How to Convert BMP to PDF Online & Offline for Free

How to convert BMP to PDF online and offline on Windows 10 for Free? As we know, BMP images will take up more space on computer compared with PDF. And it is not as compatible as PDF with different operating systems. Therefore, changing BMP to PDF will save your memory space and make transmission easier. The article tells two free BMP converters to convert BMP to PDF online and offline respectively and distinguishes them in terms of supported OS, price, convenience, and so on.

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How to Convert BMP to PDF Online & Offline for Free

How to convert BMP to PDF for free? BMP is a popular image format in our daily life. However, It usually takes up a larger space than PDF files and is not always compatible with some operating systems. Therefore, learning how to convert BMP to PDF for free is necessary. This essay will introduce two simple ways to turn BMP into PDF online & offline on Windows 10 for free respectively.

  • By WorkinTool Image Converter – offline on Windows 10
  • By Convertio – online

Something You Should Know About How to Convert BMP to PDF

What is BMP? Do you really need to save BMP as PDF? knowing some information in advance is necessary before transforming BMP into PDF.

What is BMP?

BMP, short for bitmap image file, is a raster graphics image file used to store bitmap digital data. It can save two-dimensional digital images both monochrome and color. It is commonly used on the Windows operating system and can be opened by Apple Preview on macOS.

Why do you need to convert BMP to PDF?

  • Due to the high quality of BMP files, their size is usually large. If you have a bunch of BMP image files on your disk, a lot of space on your computer will be occupied consequently. But it may affect image quality to compress BMP. On the other hand, converting BMP to PDF will save more computer memory space and make it easier to view, read and transmit.
  • Moreover, almost all operating systems can open PDF files easily, thus transforming BMP to PDF can solve the problem of incompatibility between BMP files and some operating systems.

How to Convert BMP to PDF Online & Offline on Windows for Free

A handy and powerful BMP converter is undoubtedly an excellent approach to change BMP to PDF. Therefore, this part will explain what are the two simple ways we mentioned before and show you how to use them.

How to change BMP to PDF offline on Windows 10 with WorkinTool Image Converter?

WorkinTool Image Converter is a free BMP converter that enables you to convert multiple BMP images to PDF files. So you can get work finished in a batch with only a few clicks. Besides, to enhance users’ experience, it’s designed with a clean and concise interface to meet everyone’s demands.

A brief guide of how to convert BMP to PDF with WorkinTool Image Converter

  • Firstly, open WorkinTool Image Converter and Find “Feature Conversion“.
  • Secondly, click “Convert Images” and click “Add Images” or “Add Folder” or drop files to upload.

workintool image converter convert images add images or folder

  • Finally, choose the output format as PDF and “Convert“.

workintool image converter convert bmp to pdf

📢At last, all the BMP images are converted to PDF files successfully and automatically saved to your PC.

workintool image change bmp to pdf converted

More features of WorkinTool Image Converter

Feature Conversion📌  Picture ToolBox📌 Edit Pictures for Fun📌
Convert Images

(Convert BMP to JPG, BMP to EPS, and BMP to PNG)


(Remove picture background)

Photo Restoration

(Repair Old Photos, Color Antique Pictures)

Convert HEIC

(HEIC to JPG, HEIC to PNG, and HEIC to PDF)

Make ID Photo

(Make passport photo)


Add Special Effects

(Cartoonize Photo, Change Gender, Youthen yourself, etc.)

Convert RAW


Remove and Add Watermark

(Remove watermark and add watermark)

Pic Collage

(Make a picture collage )

Compress Images Edit Images

(Add text to images, overlay images, blur a picture, etc.)

Why should you choose WorkinTool Image Converter?

  • Free of charge: How to convert BMP to PDF for free?

This BMP to PDF converter is 100% free. In other words, you can free download it and there is no license payment, no paid advertising, and no in-software purchases. So you can rest assured there is no additional cost.

  • Batch Processing: process multiple files in a batch.

It’s time-consuming and laborious to convert BMP images one by one. However, with this BMP to PDF converter, all works can be finished in a batch effortlessly with a few clicks, reducing a lot of your workload.

  • High-quality output: how to convert BMP to PDF without losing quality?

When you convert images, this BMP converter will not compress image quality. In other words, you will get an output file that remains its original quality in resolution and bitrate.

  • Safe and secure: privacy matters.

More importantly, you don’t need to visit the registration page and fill in your personal info. Therefore, no one has access to your images. Your information safe is in good protection with WorkinTool Image Converter.

  • Simple to use: friendly to every user.

It’s designed with a lightweight and simple interface. In addition, each feature has clear instructions for reference at the bottom of its page. What’s more, you can find online tutorials for various functions easily. Even computer novices will find it easy to use.

How to change BMP to PDF for free with Convertio

Convertio is a famous online PDF and BMP converter, you can achieve multiple formats interconversion of images with this online tool. So if you don’t want to install desktop software on your PC. The online tool will also let you know how to convert BMP to PDF.

A tutorial to convert BMP to PDF via Convertio

  • Firstly, enter its online website and click “Choose Files” to upload your BMP files.

convertio bmp to pdf converter

  • Secondly, choose the output format as PDF and click “Convert“.

convertio bmp to pdf converter choose format and click convert

  • Finally, click “Download” to save the converted PDF files to your PC.

convertio bmp to pdf conversion completed

📢Notes: This online converter only allows two concurrent conversions. Therefore, if you have more images awaiting, you need to click “Convert” again or sign up to unlock more features.

Comparison of WorkinTool Image Converter and Convertio

🔍WorkinTool Image Converter 🔍Convertio
Supported OS Windows 10/11/8/7 Online for all
Price Free Paid for advanced features (9.99/mo.)
Batch processing Supported Two concurrent conversions if not sign up
Input and output formats Multiple Multiple
Autosave Yes No

Wrapping up

I hope this article is helpful. If so, you may know how to convert BMP to PDF online and offline on Windows 10 for free now. WorkinTool Image Converter is an utterly free desktop BMP to PDF converter with multiple features. Convertio is an online image converter that suits all systems. Hence, don’t hesitate anymore. Pick one that suits you most and start your conversion!

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