How to Overlay Videos for Free on Any Device in 2022

Need to add overlays to your videos like pictures, videos, stickers, etc.? WorkinTool would be an ideal pick. It is a powerful video editor that helps you add overlays to a video as you like. It supports various video formats and can export videos in high resolution. Furthermore, it is totally free to use and won’t put watermarks on the edited video. Free download it to make brilliant videos.

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Sept 17 2022
How to Make a Stop Motion Video for FREE 2022

Want to add a flavor to your videos? Try something different! Instead of shooting regular videos, you can create a stop motion animation to show the movement of objects. Anything like food, fabrics, puppets, plasticine figures, or live actors can be animated this way. This post explains what stop motion is in detail and provides free and straightforward stop motion video makers that enable you to make a stop motion video on Windows and iPhone. Read on to learn more.

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Sept 16 2022
How to Add Music to a Picture | 4 Free Ways 2022

Want to make your pictures more appealing? Eager to search for a way to add music to pictures so you can create stunning slideshows? You are on the right page! This post explains how to add music to pictures using four free methods. All of them are easy to use and user-friendly. After reading, you will know how to make dazzling slideshows for presentations, wedding ceremonies, and birthday parties.

Video Editor Tips
Sept 15 2022
How to Blur a Video for Free on Windows and Mac in 2022

WorkinTool VidClipper is a free and easy to operate video editor for Windows. With it you can effortlessly blur parts of a video, like faces, unwanted objects, watermarks, etc. It can export the edited video in HD, and video format, and other parameters are also optional.

Video Editor Tips
Sept 10 2022
How to Reverse a YouTube Video for Free on Windows and Online

Want to play a YouTube video backward but can’t find a free and simple tool? No worries! This post offers two FREE YouTube video reversers that allow you to export a reversed video in the easiest way. Read on to learn what they are and how to reverse a YouTube video to add a funny and magical rewind effect to it! Both the desktop video editor and the online reverser are elaborated.

Video Editor Tips
Sept 9 2022
How to Replace Audio in Video on Windows, Mac, and Online

If you’re unsatisfied with the background music or the original voice in a video, replacing it with a new audio track is easy. A simple change will improve your video performance to a new level. This post shares three free video editors to replace audio in a video on different operating systems. Read on to learn their features and how to use them!

Video Editor Tips
Sept 8 2022
How to Change Video Background for Free [New Methods]

WorkinTool VidClipper can effortlessly allows you to change video background without losing quality. It can automatically cut out the portrait or object from video and remove the background. You can also select a preferred background from your folder and add to the video.

Video Editor Tips
Sept 2 2022
How to Convert AVI to MOV on Mac and Windows FREE

Many people struggle to find a practical way to turn AVI into MOV. There are a variety of video converters, how can you be sure you have found the right one? Here we highly recommend you try WorkinTool VidClipper. It works wonderfully on Windows. Well-prepared for any video-related features for FREE, including video format conversion. Come experience yourself now.
1. Various video editing features.
2. Multiple trendy format conversions.
3. Totally FREE without any limit.
4. Easy-to-use interface and software operation.

Video Editor Tips
Sept 2 2022
How to Put a Filter on a Video on Windows, Anroid, and iOS

Want to put a filter to your video? WorkinTool VidClipper provides you with 60 free video filters and 170+ free video special effects. Split screen filters, color filters and other advanced filters are available here. Free download it to make your video vivid.

Video Editor Tips
Sept 2 2022
How to Add Text to a Video on Windows, Mac, and iPhone

WorkinTool VidClipper works perfectly as a tool to add text to a video. Not just text, you may add images as a watermark to pictures, photos, and videos. With this amazing tool, you can customize the text wherever and wherever you want it to be. Even more, you can insert different text into the video at different times, set when they appear and when they disappear. Plus, this tool is totally FREE to use without any limits right now. Come download and experience it yourself.

Video Editor Tips
Aug 27 2022
How to Brighten Video for Free without Losing Quality 2022

WorkinTool Video Clipper is an all-featured video editor helps you change the video brighteness, exposure, shadow, etc. With it, you can preview the changes and choose to export the video to HD resolution. Nearly all kinds of video formats arer compatible with it.

