Security Overview

Security Overview

Our overview can help you better understand the security measures we use to protect the data you store in our services.

Secure Storage

We use the AES-256 standard to encrypt the data you store in our services, which is the encryption standard used by banks to protect customer data. After you upload the data, your data is encrypted and stored, and we strictly manage the encrypted keys.

We also adopt effective protection measures to deal with network security, such as MITM attack and packet sniffing.

Secure Transmission

Your data is transmitted between our software clients and our servers through a secure channel encrypted with a 256-bit TLS secure transport layer protocol using a 2048-bit asymmetric key. This encryption method is the highest level of internet security connection.

Data Backup

We perform multiple backups of all data in multiple locations to prevent data loss in extreme situations. Even in the worst-case scenario, if the multiple backups mentioned above are unsuccessful, our software client will still save your data.


This is our privacy policy:

We will make every effort to protect your privacy and protect your data from illegal infringement.