How to Blur the Background of a Picture on iPhone, Android, or PC

Do you have any idea how different the viewing experience can be for a photo that’s designed to have a blurry background from a photo that doesn’t do anything? An image with a blurry background allows the viewer to focus more on the subject without being distracted by other things. Here, we highly recommend the WorkinTool image converter in the Windows version. It’s professional and user-friendly enough. More importantly, users are now 100% free to use all of its features. Let’s experience all the magic!
😍 1. FREE to enjoy all the picture editing features right now.
🤩 3. Easy interface for users to edit with THREE STEPS.
😎 4. Support more than 100 different image formats to operate.
🥳 5. Cover all the features that you can on the market and interesting filters.
😊 6. Available for image conversion, compression, matting, watermark, and more.

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Jan 18 2023
How to Make a Logo Transparent with(out) PhotoShop FREE [5 Workable Fixes]

There are always white or blank backgrounds on your logo designs. How to make a logo transparent? WorkinTool Image Converter will be your best tool to remove the white background and make logo transparent. More importantly, you can use all the features for free without limitation. Just download it and instantly make transparent logos for free!   
⭐ 100% free without limitations
⭐ Various photo formats supported
⭐ An advanced AI-powered engine 
⭐ High quality without watermarks
⭐ Support batch process

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Jan 18 2023
How to Change the Background of a Picture For Free

Sometimes if you want to change the picture background and you don’t have the right tool to do it. It can be really bothering. Even though Photoshop is completely capable of this, the price and the heavy operating procedures are also shutting people out. So, here I recommend you use WorkinTool Image Converter. With its powerful AI matting and various templates for picture backgrounds, you no longer need to worry about similar issues. Moreover, it is totally FREE to use. So download it and explore the magic yourself.

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Sept 16 2022
How to Crop a Screenshot on Windows and Mac

Troubled by cropping screenshots to the ideal size? Want to add annotations on snips? You’re on the right page! In this article, we’ve summarized how to take, crop, edit, and annotate a screenshot on Windows and Mac. