AVI to GIF-A Free Way to Convert on Windows [2022 Tutorial}

It’s necessary to convert AVI to GIF, because AVI is large in size and may affect the uploading, downloading, and transmitting speed. In addition, it is difficult for people to open it if their device is not supporting AVI playing. Therefore, this article presents a free and simple way to convert AVI to GIF. Read on to get more information.

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AVI to GIF-A Free Way to Convert on Windows [2022 Tutorial}

Most people want to convert AVI to GIF because AVI is too large to be shared on social platforms. Typically AVI files, if uncompressed, can be very large in size as compared to the other file formats.

However, on the other hand, if AVI files are compressed using some codecs, then in order to retrieve and play the file, the same codec must be installed on the machine. In addition, without the help of a codec, AVI files are not compatible with some devices and systems such as macOS or Linux. While installing a codec is a relatively simple process, many individuals can be frustrated trying to find the codec from a safe, reliable source. Even when those sources are available, users can find the interruption in the experience unsatisfactory.

In addition, AVI isn’t reliable for supporting softsubs. This is a type of subtitling where the playback device must combine the subtitle and video content as the media plays

Therefore, it’s necessary to know how to convert AVI to GIF. This article is going to show you how to achieve this conversion in a free and simple program. So don’t wait any longer, read on to get more information.

Convert AVI to GIF with WorkinTool VidClipper

Of course, there are a wealth of video converters in the market. But how to choose the one that meets your requirements and is right for your skill level? We all know that

No to mention many programs cost much and set many limits to a free trial version. After we tested dozens of software, we find one that is utterly free currently and doesn’t have any limits on its functions. It’s named WorkinTool VidClipper.

💡How to Convert AVI to GIF via WorkinTool VidClipper?

Although the operation is quite simple, it is necessary to introduce how to start with the software.

  • Firstly, find “New” and upload your AVI video.

workintool vidclipper create new video

  • Secondly, add the AVI video to the main track and click “Export“.

workintool vidclipper add avi video to track

  • Thirdly, choose the format as “GIF”, and click “Export”

workintool vidclipper export avi as gif

Notes: In addition to GIF format, you can change your video to other formats, like MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, and MOV.

You can make additional settings on the Export setting page as well, such as output quality, resolution, frame rate, and bitrate. The output quality increases progressively from the normal version to the high version. And the higher the rate is, the better video quality you get.

workintool vidclipper avi to gif export settings

As you can see, the steps are so easy that you can get a high-quality GIF file with a few clicks. However, every coin has two sides. Accompanied by its good point is some weakness, whether to download this software is up to you.

📍Reasons to Download:

  • Utterly free currently
  • Practical features
  • High-Quality Guarantee
  • Lightweight and simple
  • Green Without Ads and Intrusive Watermark
  • No registration page

📍Reasons to Avoid:

  • Only for Windows now

📌What is WorkinTool VidClipper?

WorkinTool VidClipper is a powerful and utterly FREE video editor designed for beginners, professionals, and everyone in between.

Not only can VidClipper realize video conversion, but also it has other video editing functions. For instance, overlays editing, text to speech converting, screen recording, video reversing, background music adding, subtitles editing, and so on. WorkinTool VidClipper is the perfect and most professional application to solve all your video problems.

If you are wondering what else functions can this software accomplish, you can refer to the following list for details.

Tools Video Editing
Screen Record Add Subtitles to a Video
Video Split and Merge Insert Music into a Video
Video Convert Reverse a Video
Cut-out Image Add Video Transitions, Filters, Effects, and Animations
Video Template Add Overlays for Edits
Text to Speech Video Pixelate
Watermark Removal Freeze Frame a Video



Something to Know before Converting

📜What is an AVI File?

AVI, which stands for Audio Video Interleave, is a proprietary multimedia container format and Windows standard introduced by Microsoft as part of its Video for Windows software. AVI files can contain both audio and video data in a file container that allows synchronous audio-with-video playback.

However, different from other forms, AVI is capable of containing audio and video data compressed using various combinations of codecs. In many cases, video codecs like DivX and XDIV are used with AVI files, while for audio playback, codecs such as MP3, AC3, and PCM are useful. You can play this type of data on Windows Media Player or play it with the help of codecs.

But after version iteration, it also gradually exposed its weakness of being too large in size and difficult to compress the characteristics.

📃What is a GIF File?

GIF is an abbreviation for Graphics Interchange Format designed for the exchange of images. It is a lossless format for image files that supports both animated and static images. GIF is a widely known graphics format that can reduce the size of images and short animations and store compressed data while preserving the quality of a file with up to 256 colors.

GIFs are popular on blogs, social media, and instant messaging applications, often used as emotive reactions



If you want to send messages to your friends and post animations on social networks, an AVI format file may affect the uploading, downloading, and transmitting speed. On the other hand, it is difficult for people to open it if their device is not supporting AVI playing, not to mention arouse their emotive reactions.

However, converting AVI to GIF doesn’t have to be cumbersome if you have a proper solution. As you can see, after we thorough the details about AVI to GIF in this article, you can know clearly how to make the conversion with a handy tool-WorkinTool VidClipper. It’s not a hard process, you just need to download this software and follow our guide. With a few clicks, you can get the ideal formats you want not only limited to GIF format.

Therefore, don’t wait any longer. Download WorkinTool VidClipper now and attempt to convert your videos. It won’t let you down!

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