How to Remove Text from PDF for Free [2022 New Methods]

Use this PDF Converter to eliminate unnecessary or sensitive words, links, and other kinds of text without spending any penny. This tool allows you to remove the existing text in a PDF or the later annotations added to a PDF. It can automatically recognize and delete the text in a PDF without making the background blur.

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Aug 24 2022
How to Type on a PDF for Free on PC 2022

Need to fill out PDF forms with text, add your signature, or edit the text in a PDF document? This WorkinTool PDF Converter makes these issues a piece of cake. It is totally free to use without limits on the uploaded PDF file. No watermarks on the edited one as well. Multiple text styles are optional. Free download it to figure out your problem.

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Aug 20 2022
How to Print a Password Protected PDF in Easy Ways

If you wonder how to print password protected on a computer, you can try effective PDF editing software here. It helps you remove the password from a PDF file in a few steps. As a powerful PDF reader and viewer, you can use it to print the unlocked PDF directly. It is entirely free to use; don’t worry about hidden costs.

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Aug 1 2022
How to Remove Signature from PDF for Free [Electronic and Digital]

How to remove signature from PDF? Both electronic and digital signatures are used to indicate approval and ensure document security. However, the two kinds of signatures differ slightly in form and usage. Electronic signatures are easy to use and edit. It can be removed easily. But clearing digital signatures is not the same simple. Want to know the specific differences between them? Read this article further and you will know their differences and how to remove electronic and digital signatures from PDF in practical ways.

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Aug 1 2022
How to Highlight in Pages on Mac and Windows Alternative

If you are using Pages on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, knowing how to highlight text in it can help you and others find the key points of the article quickly. You can also use different colors to stand for different content. Besides this part, we have also provided you with a third option to use WorkinTool PDF Converter to highlight text on a Windows-based computer. It is easy to use and fulfills all PDF-related functions. More importantly, it is totally free. If you have similar needs, come download it and try it for yourself.

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Jul 12 2022
Copy Table from PDF to Excel for Free in Three Easiest Ways

Copy the table from PDF and paste it to Excel sheet with this free PDF converter. With this, you can convert a PDF table to Excel without losing formatting. Other converters like Word to PDF, PDF to Word, and PDF to PPT are also equipped with it. Other solutions like importing PDF data to Excel and transforming a PDF table into an image are also available here.

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Jul 8 2022
How to Save a PDF as a JPEG for Free Online and Offline

In just three steps, you can save a PDF to a long JPEG file with this free PDF converter. It is feasible to convert all pages of a PDF to a picture or extract the pictures in PDF and convert them to JPEG. An online version is also available here. Apart from JPEG, it can also convert PDF from/to fillable Word, Excel, PPT, etc. Furthermore, this converter combines multiple PDF editing tools as well.

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Jul 7 2022
How to Create a PDF on Computer 2022

PDF files are common in daily life and work, mainly because they are more convenient to transfer and view. Unlike Word, PPT, or other formats, we cannot create an editable PDF file directly. If you need to create a PDF document, might as well convert other formats to it. WorkinTool PDF Converter is completely free to use without any limits for users, try to create a PDF document from Word, images, PPT, Excel, etc. with it.

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Jul 1 2022
[Solved] How to Convert Google Doc to PDF

Google Docs is a very popular online text tool that helps users to process doc text and image files. Also, since it is a browser tool, you can access the service without the limit of time and space. In the meantime, converting Google Docs to PDFs can do a lot of help. Here in this post, we have provided you with five methods to solve this. And by using WorkinTool PDF Converter, you can have the best experience for free. Now, go download and feel the magic yourself.

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Jun 26 2022
How to Strikethrough in PDF for Free 2022

We need to learn how to strikethrough in PDF in case we have to delete unnecessary information, correct errors, and cross out what has been done before. Speaking of PDF editing, the first PDF editor that comes to mind must be Adobe Acrobat among a number of people. It is indeed the leading PDF editing software. However, this article introduces another free and multifunctional PDF editor as well. Head further and you will know how to add a strikethrough in PDF with the free PDF editing software and in Adobe Acrobat.

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Jun 25 2022
Simple Ways on How to Change Page Size in PDF

Since the PDF file format is already the most commonly used file on earth, the need to edit a PDF is also surging. If you are looking for a solution on how to change page size in PDF, then you have found the right place. Here in this post, we are offering you three methods to do that on Windows, Mac, and online. WorkinTool PDF Converter works best for Windows. More importantly, it is totally free for all users. Now, go download it and experience it right now.

