Top 5 Discord Video Compressor to Meet the Requirements

Are you looking for the best Discord video compressor? As we all know, Discord has a limit of 8 MB of files, which means you cannot send any videos that are over 8 MB, and it would be 50 MB if you pay for a Nitro subscription. However, there’s WorkinTool File Compressor to help you, not only for Discord but also for more usage. Just download and install it on your device now!

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Top 5 Discord Video Compressor to Meet the Requirements

Are you looking for the best Discord video compressor? As we all know, Discord has a limit of 8 MB of files, which means you cannot send any videos that are over 8 MB, and it would be 50 MB if you pay for a Nitro subscription. However, it’s not easy to ensure that your files meet their requirements because they are often too huge. When your video is much larger than required, what should you do? Are you trying to give up uploading them? Actually, you can make the video smaller with a compressor, so that you could upload it to Discord. And don’t worry, I have shown you all the helpful video compressor for Discord in this article. So you can get the most suitable tool by just reading it.


Comparison of 5 Discord Video Compressor

Basic Price Free Trial Access Watermark
WorkinTool File Compressor Free All-time Windows 11/10/8/7; Online No
8mbvideo Free All-time Online No
VEED.IO $12/mo projects under 10 minutes and 250 MB with watermark iOS; Online Yes
Free Convert $9.99/mo 750 conversion minutes per month (25 conversion minutes per day) Online; Android; iOS No
Clideo $9/mo All-time Online Yes


#1 WorkinTool File Compressor – Video Compressor for Discord


Capability: Windows 11/10/8/7

WorkinTool is a newcomer to the market, while it’s super experienced in office software. Its products can almost solve all your problems at work. For instance, their products include PDF Converter, Watermark Eraser, and File Compressor, and they are continually working on the R&D of new software to help users handle difficulties. WorkinTool File Compressor, one of the most representative products, is much more than a video compressor. It also supports the compression of images, PDFs, PPTs, Word documents, as well as videos for WhatsApp. I promise that you will always find a solution with WorkinTool, and it gives you instant feedback for sure. What’s more, no fees are required on it, you can use all functions for a long time without paying a bill. Keep following the steps below to get familiar with WorkinTool File Compressor:

Step 1. Download and install WorkinTool File Compressor on your device.

Step 2. Click Video Compress and add the target file.


Step 3. Start compress after you adjust all the details to fit your requirements.


Tips: Multiple video formats are supported by WorkinTool File Compressor, such as MP4, WMV, AVI, and FLV. So there’s no need to worry about any format restrictions. And you can add folders to this software; it saves you time from dropping videos one by one.


  • No advertising pop-ups to disturb you or ask for payments.
  • Multi-format processing helps you solve problems in one place.
  • No file size limits, you’re always allowed to use even if you have a large file.
  • It offers users a long-time free trial without any limitations on functions, time, or file size.


  • Only the Windows system is supported at present.


#2 8mbvideo – Dedicated Discord Video Compressor


8mbvideo gives users specialized size options, including 8 MB, 50 MB, and 100 MB. So you can compress your video to less than 8 MB and 50 MB easily. It’s an online tool, which means you do not need to download any software, which saves you a lot of time and occupies no space on your device. And it supports you in removing all the sounds appearing in your videos. In a word, it’s a pretty good video compressor for discord, as it allows you to compress videos to meet the requirements of Discord easily.


  • It’s easy to use to compress videos to less than 8 MB or 50 MB.
  • The mute function removes all noise from your videos that you don’t want.


  • No video or audio parameter settings.
  • Processing speed is extremely low if you require better quality.
  • The larger your original video is, the worse the quality will be after compression.
  • There’s no desktop version, so you can’t finish compression without a network connection.


#3 VEED.IO – Compress Videos Without Losing Quality

VEED.IO is also providing online video compression services. Not only compression, but VEED.IO also allows users to edit and create videos, too, including some detailed features, such as landscaping effects, light adjustment, etc. You can find Video Compressor inside the navigation bar at the top of the official website. Three compression options are offered in this tool: smaller file, normal file, and high quality. You can determine it yourself at will. In addition, CRF, bit rate, and frame rate can also be customized.


  • Available on App Store.
  • There are no advertisement pop-ups to bother you.
  • The online version eliminates the need to download and install the software.


  • No network, no permissions.
  • The upload speed is super slow.
  • Max 250 MB/10 minutes for free users.


#4 Free Convert – Compress Discord Videos Online


Free Convert also did well in video compression. And they did well in the input path, that is, you can choose files from Google Drive, Dropbox, or even enter a link. What’s more, six output formats are supported here: MP4, FLV, MKV, AVI, MOV, and 3GP. By the way, it supports compression not only for video but also for images, GIFs, and so on. In addition, it also supports mutual conversion between different formats. 


  • Full-featured and easy to use.
  • Available both on Google Play and App Store.


  • Maximize file size to 1 GB.
  • The price is high for users.
  • Compression speed is slow.
  • Too many ads on the interface.


#5 Clideo – Reduce Video File Size Online


Clideo is a specialized online video tool. It offers almost all the features you will need for your videos. What’s more, it is a competent video compressor that satisfies users not only by compressing videos but also by beautifying them and even resizing videos. Clideo is definitely the right tool to help you make your video look better. You can speed up your video in Clideo with its built-in features to shorten your video time, which also helps you compress videos.


  • Full-featured and easy-to-use.
  • The online version offers great convenience.


  • The uploading speed is slow.
  • No mobile applications or offline versions.
  • Not much difference between the premium and free versions.
  • There’s a watermark on the compressed video which cannot be removed unless you pay for it.


Final Thoughts

Discord is a good place to share videos and moments, but the limits on file size are indeed a bit troublesome. Only files less than 8 MB can be uploaded, and only 50 MB is allowed even if you’ve paid for a Nitro subscription, which is indeed a huge problem right now for users. However, thanks to all the Discord video compressor on the market, they make it easier to share videos on Discord by compressing them. And it’s highly suggested that you have a try on WorkinTool File Compressor, not only for Discord but also for more usage. What’s more, WorkinTool offers you a super long-time free trial without any limits, and it downloads the compressed files automatically, which saves you a lot of time. Be sure to download and install it on your device, it really makes you amazing.

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