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WorkinTool Free PDF Translator Online

The online PDF Document Translator is a cutting-edge tool that utilizes advanced AI technology to accurately recognize and translate the content of your uploaded PDF files. You have over 30 different language options to select and accurately translate the text seamlessly. And it can replace the content in the original file with a different language without losing the layout.
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How to Translate a PDF Document Free Online

Step 1
First, input your target PDF file.(It supports up to 1MB file within 50 pages.)
Step 2
Adjust the source and target languages. Then, click Translate.
Step 3
Wait for the process to complete. Check the result and download the translated PDF document.

Over 30 Common Languages to Translate

WorkinTool PDF file translator provides you with a wide range of language options to decide. Whether you require translations from English to Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, or any other language, this AI-powered translator guarantees the most precise and accurate translations, including local slang and idioms.

Over 30 Common Languages to Translate

Replace the Text Without Losing Layout

With WorkinTool PDF document translator, you can quickly and easily recognize and analyze all the content in a PDF. Once the translation is complete, this tool automatically replaces the original content with the translated version while maintaining other elements. In this way, you will no longer need to do the layout ever again, ensuring that your results are accurate and hassle-free.

Replace the Text Without Losing Layout

Try More Potential Solutions with WorkinTool

This Online AI File Translator provides you with endless possibilities to translate multiple documents into your target languages. Whether you need to translate a Word file, Excel sheet, PowerPoint slide, or a simple text document, these online services can process them all in mere seconds, replacing the original text without leaving any trace. You will be able to confidently translate all your documents quickly and efficiently.
  • Word Translator Word Translator
    Instantly translate Microsoft Word .doc and .docx documents into any language online without losing formatting.
  • PPT Translator PPT Translator
    Translate the text in the PPT with one click and output the translated file with the original file layout.
  • Excel Translator Excel Translator
    Instantly translate Microsoft Excel .xlsx and .xls documents entirely into any language online for free without breaking formatting and formulas.
  • TXT Translator TXT Translator
    Translate the whole TXT file in seconds and output the translated file with the same layout as the original file.
  • Image Translator Image Translator
    Automatically Translate and replace your text content in the picture while maintaing the original layout.
  • PDF Translator PDF Translator
    One-click translate your PDF documents with professional online PDF document translation tool for free.

WorkinTool AI PDF File Translation Features

Free to Translate
Free to Translate
This free online PDF translator offers a free tryout for everyone to experience PDF content translation. You can try this fantastic PDF translation tool as long as you can access the Internet.
Adjustable Translation
Adjustable Translation
WorkinTool AI-powered translator enables you to adjust the translation language and layout manually. Get it edited as you like it.
99% Accurate
99% Accurate
After you input the PDF file and select the target language, this online translation tool will automatically start to process your document. The AI translation engine can recognize the context and present an accurate translation.
Security Comes First
Security Comes First
WorkinTool Document AI translator values user information security. All input files will be automatically deleted within 24 hours, 100% protect your information.
Replace the Original Text
Replace the Original Text
In the process of translation, it not only replaces the format of the content to be translated but also extracts the style and typesetting of the elements, such as the header of the original text, accurately and restores it with high quality.
Online Preview
Online Preview
It also provides users with an online preview. You don't have to download it to see the translation. With it, you can view bilingual documents efficiently with a follow-up preview of the original and the translated text.

Desktop Software VS Online Tool

Desktop Software
Free Download For Win 11/10/8/7
Support for translation of multiple file types
Support for larger file translation
Support batch documents for translation
More translation features
Faster processing and better output quality
The file will remain on your computer, not be uploaded
No advertising involved
Online Tool
Explore Now
Supports PDF content translation
No need to download, anytime, anywhere access
No need to worry about updates or system requirements
All uploaded files are secure and will be deleted within 24 hours
Stable speed for network connections
Only one PDF file at a time for translation
No file over 1 MB is allowed