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WorkinTool Free AVI to MP4 Converter

change videos from AVI to MP4 online in seconds. Quickly download the converted MP4 videos and share.
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How to Convert AVI to MP4 Online

Step 1
Click to upload the target AVI files to MP4 converter. (Batch converting supported, within 50M)
Step 2
After uploading, tap the Start converting button to start the conversion.
Step 3
Download and export your converted MP4 file when it is done.

AVI or MP4, which one is better?

Features AVI vs MP4 Winner
Quality Since intact AVI can save alpha channels, the resulting AVI file can yield an output file with excellent quality. As for MP4 files, it's able to adopt varied types of compression codecs for encoding so that its output quality can also be guaranteed at an excellent level. The same AVI and MP4 videos make no distinct difference to the naked eye. Technically speaking, AVI would be slightly better than MP4 in quality. AVI
File Size AVI adopts DivX or XviD codecs for encoding, while MP4 has wider options like H264/MPEG-4, HEVC, MPEG-1, VP8, VP9... Take the most commonly seen H264 and DivX. For instance, the output file size of MP4 is marginally smaller than AVI, let alone MP4 (HEVC) versus AVI (DivX). Hence, in this round, MP4 is the winner. MP4
File Size AVI video file format is not compatible. AVI files with different compression standards must be performed using the matched decompression algorithm. For example, different versions of Windows Media Player can't play AVI videos with different encodecs. However, MP4 is more compatible across platforms and devices. It's an industry-wide standard for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android systems. Overall, MP4 is better in Compatibility. MP4

More Than an AVI to MP4 Converter

WorkinTool AVI to MP4 Converter free online Features

Easy to Use
Easy to Use
With a user-friendly interface, WorkinTool makes it easy to convert AVI to MP4 online free. Changing AVI to MP4 can never be easier.
Best Output Quality
Best Output Quality
We promise you will have the best online AVI video converter to convert the AVI file to MP4. You can get the desired MP4 files with minimal image sacrifice.
Perfect Compression
Perfect Compression
WorkinTool Video Editor offers the best video format conversion. When you Convert AVI files to MP4 videos, MP4 videos will get the most suitable compression and remain the best quality.
Free to Use
Free to Use
WorkinTool avi file converter provides an online service to convert.avi to .mp4 at no cost. You can convert as many AVI videos as you please.
Data Protected
Data Protected
There is nothing you need to worry about for file security. To protect your privacy, all uploaded files will be automatically deleted within 24 hours.
Work Without Limits
Work Without Limits
No need to install the software. You can visit WorkinTool AVI convert to MP4 service as long as you can access the Internet. It works on all devices and platforms. (Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android)

Desktop Software VS Online Tool

Desktop Software
Free Download For Win 11/10/8/7
Various popular container formats are supporteD
Custom video editing options and features
No ads involved
No need to upload files to the Internet
Work without a network connection
Faster video editing speed with better output quality
No quantitative restrictions or file size limitations
Online Tool
Explore Now
No need to download. Access anywhere you want
No update hassle or system requirements to worry about
All uploaded images are safe and to be deleted within 24 hours
Support video conversion in Bulk
Custom video editing options are not available
The maximum file size of input videos is 50M

AVI to MP4 Converter Free

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