How to Reduce GIF Size Without Losing Quality in 2023

I am sure that you have googled the question of how to reduce GIF size. No matter what problem you countered needs you to compress GIF, you can find the perfect solution here, and that is WorkinTool File Compressor. With this incredible compression software, you can customize the compression mode and level to shrink your GIFs into a suitable size. In this tool, you can select AI mode to automatically compress those files. Or you can manually enter accurate numbers into the setting box. It is free to use right now, download and experience all the magical features yourself.

Last updated on May 18, 2023 by Orlando Written by Sebastian
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Sometimes it is of vital importance to reduce GIF size. Let’s imagine this together if you are a website founder or ads creator and now and then you need to put some animated GIFs to make your web pages more lively and attractive. However, playing large GIFs on a website can lower the web loading speed or break google’s rule. If your potential viewers take a long time to load your website, ultimately they will leave. Or in another scenario, you are making preparations for a company meeting, and inserting GIFs into your PPT can clearly and vividly illustrate the changes in the data. But on the other sides, an immense GIF can slow down your PPT and make you seem very unprofessional in front of your boss.

Well, that won’t be a problem once you get to know how to reduce GIF size. I know that it is a little bit difficult to find the GIF compressor that suits you best among all those options on the Internet. Don’t worry about it now. That is why I will introduce this amazing GIF compressing software – WorkinTool File Compressor.

How to Reduce GIF Size

WorkinTool File Compressor is a newly published compressing software. With this all-in-one file shrinking tool, you can easily compress images, videos. Even the size of files in PDF, Word, PPT format can be minimized to a certain level. This all depends on your decisions.  For example, you can customize the clarity, the exact size, the resolution, and the zooming effect. How incredible is that? Now follow me to see how to use this super practical image optimizer to reduce GIF size.

reduce gif file size

  • Secondly, open this tool and choose “Image Compressor” to put in your GIF files.
  • Then, from here you can reduce GIF size by your own choice with all these options.

compress images workintool

  1. In the General Settings, you can select which mode to compress your GIF. The smaller option focuses on the compressing level. On the other hand, the Clear option focuses on the Quality level. Of course, The General balances two features. Select JPG to make your GIF become a still image. General Settings is automatic so it is more clinging to beginners.
  2. Another box to set your compressing level is in the More Settings. You can enter an accurate number for clarity, size, Resolution, and zooming level. It is more likely for image edit pros to use these functions.
  3. On the top of this window, it indicates the GIF information, such as the before and after size, resolution, and state. You may check this section to make sure this is what you want.
  • Finally, if you have decided on your unique compressing setting, hit “Compress” to start this process. You can check the reduced GIF in your folder.

🚨 Notice to Reduce GIF Size:

This tool support batch processing. So, no matter it is one GIF or a folder, it is the same for this image compressor. And you don’t have to worry about the compressed file will replace your original ones. Instead of deleting the original GIF, every operated file will get a copy of it. You can set a saving path as you like.

Why Choose WorkinTool to Reduce GIF Size?

Easy and Fast

When you use this WorkinTool File Compressor, you will feel how convenient is this. This handy compressing software doesn’t need any redundant operation movements. You only need to do three steps: ① put in GIFs; ② set compressing level; ③ export the processed GIF. Simple as that. Plus, it supports batch compress, so you can operate a folder of GIFs once for all, which saves your time and energy for something else.

🎊 Free and Safe

Since it is newly published software, in order to give users a better experience, it provides a long-term free trial to use all the functions in it. And there is no need to be concerned about any safety problems. I promise you that all the file information only exists on your computer. Nothing will be uploaded to the servers. So, it is absolutely feasible to operate this tool without connecting Internet.

🎉 Diverse Customized Options

One of the great things about this incredible tool is that it’s extremely easy to master. Whether you’re a beginner to reduce GIF size or someone who’s had a lot of experience with it, depending on the needs of different groups of people, there are different options available in this software.

According to your requirement, you can select the AI mode to let it automatically compress your GIF. Or if you have a specific compression demand, you can manually enter the numerical value in the setting box. For instance, you can type in a perfect number to set the clarity or file size. All these are yours to make decisions.

💝 Multiple Supported Formats

More to mention, not only GIF format, images like JPG, PNG, and BMP formats also work well on this tool. For this reason, you can process many other formats together. And furthermore, since it supports batch processes, you can compress images with different formats together as well. It won’t be trouble if you have concerns. The truth is that, if you use other functions like video compression of this software, you will be surprised to find out that it also supports all the popular video formats too. Isn’t it cool?

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As you can see, this new software magically made it all. With WorkinTool File Compressor, you can reduce GIF size completely by your desire. In particular, all the built-in functions like compression level, clarity, and resolution are specifically made to provide convenience for users. More importantly, it is 100% free for Mac users and provides a long-term free trial for Windows users to compress GIF files within 200 KB. If you want to know more about it, why don’t you download it now and experience it yourself? I am sure you will get more and do a better job with it.

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