5 Best Tools to Convert WebP to PNG Easily

Not like PNG, an image in WebP is much smaller, which causes less pressure on the bandwidth. It’s widely used in Google Chrome and Android, but it’s incompatible with Safari or any iOS device, so there’s a need to learn to convert WebP to PNG. But how? What’s the most efficient tool to covert? If you are also wondering about these problems, just keep reading. There’s an efficient tool, WorkinTool Image Converter, to help you figure this out.

Last updated on Feb 24, 2022 by Eleanor Written by Eleanor
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Developed by Google in 2010, WebP is an image format often used on the web. Not like PNG, an image in WebP is much smaller, which causes less pressure on the bandwidth. It’s widely used in Google Chrome and Android, but it’s incompatible with Safari or any iOS device, so there’s a need to learn to convert WebP to PNG. But how? What’s the most efficient tool to covert? If you are also wondering about these problems, just keep reading. We have carefully selected five top tools for you to convert images.

WorkinTool Image Converter – Top Way to Convert WebP to PNG

Basic Price: Free

WorkinTool has produced many office software, which almost can solve all your problems with documents, such as a converter, compressor, water marker, recorder, and so on. What’s more, it offers users free services for all tools and all functions. WorkinTool Image Converter is a completely new product from this team, while it’s super helpful. Not just conversion, it processes almost all edit options for images you will use. It’s totally a comprehensive image tool, including edition, watermarking, compression and restoration. More importantly, you can finish the conversion within a few clicks. And in the following part, I will show you the steps of using WorkinTool Image Converter to convert WebP to PNG.

Step 1. Download and install WorkinTool Image Converter on your device, then launch it.

Step 2. Select Convert Images and add your images to the operation area.


Step 3. Pick the right output format, then start the conversion.


Only three steps can help you finish the conversion. You don’t need to pay a bill, and your image will not have any watermarks added by the system automatically. Furthermore, no matter how large your image is, the conversion time only lasts a few seconds. WorkinTool indeed improves their speed on dealing with files, not only on file uploads or during processing.


  • WorkinTool requires no fees from users.
  • No advertisement pop-ups to bother you.
  • You can upload your images without a limitation on size.
  • It’s a comprehensive tool to support all your image editing needs.


  • Only English and Traditional Chinese are supported now.
  • There is no online version; you can use it only with the desktop software.


ZAMZAR – An Easy Way to Finish Conversion


Basic Price: $9/mo

Released by an experienced and professional team, ZAMZAR is an online tool that supports users in converting documents, images, videos, and sounds. Since 2006, they have converted more than 510 million files. And the operation steps are also very simple. You can upload your file by dropping or opening a folder directly on the web. But please beware that you can only upload files that are less than 50 MB. If you have files larger than this requirement, you need to pay for them.


  • You don’t need to download any software on your device.


  • Max file size is 50 MB for free.
  • It does not offer any customized options for images.
  • The image conversion supports relatively few formats.
  • You need to download the converted file yourself, which costs extra time.


Online Converter – Convert WebP Efficiently


Basic Price: $7/mo

Online Converter also offers an online conversion service. Unlike other converters that only support local upload, it allows you to upload files from Google Drive, Dropbox, and even enter a link. However, you can not use it without signing in on the website. Compared with ZAMZAR, Online Converter allows you to adjust the detailed information of the output image. What’s more, after finishing the conversion, you can choose to download locally or upload to the Cloud, and it even supports you downloading a zip file, which gives more convenience to users.


  • It supports multiple input paths.
  • The converted images get downloaded automatically.


  • The upload speed is slow.
  • Too many ads on the interface.
  • The quantity and bath compression are limited in the free versions.


Convertio – A Safe File Converter Online


Basic Price: $9.99/mo

Convertio supports conversions of many kinds of files. In addition to some of the more common file types, it also allows the font, archive, and E-Book conversions. The Convertio team has gained almost eight years of experience in conversion and has finished over 1 billion files. Likewise, it also provides support to users in batch processing. From a security perspective, the system will delete your files 24 hours after your conversion is complete, or you can also remove them manually in “My Files”. 


  • It allows you to convert fonts, archives, and E-books.
  • They support more than 20 thousand different conversions between more than 300 different file formats.


  • Too many ads on the interface.
  • The maximum file size is 100 MB.
  • Charges are higher than any of the other products listed.


ezGIF – A Simple Online GIF Maker


Basic Price: Free

ezGIF is a simple online GIF maker and toolset for basic animated GIF editing, but it also supports image conversion. Though only a few conversions are supported, it will definitely satisfy you when you only need to convert WebP to PNG. Besides choosing local files, you can also open the target image by entering the link accordingly. What makes it special is that there are many basic editing options for users, such as cropping, resizing, optimizing, writing, and so on, which means you can get your images edited as you wish before they are converted. Same as with Convertio, they won’t keep your files for a long time. On the contrary, they will get deleted soon after you finish your conversion, so don’t copy the link, save the image directly.


  • It’s free and easy to use.
  • The pre-conversion interface provides many editing options.


  • The conversion speed is slow.
  • Constantly bouncing ad pop-ups are disturbing.


The Bottom Line

Both WebP and PNG have irreplaceable significance in usage. But sometimes, you need to implement the interconversion between WebP and PNG. Thanks to all the image converters on the market, it’s super easy to convert WebP to PNG. However, it’s not that simple to find the most suitable one, that’s why we have written this article for you. According to this article, you don’t need to compare and try all the tools one by one. Instead, you’re able to download the best tool directly. But I must say that you really should have a try at WorkinTool Image Converter, which is useful and free of charge. Not only conversion, but you can also use it for compression, edition, and many other functions. Try it now! You won’t regret this!

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