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Jun 25 2022
How to Make a PDF Fillable Online and on Desktop 2022

Want to learn how to make a PDF fillable quickly online or on a desktop? Try this powerful, free PDF processor – WorkinTool PDF Converter, which has a built-in OCR feature. You can use it to convert a PDF to a fillable, editable, and searchable one and transform it back into a PDF. A free online PDF OCR is also provided here. Check the detailed tutorial and try it right now.

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Jun 25 2022
How to Search a PDF for a Word on Laptop Quickly

Want to search a PDF for words or phrases quickly? Try the effective PDF editors provided here. Here are solutions for nearly all devices, easy to learn how to search in a PDF on Windows, Mac, etc. WorkinTool PDF Converter also provides an online version for all its users. Have a free trial right now to edit, convert, compress PDF, and more within seconds.

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Jun 24 2022
How to Add Comments to a PDF Online and Offline 2022

Eager to add comments on a PDF file? Try this free, easy, and comprehensive PDF Converter- WorkinTool PDF Converter. Online and desktop versions are available here. Nearly all PDF editing and converting issues can be solved with it, such as converting PDF to editable Word, compressing PDF, managing PDF pages, taking notes on PDF, etc. It is 100% free to download and use right now. Just have it to cope with PDF issues.

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Jun 23 2022
How to Resize a PDF File for Printing and Email

How to resize a PDF file? Generally, there are two different results you can find online, One is to crop and scale PDF pages. Another is to compress the PDF file size. Screening solutions that suit you may be time-consuming. However, this article answers the two questions together with five solutions in total. Most of them are free, except for Adobe Acrobat Pro. Whether you are using Windows system or macOS, I believe you can find an ideal solution to resize a PDF for printing or email.

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Jun 18 2022
Solved: How to Add Bookmark in PDF Free 2022

If you are looking for an effective PDF reader and editor that has the function to add bookmark in PDF, then you are in the right place. The WorkinTool PDF Converter can easily bookmark PDF files to read later. You can also use it to annotate the PDF file with highlights, lines, text, etc. All the PDF editing tools in it are available for all users. Just download it to fulfill editing PDFs for free.

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Jun 17 2022
How to Copy and Paste from a PDF without Losing Formatting

It is easy to duplicate and paste content from an editable PDF file. However, the situation will become more complicated when your PDF documents are scanned, secured, or images-made, in which the PDF is read-only mode and disallows others to modify. This article, therefore, comprehensively introduces some free and practical ways to copy and paste from different types of PDFs without losing formatting. Both online and offline methods are available.

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Jun 16 2022
How to Remove Highlight from PDF Free Online and Offline

Wondering how to remove the annoying highlight from PDF for free? Online and offline solutions are available here. With the free and effective WorkinTool PDF Converter, nearly 95% of PDF issues can be figured out in seconds. Just upload your PDF file to remove the highlighted part. With this software, you can export a new file without losing clarity or formatting. The online version is convenient and easy to use as well. Just have a free trial now.

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Jun 15 2022
How to Save a Picture as a PDF on PC, iPhone, and Android

Do you know how to save a picture as a PDF? Nowadays, PDF is widely used in workplaces, schools, and governments for transmitting information and team collaboration due to its confidentiality and security. It is easier to organize information in PDF documents instead of images. This article shares free and easy solutions on how to convert images to PDF on Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and online respectively. Read on to find out more information!

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Jun 11 2022
How to Add Page to PDF Free Online and Offline 2022

Want to add page to PDF for free? WorkinTool PDF Converter provides you with online and offline free PDF editing tools. With this, you can easily add a page to a PDF, no matter if you want to add a blank page or insert a new PDF document to it. More PDF processing tools are available and completely free, just download it right now or try the online version.

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Jun 11 2022
How to Annotate a PDF File for Free 2022

How to annotate a PDF file for free? Marking up a PDF document will enhance memory and improve work efficiency to a large extent. However, many PDF editors lock the PDF annotating features to free account users. It is not that easy to find solutions to annotate PDFs for free. In this article, we summarize two free PDF editors to add annotations in PDF after testing numerous PDF editing software. Each of them is simple and convenient to use!

