, designers update versions ceaselessly. Therefore, you can quickly restore everything you want, whether after formatting, accidental deletion, or virus attacks. Moreover, it supports multiple file systems, e.g., FAT, exFAT, NTFS, Ext2, Ext3, and Ext4.


🌝 Pros:

  • Secure Delete Files: Besides recovering, it can also ensure your private files are safely removed by using the Secure Overwrite feature.
  • Scan for Buried Files: It holds a deep scan mode which can find out as many buried files as possible and increases the success rate.
  • Unlimited File Numbers: You can freely recover unlimited numbers of files at the same time.

🌚 Cons:

  • Insufficient File Formats Supported: It can only recover less than 100 file formats.
  • Outdated Interface: The interface is too simple and possibly out of date.

7. IObit Undelete (Windows)

Popular among Windows users who only need basic recovery for free – Get back important missing files with IObit Undelete 

🤩 Recommended Rating: ★★★☆☆   🖥Platforms: Win 10/8/7/Vista/XP   🛒Price: Free

❌Limits on the free/trial version: None

Wondering how to recover files from SanDisk cards? But no worries. IObit Undelete will extend its recovery feature to help you get back what you want. Interestingly, it is only 2.4 MB but can recover mountable files from SanDisk cards. Although it doesn’t support many file systems except NTFS and FAT, it still can deal with any data loss situation and enable you to restore data without any backups with safe and easy steps.

sandisk reocvery with iobit

🌝 Pros:

  • Entirely Free: There is no hidden cost from downloading to using.
  • User-Friendly Interface: It is designed with a simple and clear interface. You can use it with neither technical skill nor experience.
  • Small Setup File: It is only 2.4MB and occupies little storage space.

🌚 Cons:

  • Unable to Preview: It fails to allow you to preview before starting recovery.
  • Insufficient File Types: It cannot support too many file types.

Quick Comparisons among SanDisk Recovery Software

new comparisons among sandisk recovery software

data recovery software iconFinal Words about SanDisk Recovery

It’s a disaster to lose all files from SanDisk SD cards or memory cards. However, professional data recovery software will help you overcome this problem. Among the various products on the market, this post recommends the top seven free SanDisk recovery software to get back everything you want with both safe and easy steps. If you linger on them and must select one, it’s worth trying WorinTool Data Recovery for a high success rate, superior recovery functions, and easy operations with fast speed. However, it’s up to you to select the one you prefer. In general, no matter which one you pick, just take a free trial and see the miracle by yourself.

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