Copy Table from PDF to Excel for Free in Three Easiest Ways

Copy the table from PDF and paste it to Excel sheet with this free PDF converter. With this, you can convert a PDF table to Excel without losing formatting. Other converters like Word to PDF, PDF to Word, and PDF to PPT are also equipped with it. Other solutions like importing PDF data to Excel and transforming a PDF table into an image are also available here.

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Copy Table from PDF to Excel for Free in Three Easiest Ways

How to Copy Table from PDF to Excel for Free Easily and Quickly

Both PDF files and Excel documents are commonly used in office work. Sometimes we may have a demand to integrate data from PDF to an Excel form. However, as we all know, the PDF file format is not as editable as other file types. We cannot copy and paste the content from it quickly as well. So how can we extract the table data from PDF and insert it into Excel? This post will mainly cover how to copy table from PDF to Excel for free in three easy and quick ways. Detailed instructions are available here, which can help you realize the conversion with formatting.

How to Copy Table from PDF to Excel in Three Easiest Ways

Several solutions can copy table from PDF to Excel. This guide will mainly talk about three easy and quick-to-operate ways. All the solutions and tools provided here are free without any hidden cost. You can read and learn with ease. They are:

  1. Convert PDF table to Excel with a PDF converter
  2. Import data directly from PDF to Microsoft Excel
  3. Insert PDF table into Excel as an image

Step-by-step instructions are available in the following.

Method1. Convert PDF Table to Excel File with Formatting.

One easy way to copy table from PDF to Excel is to convert the PDF table to Excel. WorkinTool PDF Converter is an all-in-one converter that can transform PDF documents from/to Excel, Word, PPT, images, etc., with formatting and clarity. In this way, you can easily attain the table data from a PDF as a form. It is available for the Windows system right now. An online PDF to Excel is also attainable on the WorkinTool official website. There are several reasons why you have this converter:

  • Easy and fast to convert
  • Convert into high quality without losing formatting
  • A free online version is available
  • No backup for the uploaded PDF files
  • Support batch conversion
  • No restrictions on file size and number

The following guides contain how to convert a PDF table to Excel in WorkinTool PDF Converter.

Step1. Launch this converter and select Convert to/from PDF> PDF to Excel to import the PDF file.

convert pdf table to excel

Step2. Here you can convert PDFs in bulk in one go. Just click Add file to upload more. Then click Convert to start.

add pdf table to convert

Step3. Wait for seconds; then, you can get the converted XSL or XSLX file. Open it to check the formatting and quality.

Here is the result of copying table from PDF to Excel by converting it with WorkinTool.

pdf to excel by workintool

How to convert PDF Table to Excel Online

This WorkinTool PDF Converter also has its online counterpart. It is also free to use. However, you need to pay attention that you can only add four files to convert in one go using this online tool, and the total file size must be within 50 MB. Now let’s check how to convert PDF to Excel online with WorkinTool.

Step1. Open the Online PDF to Excel tool on the WorkinTool official website.

Step2. Upload a PDF file, then click Convert.

Step3. Click Download to save the converted Excel file.

copy pdf table to excel online

Method2. Import Data from PDF to Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets.

Another effective way to copy data from PDF to Excel is to import table data to Microsoft Excel directly. This feature allows you to convert a PDF table to an Excel sheet without installing extra software. However, this method does not ensure that the format and layout of the table do not change during transmission. This conversion method may not be applicable to all tables in PDF. After my test, tables with pictures are likely to lose their original formatting after conversion.

Let’s see how to copy table from PDF to Excel by importing data to an Excel sheet.

Step1. Open the form you want to insert a PDF table into with Microsoft Excel.

Step2. Select Data>Get Data> From File> From PDF.

import pdf to excel

Step3. Pick the table you want to import, then choose Transform Data.

transform pdf data

In this way, you can easily upload a PDF table to Microsoft Excel. Here is the result:

the conversion result

Method3. Insert PDF Table into Excel as Image.

If you don’t have to make some changes to the table, you can insert a PDF table into Excel as an image. As I mentioned before, WorkinTool can also turn PDF into an image. If you only want to save the table in a PDF, then convert it to an image, you can crop the table from the PDF first. Want to know how to crop a PDF? You can learn from this guide: how to crop a PDF for free. This software can also split PDF pages, so with it, you can save one page that has the data you need, and then convert it as a picture. Want to split your PDF files, please refer to how to split PDF into multiple pages.

See how to copy table from PDF to Excel by converting it into an image. Require more detailed instructions, you can refer to how to save a PDF as a JPEG.

Step1. Choose Convert from/to PDF >PDF to JPG. Upload a PDF file to convert.

save pdf as jpeg

Step2. Select to convert pages from PDF to JPG.

convert pdf table to jpg

Step3. Wait a few seconds, then click Open File to view and check the converted file.

Step4. Open the form in Microsoft Excel, and then click Insert> Pictures to add the table.

insert picture to excel


Wrapping Up

In this guide, I have shown you the three most straightforward ways to copy table from PDF to Excel. As regards me, the first method, converting PDF table to Excel, is a better choice. Because it can fulfill inserting the PDF table to Excel without losing formatting, and the operations are also more accessible. If you are unwilling to rely on any other desktop software, you can also try to convert the PDF online. Want to get other helpful converts like PDF to Word, Word to PDF, PDF to PPT, etc. You can visit WorkinTool.


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