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Jun 10 2022
How to Duplicate a Page in PDF Free Offline and Online in 2022

Want to duplicate a page in PDF for free? Just have a free trial of WorkinTool PDF Converter. You can use it to copy PDF pages online and offline. Multiple helpful PDF editing tools are available on it, like converting PDF to editable Word document, PDF to Excel, PPT, JPG, HTML, etc., compressing PDF file size, splitting and merging PDFs, unlocking and protecting a PDF, etc. It can process nearly 90% of PDF problems. Just download it right now.

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Jun 9 2022
How to Redact a PDF for Free without Adobe Acrobat Pro

How to redact a PDF file? In order to prevent sensitive content and private information from being disclosed, it is necessary to redact a PDF file before sending it to others. This article shares three methods that can help you to redact PDF documents on different operating systems.

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Jun 3 2022
How to Crop a PDF for Free on Windows [2022 New Solutions]

If you need to crop your PDF files, just have a free trial of WorkinTool PDF Converter. It is easy to operate. Just upload a PDF file, and crop it as you want, then save it to your local folder. You can crop a page in PDF or crop all pages with one click. Functions like converting PDF to Word, PPT, Excel, JPG and merging, splitting, unlocking, protecting, and rotating PDF are available in it. There are no limits for free users at all. Just download it right now.

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Jun 2 2022
How to Draw on PDF in a Simple Way – WorkinTool PDF Converter

Sometimes people want to add some special notations or graphics to a PDF while viewing. In this kind of scenario, people choose to draw on PDF over merely adding fixed notations. But how to do it on digital PDF files? Well, we have provided you with two simple ways to draw on PDF. And one of them is to use WorkinTool PDF Converter. It is a professional PDF processor, which has all the functions you can relate to PDF. With it, you no longer need to consider problems about how to draw lines and shapes on PDF files. Moreover, it is totally free. Come and experience the magic.

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May 7 2022
How to Highlight in PDF Documents for FREE on Windows

Don’t have an idea of how to highlight in PDF on Windows? Don’t worry. This article will provide two solutions, including using a desktop tool called WokrinTool PDF Converter and an online converter–ToolRocket. Not only will you know the specific guides for highlighting texts in PDF and customizing your highlight through these two tools, but also you will unlock alternative ways to mark the words with them. Please start your reading now.

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Mar 31 2022
How to Convert TIFF to PDF on Windows | 3 FREE Ways

Since TIFF is far from a common image format, do you know how to convert it to PDF? If the answer is no or unsure, it is strongly advisable to read this article to learn three ways to convert TIFF to PDF on Windows. More importantly, they all prove to be simple, convenient and FREE, including using a desktop tool–WorkinTool PDF Converter, using an online converter-Smallpdf and using a built-in program in Windows–Microsoft Print. You will know the specific instructions for each method and can make a judgement by yourself. Please start your reading now.

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Mar 25 2022
How to Insert Image into PDF for FREE on Windows in 2022

There is no need to address the critical role played by PDF in the modern workplace and at school. However, unlike Word documents, PDF files are naturally non-editable. In this article, we are going to divide this theme into the following topics: How to Add Image to PDF for FREE in an Offline Way? (using WorkinTool PDF Converter) and How to Insert Image into PDF for FREE by an Online Method? (using ToolRocket). You will know the specific guides for inserting images into PDF files by these methods to help you with this problem. Please start your reading now.

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Mar 19 2022
How to Add Sticky Notes to PDF for FREE on Windows

Admittedly, PDF is gradually taking the place of Microsoft Word, becoming the primary file choice in the workplace or at school. However, unlike a Word document, a PDF file is naturally non-editable. So what can you do when you need to add notes to PDF? Well, don’t worry. You can find the answers in this article. Today, we will focus on how to add sticky notes to PDF for FREE on Windows, including a desktop tool–WorkinTool PDF Converter and an online converter–ToolRocket. Please read on to know the specific information.

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Mar 12 2022
How to Add Text to a PDF Document Free on Windows and Mac

PDF format is widely used for commercial purposes because of its good non-editable and convenient transmission features. Also, because of that, the content is hard to change once it is filled in a PDF file. Therefore, according to this problem, we have provided you with the four best solutions on how to add text to a PDF on different systems. The best of them all is by using WorkinTool PDF Converter. With its powerful editing function, you can add any text in no time. Moreover, it is 100% free to use. all the functions. Go download and experience the magic.

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Mar 11 2022
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