How to Easily Reduce PDF Size Without Losing Quality

If you have problems like compressing a PDF file, and you don’t have a fair tool to reduce PDF size. Well, lucky you, my friend, here I am going to introduce this powerful compression tool. It is called WorkinTool File Compressor. It has a very user-friendly interface and fresh navigation for users to make the compression process simpler. Three compression levels help users have more options to customize how big they want their PDF files to be. What’s more, except for PDF, you can also compress images, videos, and other office format files by using it. It is totally free to use right now. So don’t wait up and try to experience yourself.

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How to Easily Reduce PDF Size Without Losing Quality


Large PDF files normally contain a great number of images and text information. Like a series of books and a pile of company classified information. Therefore, knowing how to reduce PDF size can be a gigantic help to store more file information and save more space on your computer. Compressing the file size can also be helpful for the speed of uploading PDFs. If you have the need to share a PDF file with your coworkers or customers. Don’t you think a smaller size one would be a better choice?

Except to empty the trash, delete unwanted software and remove duplicate files, the best way to save computer space is to compress. However, before telling you how to reduce those sizes, I have to warn you that files after compression will only decrease the quality. So, if you care about the quality problem or your work has some related requirements for presentation or protocol, you may better find a better way to optimize your computer. But if you are here to find the best way to reduce PDF size, then you have found the right spot, my friends.

As Mac system has already owned its way to shrink the PDF size. From here I am going to introduce to you two different tools to compress your PDF files. According to your needs, you can choose the perfect one that suits you best.


How to Reduce PDF Size


Method 1: File Compressor to Reduce PDF Size

After comparing popular PDF compressors on the Internet, I decide the first tool I am going to recommend is the WorkinTool File Compressor. Actually, it is a professional compressing software. In addition to PDF documents, it can also compress other files on the computer. Image compressionvideo compression, or PPT compression work equally well on this amazing software. With its user-friendly interface and understandable navigation, no matter it’s your first time using a tool to reduce PDF size, or you have operated this for uncountable times, I promise it will win your heart over. Several clicks and a few seconds will make a complete compression.

For PDF format compression, it has three compressing modes. They are “Smaller”, “General”, and “Clearer”. You can select which mode to compress your GIF. The smaller option focuses on the compressing level. On the other hand, the Clearer option focuses on the Quality level. All the PDF file conditions and information will be shown on the processing window. It will tell you the size before compression and after compression, how much have you compressed, and if it is successfully compressed.

Now, let’s go to the specific steps on how to use it to reduce PDF size.

  • First, download and install this compressor tool on your computer and open it.
  • Second, click on the “PDF compression” button, and put your target PDF file into the window. You can select it on your computer or directly drag it into this function.

reduce pdf size compressor step 1

  • Then, you can manually choose how much you want your PDF file to be. Tap “Compress” to start the process, and you can see the process on the state bar.

reduce pdf size compressor step 2

  • After you have successfully compressed it, you may check it in the saving folder you have set before.


Method 2: PDF Converter to Compress It

Another tool for compressing PDF files that I am going to introduce is the WorkinTool PDF Converter. Compared with the software I have mentioned before, this one is a professional PDF management software. Except for reducing PDF size, there are more things that it is capable to do. For example, if you need to convert it to other formats after editing, you can use it to change it to Word format or Excel format. Or, say if you need to add a watermark or put a lock on it. It has them all. So, basically, you can call it a versatile PDF processing tool.

For a PDF pro tool like this, the compressing function won’t be bad either. You have two options for the compression of a PDF file. One is to keep the quality and compress the file size and another one is to compress the file to the smallest size, but of course, as the sacrifice, the PDF quality will be equally reduced.

Let me show you how it works then:

  • For the first move, you need to download it and install it on your computer.
  • Then find the “Compress PDF” in the toolbar, and put your PDF file into the processing window.

compress pdf converter step 1

  • Choose the one compression level that you like, and alter the saving path. Click “Convert” to start.

compress pdf converter step 2

  • Last, you can check the result after a pop window tells you that it finished compressing.


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Since I have mentioned two different tools to reduce PDF size, you must have concerns that how can you know to decide which one. Well, in fact, these two software products both can complete the compression task. For similarities, they both support batch compression, which means that you can compress multiple PDF files at the same time. It is truly helpful and convenient for a company or any organization. However, if you have to say the differences between them, you will notice that there isn’t very much distinction. Because WorkinTool File Compressor is a professional compression software, it owns three more than two compression levels to select, and users can see the PDF file information on the process window. That’s something the PDF Converter doesn’t equip.

No matter which tool you will use ultimately, you will have a good compressing experience, that is what I can promise. What’s more, right now these two compressing tools are both free to use. So, this is the perfect moment to try any of these two. Nothing can be compared with your own experience right? Don’t hesitate, make a move, and have a try for reducing PDF size by yourself.

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