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WorkinTool Word to PDF Converter | Convert DOC/DOCX to PDF Free Online

Easily and instantly change Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) documents to PDF files online for free without losing formatting online.
Upload each PDF file within 0.5 MB.
Support at most 4 files at a time.
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How to Convert Word to PDF Online for Free

First Step
Click the + button or drop your file to WorkinTool.
Second Step
Insert more files by tapping the + button again. (Up to 4 files at a time.)
Third Step
Hit the Convert icon to start. Then click the Download button to save the converted files.

Tips for Turning Word DOC/DOCX to PDF Online

    Pay attention to the following tips, and you will successfully convert DOCX to PDF or convert Word DOC to PDF online with minimal effort.

  • 1. Check File Mistakes: Before converting from Word to PDF, WorkinTool advises you to look through the whole Word file to check whether there are mistakes or formatting errors. Because the converted PDF file is non-editable which is tough to modify the content anymore.
  • 2. Heed the Online Data Safety: When choosing a suitable online DOC to PDF converter, you'd better notify whether it can protect and delete your uploaded files or not. Doing it can efficiently guarantee your privacy and file security.
  • 3. Alter to Conversion Limits: You should be aware of the conversion times or uploaded file limits. Otherwise, all your effort will be in vain if your file exceeds the maximum limit or you don't have extra credit to use it again.
  • 4. Examine the Converted PDF: Once the conversion is completed, you should examine the converted content, page orientation, formatting, and quality before sharing it with others.
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The Best Free WorkinTool DOC/DOCX to PDF Converter Online

Accessible to Make Word DOC into PDF for Free
Accessible to Make Word DOC into PDF for Free
As long as your network runs smoothly, you can access WorkinTool Word to PDF Converter Online tool to easily create a PDF from a Word document without downloading or registering. More importantly, it is utterly free for everyone to make DOC/DOCX to PDF conversions.
Instantly Convert DOCX to High-Quality PDF
Instantly Convert DOCX to High-Quality PDF
With top-tier AI technology, WorkinTool can instantly save a Word document as a PDF without losing formatting or quality. The outcome files look the same as the original Word documents, including the layout, hyperlinks, font, content, etc.
Not Merely a Word to PDF Converter
Not Merely a Word to PDF Converter
As a fully-functioned PDF program, WorkinTool supplies 40+ other PDF online features for you to enjoy the PDF editing and converting world. For instance, you can convert PDF to Word, combine Word documents into one PDF, merge/split PDFs, etc.
High File Security with WorkinTool
High File Security with WorkinTool
In WorkinTool, you have no extra worries about the safety of Word documents or PDF files, which are protected by HTTPS (SSL encrypted). Moreover, WorkinTool will remove these uploaded files from its cloud server permanently.

Bonus: How to Save a Word Document as a PDF Offline

Fix 1. Convert Word to PDF on Windows 10/11

WokrinTool PDF Converter offline is one of the best DOCX/DOC to PDF converters for all Windows users in recent years. With an explicit interface, WorkinTool lets you turn Word into PDF like a pro without quantity limits while keeping the original formatting and quality. Moreover, you can create a PDF from other 10+ file formats, like Excel, JPG, PNG, HTML, DWG, etc.

  • Step 1. Free download and open WorkinTool on your desktop. Then go to Convert to/from PDF > Word to PDF to select your Word document.
  • Step 2. Tap Add file to insert more DOC/DOCX files into WorkinTool.
  • Step 3. Press the Convert button to start Word to PDF conversions.
  • Try It Now >>
Fix 1. Convert Word to PDF on Windows 10/11

Fix 2. Convert Word Document to PDF on Mac

If you are eager to convert DOCX to PDF or turn DOC into PDF on Mac, you cannot miss the Mac default PDF converter and reader that comes with every Mac. With Preview, you can open MS Word documents and export them as PDF format with several clicks. So let’s learn how to do it in Preview.

  • Step 1. Right-click the DOC/DOCX file and open it with Preview.
  • Step 2. Find the Export as PDF button in the File tab.
  • Step 3. Reselect a saving location and click Save. Within seconds, it will automatically turn Word into PDF.
Fix 2. Convert Word Document to PDF on Mac

Desktop Software VS Online Tool

Desktop Software
Free Download For Win 11/10/8/7
Data privacy and information security are ensured
Faster processing speed and better quality outcome
Provide 20+ PDF tools after Word to PDF conversion
No limitations to file quantity and use times
One-click to convert DOCX to PDF
No ads or watermarks
Upload each file with 0.5 MB for free
Online Tool
Explore Now
No need to download any software to turn Word into PDF
Whenever and wherever to change Word to PDF
Three moves to convert MS Word to PDF
Stable converting speed
Outstanding exporting quality
Remove uploaded files permanently after 24 hours
Support each file within 0.5 MB and up to 4 files at a time

Words after: The Benefits of Changing Word to PDF

Maintain the Formatting
Maintain the Formatting
Thanks to PDF's non-editable feature, converting from Word to PDF can make the Word file maintain the original formatting and content. And it's very convenient when you want to share files with friends or upload documents online without losing formatting.
Smaller File Size
Smaller File Size
PDF files are often smaller than Word documents because PDF can employ more effective compression algorithms to shrink the elements in files. Therefore, saving DOC/DOCX as PDF can help users save more usage space, transfer files faster, etc.
A Broader Compatibility
A Broader Compatibility
Unlike Word, PDF has the embedded font, which doesn't require other software or devices to install the same font. Therefore, more devices and operating systems can access and open PDF files than Word documents.

People Also Ask

What is the best free Online DOCX/DOC to PDF Converter?
With the development of technology, various PDF conversion online programs have been emerging in recent years. And below are some popular and excellent online free Word to PDF converters.
  • WorkinTool PDF Converter
  • Smallpdf
  • iLovePDF
  • PDF2GO
  • CloudConvert

How do I make a Word document a PDF?
If you want to make a Word document a PDF, one of the easiest ways is to use WorkinTool PDF Converter to make it. With WorkinTool, you can effortlessly create a PDF from Word document. No more words; let's check the simple tutorial together.
  • Firstly, download and launch WorkinTool PDF Converter on your Windows device. Then find Word to PDF in Convert to/from PDF tab.
  • Secondly, select the Word files (DOC/DOCX) that you want to convert to PDF.
  • Lastly, tap the Convert button, and you will get high-quality PDF files in an instant.

Can I convert multiple Word documents to PDF at once?
Of course, you can change multiple DOC/DOCX to PDF at a time with WorkinTool. And you can only save at most four Word documents as PDF format with WorkinTool online version. However, downloading the Windows version allows you to upload as many Word documents as possible and convert them to PDF simultaneously within seconds.
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Word to PDF Converter

Instantly Convert Word to PDF Online Free!
Easily and quickly convert Word documents to PDF with minimal effort with WorkinTool online. Here, you can turn at most four DOC/DOCX files into PDF at a time within seconds. Moreover, there are 40+ other FREE PDF online tools to retouch your PDF files. Just try it now for free!
Free Download For Win 11/10/8/7