Video Editor Tips
Aug 27 2022
How to Post a YouTube Video on Instagram 2022

Sharing YouTube videos on Instagram is not a straightforward process. You need to ask for the copyright if you’re not the creator, download the video to your computers or phones, and edit it according to Instagram’s requirements before posting it on IG. In this case, you need to make use of a YouTube video downloader and a video editor. Lucky you are! This article shares a free, easy-to-use, and all-in-one video editor that makes video downloading and editing a piece of cake. Read on to learn how to do that!

Video Editor Tips
Aug 26 2022
How to Trim a Video on Windows, Android, iPhone, and Mac

Check out this amazing list of different methods to trim videos on Windows, Android, Mac, and iPhone. Among these four tools, the Windows software WorkinTool Video Editor VidClipper works best. It is a powerful all-in-one video editing software with an extremely easy operation interface. No learning curve for users of all ages. The trimming function is better in this tool. You only need to drag both ends of the video to set a new beginning and an end, then export it out. But most surprising of them all, this amazing software is 100% FREE to use all the functions. No limits or watermarks. Come download it and experience it right now.

Video Editor Tips
Aug 19 2022
How to Make a Velocity Edit for Free | 2 Easy Solutions

Velocity videos go viral on video sharing websites such as TikTok and YouTube. Learning how to make a velocity edit now to catch up with the trend! This post explains the necessary skills to speed up, slow down, add transitions, flashes, and other effects that you need to make stunning velocity videos. Two freeware, including a Windows-based video editor and a mobile video editing app, are elaborated. Head further to know more!

Video Editor Tips
Aug 19 2022
How to Add Text to YouTube Video [2022 Newest Methods]

This free WorkinTool video editor helps you add subtitles, moving text, annotations, and vivid text stickers to your YouTube video. It offers 100+ text templates for you. Numerous well-designed text styles are totally free to use. The text’s size, font, color, and effect are also adjustable. Just paste your text; it can immediately generate suitable subtitles or other kinds of text for your video.

Video Editor Tips
Aug 18 2022
How to Edit TikTok Videos | Free Tips to Get You Viral

TikTok has successfully become the most popular social media platform nowadays, millions of people post their work on TikTok every day, but few of them can get the tricks to go viral. If you wonder how to edit TikTok videos so that you can become a member of those famous TikTokers, this post is your best shot. Here we introduce detailed steps on how to film and edit a TikTok clip, and we also offer you a bonus tool to edit your videos like a pro. You should definitely try WorkinTool Video Editor if you want to make hit clips. Don’t wait now and enjoy the magic yourself.

Video Editor Tips
Aug 12 2022
How to Combine Songs into One Track for Free

Wondering how to combine songs into one track? Then you are in luck. In this article, we have provided you with a detailed list of tools and methods to solve the problem. All our methods are free and available to use right now. WorkinTool VidClipper is the best to use on Windows. Now, just go download and experience the magic yourself.

Video Editor Tips
Aug 1 2022
[Solve] How to Remove Black Bars from Video for Free

If you are trying to find a way how to remove black bars from video, then you have found the right spot. Here in this article, we will provide you with three detailed methods to solve this problem on Windows, Mac, and iPhone. All three methods are free to use and available through our test. You can pick any of them due to your current device and needs. Among them all, WorkinTool VidClipper is the best in performance. It is an all-in-one free video editor and very easy to operate. Come download and experience the magic yourself now.

Video Editor Tips
Jul 28 2022
How to Convert WEBM to MP4 for Free on Windows and Mac

Need to convert the video from WebM to MP4? Try this free video converter – WorkinTool VidClipper. Nearly all video formats are supported to upload to it. You can export videos to MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, GIF, etc. With a simple drag and drop, it can convert video formats without losing clarity and formatting.

Video Editor Tips
Jul 21 2022
How to Edit MOV Files on Windows and Mac for Free

MOV format is a video format originated by Apple company. In a compressed video format, it contains data like videos, audio, images, and text. However, it is not so good for its compatibility and is hard to edit. That is why we write this article. Here we can give you the best solution to edit mov files and the detailed instructions to use them. Among them all, WorkinTool VidClipper works best on the Windows system. It has all the editing features for users to pick and you can use it for free. Don’t wait any longer, go to download and experience the magic now.

Video Editor Tips
Jul 21 2022
Increase Video Volume on Windows for Free Easily

This video editor helps you increase video volume in seconds. With it, you can raise the volume of the video to four times the maximum. It also allows you to adjust the volume of the video clips or portions of audio in a video. It is free to use without ads, viruses, watermarks, etc. Other video editing and converting tools are also accessible here.

