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Compress JPEG/JPG Files Online & Free - WorkinTool

Upload your JPG/JPEG files to this online image compressor and configure the output file size or quality. You can easily reduce JPG/JPEG file size in bulk without losing quality.
No watermark or registration
Choose smaller KB/MB or better quality as desired
Bulk Compression
Up to one picture at a time
Unable to compress JPG/JPEG picture over 200 KB.
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How to Compress a JPEG/JPG File Size Online for Free?

First Step
Click the + button or drag and drop your JPG/JPEG files here to upload.
Second Step
Configure the compression quality as better clarity, regular compression, or smaller KB/MB size before compressing.
Third Step
Wait for a while and download the shrunk images for free.

More Than An Online JPEG/JPG Compressor

Download Desktop Software to Get All Features!

Want to compress more files to smaller KB/MB without file quantity and size limitations? Want to compress all kinds of images without opening different web pages? Free download WorkinTool's desktop file compressor to shrink any files, including images, videos, PDF files, Word documents, PPTs, and more!

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Reduce Size of JPEG and JPG Without Losing Quality

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group), also called JPG, is a widely used image compression format that can compress image data into smaller file size. The principle of JPEG compression is to reduce redundant information and details in the image, thereby reducing the file size.

For storage and transmission convenience, You may need to reduce the size of JPG/JPEG. However, compared to compressing other images such as PNG, the image quality may noticeably decrease when compressing JPG. Therefore, it is necessary to use a professional JPG file size reducer. WorkinTool online photo compressor allows you to freely adjust the compression level of your images. It has three adjustable options: Better clarity, Regular compression, and Smaller size, which can help you balance the size and quality of the compressed images effectively. Feel easy to leave this issue to WorkinTool JPG image compressor, and you can get compressed files in smaller KB/MB without losing quality.

Why Use WorkinTool Online JPG Size Reducer?

Best Compression Quality
Best Compression Quality
When compressing JPEG files, it is necessary to balance image quality and file size. Otherwise, some image details may be lost during compression. With the WorkinTool JPG/JPEG shrinker, you can reduce photo size without sacrificing quality.
Convenient and Easy
Convenient and Easy
Needless to search for a compatible JPEG compressor for your device, you can perform online JPG/JPEG compression on Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and any device. It only takes THREE clicks to resize an image.
Secure and Confidential
Secure and Confidential
Your data safety is of vital importance to us. We won't keep any copies of your images or share your personal data with third parties. Your files will be deleted within 24 hours.
Free Without Watermarks
Free Without Watermarks
Users can reduce a single photo at a time online for free within 2 MB. Performing JPG file compression using this online tool requires no registration. Besides, you can free download the compressed images without watermarks.
Custom Settings
Custom Settings
When you shrink a JPG/JPEG file size, you can choose size first or clarity first. This JPEG file size reducer will balance the image quality with file size according to your decision.

Desktop Software VS Online Tool

Desktop Software
Free Download For Win 11/10/8/7
Support compressing larger files
Batch image compression
More compression features
Faster speed and better output quality
More customizable options, like resolution and zoom level
Your files will only be kept on the local computer instead of being uploaded
No ads
Online Tool
Explore Now
Support JPG/JPEG only
No need to download. Make JPG/JPEG smaller anytime and anywhere
No need to worry about updates or system requirements
All uploaded files are safe and will be deleted within 24 hours
It requires a stable network connection
Only support compressing one image at a time, and the file size should be less than 200 KB

WorkinTool JPG Compressor

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Want to know how to reduce JPEG file size without limitations? Download the WorkinTool desktop JPEG file size reducer for free immediately! You can reduce the size of a JPG/JPEG and many other types of images, videos, and Office documents to smaller KB/MB with more custom options and fewer restrictions!
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