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Translate Word Document Online & Free - WorkinTool

Try WorkinTool Word document translator to translate MS Word documents with various languages and keep formatting.
Support .doc and .docx document translation of any language
Translate an entire document in seconds
View the comparison before downloading
Download without watermarks
Unable to upload multiple files at a time for free
Unable to translate a doc over 1M/50 pages
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How to Translate a Word Document Online for Free?

Step 1
Click the + button or drag and drop a DOC/DOCX file here to upload.
Step 2
Configure the original and target languages and click Translate to start.
Step 3
Preview the translated document and download it for free.

More Than A Doc/Docx Translator

Translate with Microsoft Word Documents for Any Language

Whether you translate a Word document for what, promote business cooperation, share academic findings, provide legal documents, or optimize personal documents, WorkinTool Word document translator can ensure everyone can understand the content and broaden a multilingual audience. Rest assured, and use WorkinTool MS Word translator to translate and preserve the layout of your document format into any language, including English, Spanish, Arabic, French, etc.

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Why Use WorkinTool MS Word Translator?

Top Accuracy and Quality
Top Accuracy and Quality
Powered by advanced AI machine learning algorithms, WorkinTool's online document translator can express the meaning of the original text concisely, achieving faithfulness, expressiveness, and elegance. Even professional terms can be accurately translated.
Fast and Easy Processing
Fast and Easy Processing
WorkinTool's advanced technology ensures a lightening fast conversion speed. You will have a smooth experience when you upload and convert Microsoft Word documents. It only takes three steps to transcribe a document to other languages.
Keep Layout & Formatting
Keep Layout & Formatting
This Word document translator allows you to translate and preserve the layout of your documents of any format into any language. Unlike Google Translator or Microsoft Translator, the formatting of the document may be lost after processing.
Free Without Watermarks
Free Without Watermarks
Users can translate Word documents for free within 1MB or no more than 50 pages a file. Performing Microsoft Word translation using this online tool requires no installation or registration. Besides, you can free download the translated doc without watermarks.
Compare Multilingual Translation
Compare Multilingual Translation
You can feel free to translate Word docs to any language and view the comparison. Popular Word document translation includes translating a Word document from English to Spanish, Spanish to English, English to Arabic, French to English, etc.
Confidentiality and Security
Confidentiality and Security
Your data safety is of vital importance to us. We won't keep any copies of your Word documents or share your personal data with others. Your files will be deleted within 24 hours. Nobody can access your documents except yourself.

Desktop Software VS Online Tool

Desktop Software
Free Download For Win 11/10/8/7
Support translating larger files
Batch translation
More translation features
Faster speed and better output quality
Your files will only be kept on the local computer instead of being uploaded.
No ads
Online Tool
Explore Now
Support mainstream file formats
No need to download, access anytime and anywhere
No need to worry about updates or system requirements
All uploaded files are safe and will be deleted within 24 hours.
It requires a stable network connection.
Translate only 1 file at a time.
No file over 1 MB is allowed.


To translate a document in Microsoft Word, you need to:
  • Step 1: Navigate to Review > Translate > Translate Document.

  • Step 2: Match the original and target language and start translating.

  • Step 3: Select and copy the translated text to a newly-created Word document.

  • Note: The text will be sent over the Internet in a secured format to Microsoft or a third-party translation service provider. Microsoft Word translator only supports 30+ languages. And the layout and formatting of your document may be damaged after translation.

How to change language in Microsoft Word?
To change Microsoft Word language, follow the steps below.
  • Step 1: Go to File > Options > Language.

  • Step 2: Under Office display language, move the language you need to the top and click OK.

  • Step 3: Close MS Word and restart it so that your language changes can take effect.

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