Video Editor Tips
Jul 20 2022
How to Remove Background Noise from Video for Free

This WorkinTool VidClipper can easily and automatically remove background noise from your video. Multiple noise reduction degrees are optional here. With a simple click, you can remove noise from a video without any effort. Beginners for video editing can operate it in seconds. No ads, viruses, or watermarks will appear here.

Video Editor Tips
Jul 15 2022
How to Voice Over a Video for Free on Windows and iPhone

Eager to know how to add voice over a video? Here you come to the right place! The Voice-over technique is widely applied in the filmmaking and video editing industry. This article explains how to do voice overs to explain, narrate, supplement video information. Free methods on the Windows system and on iPhone are supported. It is super easy to make a voice-over video using the methods we mentioned in this post. Head further to learn more information!

Video Editor Tips
Jul 14 2022
How to Crop a GIF on PC without Losing Quality

This WorkinTool GIF cropper can easily resize GIFs or trim the length of GIF files without losing the original formatting and the animating effect. Just upload a GIF, and select the resized ratio (like 9:16, 16:9, 3:4, 4:3, 6:7). If you need to crop the GIF length, drag both sides to shorten it. You can also use it to create and edit GIFs and videos.

Video Editor Tips
Jul 14 2022
How to Make a Meme Video | Tips for Popular Memes

Over one billion people share video memes on Instagram per day. So, can you see how popular meme is now? But if you want to be cooler, you can create your dank meme videos. Here in this post, we will be guiding you on how to make a meme video yourself and tips for popular memes. We also provide you with the most convenient and free video editor – WorkinTool VidClipper. You can use it to make any memes you want. It is time for you to enjoy all these fabulous features and create your unique meme videos now.

Video Editor Tips
Jul 14 2022
How to Make a Time Lapse Video on Windows and iPhone

Eager to know how to make a time lapse video to record the dynamic movement of sunrise and sunset, floating-by clouds, moving stars in the sky, hustle and bustle of busy streets, and opening of flowerbuds? You’ve come to the right place! This article shares how to do a time lapse video using different devices including Windows PC, iPhone, and Cameras (brief introduction). All solutions are free. Head further to learn how to create artistic timelapse videos!

Video Editor Tips
Jul 8 2022
How to Add Text to Reels on Instagram at Different Times 2022

Eager to know how to add text to reels at different times? Instagram Reels are short entertaining videos where you can express your ideas. Sometimes people want to add lyrics, instructions, and eye-catching text to an Instagram reel but find it troublesome to operate, and the text may be distorted accidentally.
No worries! this article explains how to put text on Instagram Reels using free video editing software and the Instagram app. Head further and you will know how to make text appear and disappear on reels at different times.

Video Editor Tips
Jun 28 2022
How to Add Keyframes in Premiere Pro, After Effects, and WorkinTool VidClipper

Learning how to add keyframes to videos will optimize your work to a large extent. Keyframe is a critical element for animation and filmmaking. Adding properties like rotation, position, anchor point, opacity, and scale makes videos more vibrant. This article explains how to add a keyframe in Premiere Pro and After Effects. Other than that, a bonus tip is offered in support of video editing beginners. Eager to know how to create keyframes? Read on to learn more!

Video Editor Tips
Jun 25 2022
How to Trim a Snapchat Video Length for Free 2022

How to trim a Snapchat video to under 10 seconds? Snapchat is a multimedia instant messaging app for sharing videos and photos. It is one of the most popular social media platforms in America. However, the clips you shared on Snap usually can’t be longer than 10 seconds, or you need to shorten the video length. This article shows how to cut a Snap video in two free and efficient ways. The first one is a free video editor. The second way is to shorten a video on Snapchat itself. Read on to learn more!

Video Editor Tips
Jun 24 2022
[Solved] How to Add Text to TikTok Clips 2022

No doubt, the TikTok application has grown to be the top popular social media application on earth. People from all over the world post their lives on it and share them with others. If you want more people to see your post, then rich content and eye-catching video covers are very essential. To do that, you need to know the best method to add text to TikTok. In this article, we provide three different free ways to do that. Among them, WorkinTool VidClipper works best on the Windows system. Go download and experience the magic now.

Video Editor Tips
Jun 3 2022
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