How to Record Xbox One Gameplay for YouTube

How to record Xbox One gameplay for YouTube without capture card? Many Xbox users are eager to share excellent gaming moments with their friends and on YouTube, whether it’s a new achievement, a beautiful scene, or a hilarious time. But how to achieve that? Read this article, you will find out how to record Xbox One gameplay on PC with voice then edit it for YouTube, and how to record gameplay on Xbox One console.

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How to Record Xbox One Gameplay for YouTube

How to Record Xbox One Gameplay for YouTube

How do you record Xbox One gameplay and upload it to YouTube? I believe many game fans have the thought to record and share highlight moments of a game they’re playing on Xbox One with their friends or on YouTube, whether it’s a new achievement, hilarious moment, or just beautiful scenes they saw. But it is nearly impossible to record gameplay without learning. Therefore, this article will show you how to record Xbox One gameplay for YouTube without capture card in different ways.

How to Record Xbox One Gameplay on PC

Pros Unlimited time and storage
Able to record voices when playing games
Easy to further edit the recorded videos
Cons Need a computer device

It is not the easiest but the most powerful way to record Xbox One gameplay on PC. Many people are eager to know how to record Xbox One Gameplay with voice and party chat. As we know, Xbox One doesn’t allow users to record voices when they’re playing games. But as long as you connect your PC to your Xbox One console, it is able to play Xbox One games on PC and record gameplay with synchronous video and audio flow.

The Windows system has a preloaded gaming screen recorder named Xbox Game Bar, which can be used to record video and sounds from computer and microphone. It can meet your basic need for screen recording. But it doesn’t have editing features. Therefore, if you want to record and edit gameplay for YouTube, we recommend a free, simple, and professional desktop screen recorder and video editor – WorkinTool VidClipper.

How to record Xbox One Gameplay with WorkinTool VidClipper?

workintool vidclipper screen recorder

  • Third step: Make custom settings, hit Start to start recording, and begin to play your Xbox games.

workintool vidclipper make custom settings and start to record xbox one gameplay

  • Final step: Press Pause to suspend recording, and click Stop after gaming is finished.

workintool vidclipper pause or stop recording


  1. You can use the shortcut keys Alt+F1 to start or pause recording and Alt+F2 to stop that.
  2. The recorded video will be automatically saved to your local space. If you want to further edit the video you recorded, just click “Add clips” in the pop-up clip after you stop recording to add the clips to the VidClipper editing panel. You are allowed to make basic and professional edits with this all-in-one video editor.

Why should you choose WorkinTool?

If you want a powerful desktop screen recorder, WorkinTool VidClipper is definitely a perfect choice. Why did I say so? The reasons are as follows.

Free of charge

To begin with, WorkinTool VidClipper is free to download and use. It sets no threshold for all functions, including the basic screen recording feature and the advanced video editing feature. So don’t worry about the additional cost.

Multiple features

As a screen recorder, it allows you to select a recording area (full screen or partial screen), audio source (both, either of, or neither of, sounds from computer and mic), video resolution (SD, HD, or the same level as the game shows), and output format (MP4, AVI, and FLV). In addition, it allows you to preset the recording period so that you don’t need to manually stop the recording process.

Besides, with its video editing feature, you can edit videos as you like as listed but not limited below.

Easy to use

WorkinTool VidClipper is designed for all users without a limited knowledge base. You don’t need to worry about learning because you will know how to use all the features once you open it. With just a few clicks, you will understand how to record Xbox One gameplay and edit it for YouTube on PC like a pro.

Record Gameplay on Xbox One

Pros Convenient and simple to record on Xbox One itself
Xbox will automatically upload the recorded videos to the Xbox network and enable you to share them on social platforms.
Cons Limited recording time and storage
No additional editing feature
Unable to record voice and party chat

How to record Xbox One gameplay for YouTube without other devices? The Xbox One has its built-in screen recording feature to facilitate users to record. You can record short clips for the past 2 minutes and for what will happen in the next 10 minutes (in internal storage space) or longer than 10 minutes (in external storage space). Let’s see how to record gameplay on Xbox One itself.

To record what just happened – up to 2 minutes

  • First step: After you experience an epic gaming moment, press the Xbox button to open the guide,

xbox one controller click xbox button to record xbox gameplay

  • Second step: Click the View button to access the Capture option in the Home menu.
  • Third step: Choose how far back in time you want your recording to start from. (You can get a video recording that lasts from 15 seconds to 2 minutes.)

To record what will happen – up to 1 hour

How to record on Xbox One for an hour? To do this, you need to prepare an external drive and a USB cable in advance.

  • First step: Use an NTFS-formatted external drive and connect it to your Xbox via USB.
  • Second step: Click the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide.
  • Third step: change the capture location to your external drive and click “Start recording” in the “Capture & share” menu.

Depending on the video resolution and storage space you choose, video recordings can last up to 10 minutes (on internal storage) or up to 1 hour (on an external drive). Xbox will save the video clips and let you know when it’s finished. You can find the recorded clips in “Recent captures” under the drop-down menu of “Capture & share”. If you want your voice to be recorded over the clips, you need to use an external audio recorder such as WorkinTool Audio Recorder and then add it to the clips later.

Wrapping up

Here comes the end of this article. I hope this is helpful for you to know how to record Xbox One gameplay for YouTube. If you want to capture high-quality Xbox gameplay on PC and edit it for YouTube, it is wise to pick up WorkinTool VidClipper to assist you. Now go and start recording!

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