How to Edit Instagram Post on PC, iPhone, and Android

Instagram has been viral for years. Since it is the most popular picture-sharing social media, people all over the world tend to share their lives on it. However, nobody is perfect, now and then you may have issues like posting the wrong pictures, tagging the wrong person, or having some typos on the caption. If that happens, you may want to edit Instagram post. Here we offer you the easiest way to edit them and the best way to avoid them and make your picture more delicate. Download WorkinTool Image Converter for free use right now.

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How to Edit Instagram Post on PC, iPhone, and Android

How to Edit Instagram Post on PC, iPhone, and Android

You could say that Instagram is the first popular social media photo-sharing platform before TikTok. Even today, it is still widely used by people all over the world to share their lives with others. And it is not just normal people, celebrities, and governments that will use it to share certain photos for publicity purposes. When you see those pictures, you want to know how to do those amazing picture posts and how to download Instagram videos. However, when it is your turn to do it, it also makes a lot of jokes because of posting Instagram pictures, like posting the wrong photos, writing the wrong content, and so on. What do you do when you realize something is not right after posting an Instagram photo or video? You will start to wonder how to edit Instagram post if you have already posted.

Well, to be honest, it isn’t hard to edit Instagram post. We will cover this part in our article. Other than that, we will also walk you through the various ways to post on Instagram and how to make them look better in order to reduce the possibility of creating issues, leading to second post-editing. Now, follow my steps and see how we can make your Instagram account more artistic and appealing.

In this article you will be reading:

How to Post on Instagram from PC iPhone, and Android.

  • Method 1: Post Picture from PC
  • Method 2: Post on Instagram from iPhone and Android
  • Alternative Way: Optimize Pictures Before Posting by WorkinTool Image Converter

How to Edit Instagram Post on PC and Smartphones.

  • How to Edit Instagram Post after Posting

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How to Post on Instagram from PC iPhone, and Android

So, before discussing the main subject of how to edit Instagram post, do you already know all the methods to post photos or stories on Instagram? I mean, this is the basis for all the content of this article. If you can grab all the methods to post, then the chances of you making mistakes when posting will be highly reduced. That’s why, before we get into how to correct a mistake, we need to figure out the best way to avoid it. In the following section, we will cover three approaches to posting on Instagram, check this out.

Method 1: Post Picture from PC

As the time has come to 2022, Instagram, of course, has provided a function to let users post pictures and videos from PC devices.

1. First, go to log in on the Instagram website.

2. Click the + icon on the top right option to create a new post.

how to edit instagram post

3. Select your pictures or videos from your PC device.

4. Then you can follow the steps to make it better. Crop the picture if you need it. You can also add more pictures to the post together.

how to edit instagram post 2

5. Edit the photo as needed. here you are provided with 12 preset filters and you can adjust other semesters manually, like brightness and contrast.

6. Lastly, before you officially post it, you still need to write some content such as your caption, and location, or to see if you want to add alt text is necessary. Then feel free to post this photo to Instagram.


Method 2: Post on Instagram from iPhone and Android

Of course, the most common way to upload images is via the Instagram app on your phone. You must be familiar with this part from your heart, so let’s quickly go over the steps. Since the process of uploading an Instagram image on an android phone is similar to that on an iPhone, I’m going to use an android phone as a demonstration to show you the exact instructions.

how to edit instagram post 3

  1. Open Instagram on your phone and click the + button in the center bottom of the screen.
  2. After selecting the photo you want to post, use the filters and semester settings to edit it to the best effect you can.
  3. Then, add more information to this photo. You are allowed to tag people and add a location and a caption. It is now ready to be posted on Instagram.
  4. If you have advanced needs, go to the Advanced settings, here you are provided with the commenting settings, as well as, like and preference settings. This is how you edit Instagram comments.


