How to Record WhatsApp Video Call with Audio Automatically

How to record WhatsApp video call with audio automatically? Many people want to record WhatsApp video call for archiving important information, viewing lovely moments, and sharing with others. Since WhatsApp can be used on different devices, this article shows three free or built-in screen recorders to record a WhatsApp video call on different devices including Windows PC, Mac computers, and iPhones.

Last updated on May 18, 2022 by Orlando Written by Eleanor
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How to Record WhatsApp Video Call with Audio Automatically

How to Record WhatsApp Video Call with Audio Automatically

Video call is one of the most commonly-used functions. Do you know how to check previous video conversations on WhatsApp? Many people would like to record video calls for archiving, later viewing, or sharing with others. But how to record WhatsApp video call with audio automatically on different devices? This post will share how to record a WhatsApp video call on PC (Windows and Mac), and iPhone.

  • How to Record WhatsApp Video Call on PC (Windows and Mac)
  • How to Record WhatsApp Video Call on iPhone

💡How to Record WhatsApp Video Call on PC

You can find different solutions for Windows and Mac computers in this chapter. Read on to get more information.

How to record WhatsApp video call on Windows

There is in-built recording software in the Windows system named Xbox Game Bar. With it, you can record the screen without any app. However, it only supports the Windows 10 or later version and doesn’t support partial screen recording.

Therefore, there is a free third-party screen recorder WorkinTool VidClipper recommended. Designed with a clean and straightforward interface, it enables you to record WhatsApp videos with a few clicks. In addition, it is an all-in-one program, equipped with more tools than the native Xbox Game Bar, so this WhatsApp recorder will let you know how to record WhatsApp video call with audio automatically.

A guide for recording WhatsApp Video Call with WorkinTool VidClipper

  • Firstly, free download and open this software.
  • Secondly, click Screencast on the Toolbar menu.

workintool vidclipper screencast

  • Thirdly, make custom settings and open WhatsApp video call interface.

workintool vidclipper custom settings before recording whatsapp call

  • Finally, click Start to start recording, press Pause/Stop to suspend or stop recording. (Shortcut hotkeys: Alt+F1 to start/pause recording; Alt+F2 to stop recording)

workintool vidclipper pause or stop recording

The recorded video calls will be automatically saved to your local folder. You can click Play to preview it now or check it later. Besides, if you need to edit it, just click Add clips to make quick or professional editing.

workintool vidclipper play recording or open folder or add clips to edit

You may be in favor of these post-producing features

Quick edit Professional edit
Convert text to speech Add subtitles to a video
Remove background music Speed up a video
Change video resolution Add music to a video
Combine videos Make a video slow motion
Flip a Video Zoom in on a video
Rotate a video Freeze frame a video

Key features that make VidClipper sparkle

  • Free of charge

You can free download this screen recorder and use all the features like screen recording, video format conversion, and video editing without a penny. VidClipper sets no threshold for all its features.

  • Powerful screen recording feature

WorkinTool VidClipper allows users to use the Autostop to set the recording time in advance. So you can record WhatsApp video calls according to the estimated time and don’t need to worry about unforeseen problems. In addition, you can type and draw with changeable effects on the screen using the Drawing tools to write down and note key information conveniently.

  • Able to record computer and microphone sound together

How to record WhatsApp video call with audio automatically with WorkinTool VidClipper? It’s a piece of cake. Just make sure you tick Record all sound when making custom settings.

  • Adjustable recording options

Whether to record a full screen or a partial screen is as you like. And there are three levels of video quality you can choose – SD, HD, and the same level as the original video call. Besides, the output formats are at your disposal, including MP4, AVI, and FLV.

How to record WhatsApp video call on Mac

If you’re using macOS, you can find built-in screen recording software on macOS as well. It is called QuickTime Player. It enables users to record computer sound and microphone sound and adjust the recording area. As a preloaded program, it can meet nearly all your basic needs.

A guide for recording WhatsApp video call with QuickTime Player

  • Firstly, open QuickTime Player on your computer.

mac quicktime player

  • Secondly, click New Screen Recording in the dropdown menu of File.
  • Thirdly, select the audio source and recording area.

mac quicktime player to record whatsapp video call

  • Finally, click Start Recording to launch screen recording and press the square stop button in the top menu bar to end recording. (The video will be automatically saved as a MOV file in your local space.)

💡The Way to Record Screen on iPhone

How to record WhatsApp video call without any app on iPhone? Well, it is so easy. As long as you’re using iOS 11 or later versions, you can record the screen on your iPhone with the built-in Screen Recording program. It is a basic recording tool that can only record your screen with iPhone sound and microphone sound, with no other features. The recorded videos will be automatically saved to your iPhone Photos. You can make basic editing later in the Photos app.

A guide for recording WhatsApp video call with Screen Recording

  • Firstly, open Settings > Control Center > add Screen Recording to the Home Screen.
  • Secondly, launch or answer a WhatsApp video call, swipe down from the top of the iPhone screen to open Control Center, and tap on the Screen Recording icon to start recording.
  • Finally, once you start recording, a red bar will appear above your screen. You can tap on it or swipe down Control Center and press the Screen Recording icon again to stop recording.

iphone screen recording record whatsapp

Notes: If you want to record your voice as well, press and hold on the Screen Recording icon to turn on the microphone. Everything on your screen, including notifications, will be recorded. You can enable Do Not Disturb to prevent unexpected notifications.

iphone screen recording turn on microphone


At last, I hope this article is helpful for you. You may know how to record WhatsApp video call with audio automatically now. Multiple solutions for different devices are provided in this article, and all of them are free and simple to use.

WorkinTool VidClipper – a free desktop tool to record screen and edit videos on Windows PC.

QuickTime Player – a preloaded program to record screen on Mac.

Screen Recording – a built-in screen recorder in iPhone.

Pick one you need and start screen recording now!

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