How to Record Speedpaints for Free in 2022

WorkinTool VidClipper is not only a powerful video editor but is also a free speedpaint recorder that is available for Windows 10. It is simple to users for beginners. Just click start recording, then set whether to record the full screen or the specific area, record with system sound or microphone voice, etc. It supports exporting videos in HD. All functions are free. Just use it with ease.

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How to Record Speedpaints for Free in 2022

How to Record Speedpaints for Free in 2022

With the rise of short video platforms, more and more painting professionals share their painting process through video. At the same time, more and more people want to learn about painting, and they also learn by watching the video of the speed painting. You can often see various large-scale painting videos on the Internet, changing from a blank sheet of paper to a painting. However, many CG and other paintings take several hours, even days and weeks. What software do you use to do these paintings and screen recordings that require a long time?

In this post, I’ll elaborate on how to record speedpaints on Windows 10 with effective screen recording software and how to record a speedpaint on an iPad for free. If you are a beginner at speed painting, you can also learn how to make a speed painting video to check your painting process and further improve your drawing skills. Hope it can provide you with helpful ideas.

📌 How to Record Speedpaints in Windows 10

Capture it with a Free Speedpaint Recorder – WorkinTool VidClipper

WorkinTool VidClipper is designed for a professional video processor, which also possesses the function of recording the screen. It is one of the best free speedpaint recorders in the market, for it can record in various modes and export HD videos. It is also in favor of editing the video during the recording period. Not only that, but it is completely free with no limits on recording time. You can record with it until you finish the speed painting. The prominent reason you have to pick it is that it combines all video processing tools into one. You can trim, split, merge, and compress the recorded video directly. Also, you can add transitions, subtitles, and background music to your video to make it more vivid, then share it with others or upload it to personal platforms. Here are the key advantages that make it outstanding in the market:

  • Free with no limits on recording time ✅
  • Quick and easy to use for beginners ✅
  • Export HD videos ✅
  • Support various modes and formats ✅
  • Multiple editing tools ✅
  • Record both full screen and specific screen ✅

How to Record Speedpaints with WorkinTool VidClipper

Now let’s figure out how to use WorkinTool VidClipper. I’ll take how to record speedpaints in Krita on Windows 10 as an example.

  • Step1. Launch the software, then choose Screencast on the home page.
  • Step2. Set the recording area, the format, the quality, and the saving path of the recorded video, then decide to record system sound or microphone voice. Then click Start.

set how to record speedpaints


  • Hotkeys are available, just click Alt+F1 to start recording and Alt+F2 to stop.
  • Auto-stop is feasible. You can set the time to stop and the recording frequency by tapping Autostop under the settings toolbar.
  • Step3. Edit with various tools like brush, line, text, highlighter, etc. by tapping the edit icon in the flow bar. When you finish recording, click the stop button.

edit when recording screen

  • Step4. Check the recorded video by pasting Play or re-editing the video by clicking Add to clip.

play or edit after screen record

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Make a  Speedpaint Video in Windows 10 with Xbox

The Xbox Game Bar is a gaming platform that comes with the Win10 system, formerly known as the Win10 Game Bar. The game platform has many auxiliary widgets, such as screenshot recording, social networking with friends, adjusting volume output, etc. The Xbox Game Bar can be regarded as a game tool software, which can greatly facilitate the user’s various game operations. For example, if you want to record the screen of the game, you can use this software to start the screen recording, and you can also switch the microphone on and off as needed when recording the screen. However, it might not be suitable for some software that does not belong to Microsoft.

How to record speedpaints with Xbox Game Bar

Step1. Open the painting tool that you want to record, then press Win+G to launch the Xbox.

record speedpaints with xbox

Step2. Click the stop button or use the hotkey: Win+Alt+R to finish the recording.

stop recording speedpaint

Step3. Check the recorded video by tapping the folder icon.

check the video in folder

📌 How to Record Speedpaints on iPad

The iPad plus the Apple Pencil is the best combination for speed painting. Drawing on the iPad is more convenient and more maneuverable. If you want to record the screen on the iPad, it is very easy. The iOS system provides a built-in screen recording tool. iOS 14 and later also supports recording of the microphone sound so that you can record speedpaints with your voice. However, it will also capture the process of stopping recording, so you have to trim the recorded video if you mind. Now let’s see how to record the screen on the iPad.

  • Step1. Open the app that you want to record, then pull down the screen to find the control panel.
  • Step2. Click the recording button on the control panel and open the microphone if you want to record the screen with voice. If not, add it from the Settings.
  • Step3. Pull down again, then press the stop button to finish recording. The recorded video will be saved directly in the photos.

Wrapping Up

In this post, we mainly talked about how to record speedpaints on Windows and iOS systems. According to the screen recording on PC, I prefer the professional software – WorkinTool VidClipper over the built-in tool. Several reasons are accountable for this. On one hand, it has more helpful functions to deal with the recorded videos, like compressing the file size, converting to other formats, trimming the unnecessary parts, etc. On the other hand, you can export videos in HD quality with a system or microphone sound. High-definition videos will make your work more popular. This tool is lightweight as well. The program is no more than 2 MB, so don’t be concerned that it will take up too much. Download it right now to record your brilliant speed paintings.

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