Alternative Way: Optimize Pictures Before Posting by WorkinTool Image Converter

While it’s true that Instagram is the most straightforward way to post images, the problem is that everyone uses the same editing features that come with Instagram. Even with all the filters and underlying settings, the cardinality used is such that the end result will be much the same. You don’t want your unique photos to end up being very much similar to others right? If so, I highly recommend that you use image-editing software to work on the photo before posting it on Instagram.

WorkinTool Image Converter is a perfect fit for this concept in my opinion. It is a comprehensive image processing software that can pretty much solve all your picture-related troubles. With all the built-in features like image conversion, photo editing, watermark removal, and picture restoration, it still remains to be a lightweight tool for users to save storage space.

Unlike Photoshop, which is well-known for its over-charging price and extremely time-consuming learning phase, WorkinTool Image Converter cleverly circumvents all of these issues that affect the user experience, so you don’t have to worry about that. With its super user-friendly interface, you can directly download and use it without any learning curves. What’s even better, this photo editor is 100% free to use all the functions inside. There are no processing limitations, no export watermarks, and you can truly make a one-of-a-kind Instagram picture of your own.

This is how you do it:

1. First, go download the Image Converter to your computer and click Edit Images to input your photo,

image converter instagram 1

2. Then you can start to edit your photos. Cropping may come as the first step. Due to the effect you want it to be, select a different ratio to display this picture. You can also maintain the resolution while changing its picture size.

image converter instagram 2

3. There are a lot more editing functions that you cannot find in Instagram postings. Alone with the semester settings, you are offered to adjust 12 settings that can affect the photo. You can also change or add a unique filter, blur partial areas, and add frames, text, and stickers…..

image converter instagram 34. Once you have edited the photo to the most ideal, you are ready to export it and post it on Instagram. And this is for the normal pictures. If you are looking for more interesting postings, then you should definitely try the Edit Picture for Fun function. Here you can switch your picture gender, turn yourself younger or older, and do many other fun edits.


How to Edit Instagram Post on PC and Smartphones.

You know what people always say that what’s done is done. However, it is not suitable for Instagram. When you post something on it, you still get the chance to regret what you posted. You can either directly delete the picture, however, this could also lead to all the likes and comments disappearing together. Or you can choose to edit your Instagram picture. This way you can change the caption, location, or the alt text that accompanies the photo.

How to Edit Instagram Post after Posting

Method 1: Correct Photos on PC

1. Find the photo that you want to edit again and click the three dots on the right. Tap the Edit option.

pc photo editing 1

2. Then you can start to rewrite the captions, add a new location, and tap people directly on the picture. Furthermore, you are allowed to set accessibility for viewing and commenting.

3. Once you have made the right, click Done to finish editing.

pc photo editing 2


Method 2: Change the Posted Pictures on iPhone and Android

Since the exact steps are similar on the two smartphones, here I will use iPhone for example.


  • 1. Open Instagram on your phone and go to the photo you want to edit. Click on the three-dots icon and the Find the Edit button.
  • 2. Start rewriting captions, and altering text and location. Whatever you decide to change, it is totally your call.
  • 3. Once you finish this, tap Done on the top right to seal the deal.

iphone photo editing 2


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In conclusion, editing pictures is not as hard as you think. In the article content above, we have mentioned four methods to edit Instagram photos, including before posting, and after. If you want an advanced and better image effect to get more likes, you can use WorkinTool Image Converter to optimize these images before posting. And for some Instagram editing questions, we have the answers for you:

  • How to edit the Instagram post with multiple pictures:

Although Instagram offers an editing function, it does not support multiple image-editing functions. I am sorry but it seems you have to edit the pictures one by one.

  • Why can’t I edit an Instagram post:

If you have encountered this situation you can do the following checking:

  1. Check app permissions: lack of app permissions could lead to a series of problems.
  2. Check your internet connection: Sometimes if you don’t have a functional internet connection, it may result in an error on Instagram.
  3. Clear Instagram cache: Simply put, your device cache stores too much data, and when it is opened again it will fail because it cannot be read properly.

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