How to Recover Deleted Files from USB Drive for Free

Few people have the habit of backing up data from USB drives. You may have a hard time retrieving your deleted and lost files. No worries! This post shares two free and practical methods about how to recover deleted files from USB drive. Keep reading and you will find:
1. What causes USB data loss?
2. What to Do Before Performing USB Data Recovery?
3. How to Recover Files from a Flash Drive?
4. More FAQs about flash Drive Data Recovery

How to Recover Seagate External Hard Drive for Free 2024

I know it is surely annoying if you accidentally lost data files from your Seagate external hard drive. Don’t worry, there are still ways to rescue you. WorkinTool Data Recovery Software can perfectly recover all the data files lost due to various situations like deletion, formatting, and virus attack. Download now to experience all the magic yourself to recover Seagate external hard drive data.
1. Recover 500MB of data for free.
2. User-friendly to users of all ages.
3. Quick scan and recover with high-quality output.
4. Cover all file types for recovery.
5. Available for all USB flash drives.

How to Recover a Deleted Folder on Windows FREE

Eager to know how to get back lost folders or files for free in Windows? You are on the right page! This post shares two free built-in tools you can find on Windows 10 and a free third-party data recovery tool. If you fail to recover deleted data, try the methods we provided! In this post:
1. How to recover a deleted folder in Windows 10 with software – 1 freeware
2. How to restore a deleted folder in Windows 10 with built-in tools – 2 free ways
3. How to recover permanently deleted files and folders on Windows 10/11

Recover Data from Flash Drive FREE–USB Flash Drive Recovery

If you accidentally lost data files from your USB flash drive, there are still ways to rescue you. This post shares three effective methods to recover data from flash drive. You can find ideal solutions to perform data recovery from flash drives without or without software. In this article, we’ve talked about:
1. Why files disappeared from flash drives?
2. Recover flash drive files with a USB data recovery tool – Win & Mac
3. Recover USB stick files on Windows without software – 2 ways
4. FAQs on Flash Drive Data Recovery
Read on to find out more!

Best Free Tools to Remove PDF Pages | 4 Solutions in 2024

PDF, a commonly used file in the workplace or at school, is usually non-editable as Microsoft Word by nature. Therefore, deleting pages from PDF can sometimes be a pain in the neck without a proper desktop tool. So here in this blog, we will present you with the four best free tools to remove PDF pages on Windows in 2023, including WorkinTool, Sejda PDF, PDF Candy, and Soda PDF. You can make your choice after knowing the specific information gained from our research.

How to Convert Multiple Files to PDF on Windows

Not one or two, if you need to convert piles of files, without the help of batch PDF converting, there is no way to get the job down one by one within hours. Lucky you, this WorkinTool PDF Converter supports this multi-files converting feature with all its functions. Ranging from “PDF to Word” to “Water PDF”, you can make it work in a few seconds, minutes tops. It saves a lot of time for users to more important matters. Besides that, this tool is free of charge to use if you select single file size less than 0.5 MB. Come to try.

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