4 Best PDF to Excel Converter

PDF conversion or procession has been a major part of our work. In order to facilitate editing the contents of PDF files, we will choose to convert PDF files to excel tables sometimes. So how can I convert PDF files to excel tables? What’s the best PDF to Excel converter? Here are the best PDF to Excel converters currently available. You can try each one and find the one you like best or best for you.

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4 Best PDF to Excel Converter

Converting PDF to Excel seems to be a demand that can not be ignored in our daily study and work. Althrough, as we all know PDF files are frequently used in our work, because PDF cannot be edited directly, sometimes it will beyond the reach of PDF capability.  For example, when the data information on the PDF document needs to be directly modified, analyzed and discussed, we actually need Excel files compared to PDF. In order to facilitate editing the contents of PDF files, we will choose to convert PDF files to excel tables. So how can I convert PDF files to excel tables? What’s the best PDF to Excel converter?  And that’s why this article appears. Here are the best PDF to Excel converters currently available.

TOP1: WorkinTool PDF Converter

workintool logo

Compatibility: Windows 7/8/10/11

WorkinTool PDF converter is one fully-featured PDF software, meaning it contains all the tools PDF converter tools can provide and you don’t need to use other tools to get your work done. As a result, one software can solve your problem in one-stop space at one time.

It is easy to convert PDF to Excel with the help of WorkinTool PDF converter. Only in three steps, you can get an Excel file to do further analysis and editing. Here are steps to guide you to make it. Before that, click the button above and download it.

choose pdf to excel on workintool

  • Step2: Drop files to operation area.

upload file to workintool

  • Step3: Click convert and then file will be saved according to path.

clcik convert on workintool

saved excel on workintool

  • Step4: Then you can read and use Excel tables.

view excel from workintool


  1. All-in-one PDF document management tool solution for compressing, combining,splitting, protection, and rotating
  2. The software design style is simple, the interface is clean, and make users visually comfortable.
  3. The operation is simple and the running speed is fast, which saves energy and time.
  4. It offers long free trial experience to satisfy users’ curiosity.
  5. There is an team to follow up users’ feedback and suggestions in time.


  1. The functions are still under development.

TOP2. iLovePDF

ilovepdf logo

Compatibility: Windows/ Mac/ online

iLovePDF is also a powerful software. No matter where you come from, iLovePDF definitely wants to serve you. iLovePDF has been translated to 25 languages, and you can choose yours from the menu. It not only aims to compress, merge, split, convert and edit your PDF files offline for maximum privacy, but also process your files directly on your computer and speed up editing performance.

Taking the desktop as an example, the operation steps after downloading are as follows.

  • Step1: Select PDF to Excel on the home page.

choose pdf to excel on ilovepdf

  • Step2: Upload PDF file to it.
  • Step3: Click convert and file will be saved according to path.

click convert to excel on ilovepdf

save path of ilovepdf

  • Step4: Check the converted document.

converted excel from ilovepdf


  1. The corresponding equipment that can be used is very complete. There are two main systems: windows and MAC. you can edit and convert your PDFs on your smartphone with iLovePDF Mobile App. Available for iOS and Android.
  2. Richlanguage
  3. It is integrated with Google Drive and Dropbox. This allows you to take your files from the cloud and, once processed, save them back to your cloud storage accounts.


  1. The interface design is fancy and not concise. It is easy to cause visual fatigue and confusion.
  2. There are only five free experience opportunities on the desktop. If you don’t pay, you have a poor sense of trial.conversion limit on ilovepdf
  3. The conversion quality is good, but the conversion speed is slow.conversion progress of ilovepdf

TOP3: Soda PDF

soda pdf logo

Compatibility: Windows(online/ desktop) / Mac(online)

Soda PDF provides individuals and businesses alike with the powerful PDF tools they need to accomplish their document goals fast and with ease. In addition to the basic needs of daily PDF conversion, Soda PDF can mainly meet the processing of PDF files required for bulk business transactions.  It’ s designed to solve all your PDF editing, converting needs, and more. You can convert to PDF or convert from PDF and even modify your PDF document just like you would with a Word processor!

Take the online web version as an example to show the operation process.

  • Step1: Click the navigation bar at the bottom of the page and select PDF to Excel.

There will be inserted advertising pages on the web page for profit.

choose pdf to excel on soda pdf desktop

  • Step2: Upload PDF file from your PC.

The upload speed is slow and it will jam at 99%.

  • Step3: Download converted file.
  • Step4:Click to view it.

view excel from soda pdf desktop


  1. Functions are powerful and mature.
  2. The operation steps are relatively direct, simple and easy to use.


  1. Only a short 7-day free trial.
  2. There is interference from advertising pages on the web side, and theprocession of web side is not as fast as the desktop side.
  3. In addition to the slow speed of web page conversion, it will often show conversion errors which make users exhausted and waste time.

TOP4: EaseUS PDF Editor

easeus pdf editor logo

Compatibility: Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7

EaseUS PDF editor’s slogan is to become a all-in-one PDF maker, reader, editor and converter. This PDF converter covers the popular file formats like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG. You can convert files from PDF to Word, PDF to JPG, or vice versa, under any conditions.

There are some differences in its steps and processes on desktop.

  • Step1: Open the software and upload the document on the home page.
  • Step2: Click Convert on the navigation bar and select to Excel.

choose pdf to excel on easeus pdf editor

  • Step3: It will be saved after conversion.

view excel from easeus pdf editor


  1. No matter you are on a Windows, Mac, Linux, smartphone, or tablets, it’scompatible with all platforms. As it’s a web-based service, there’s no limits for platforms anymore.


  1. There are many restrictions on the free version. If you don’t pay the fee, you can only convert five pages of documents.limit on easeus pdf editor
  2. The interface design is not very friendly and it needs to be explored and used independently, which consumes more time and energy.


Converting PDF to excel is a basic function. Most PDF document related processing software can realize this operation, but the operation process and result quality of each software are different. But the above is the main software recommendation with this function. From top to bottom is the order from the most recommendation to the general recommendation. It’s better to try from the first. So who is the best PDF to excel converter? Please use it to judge and decide by yourself.

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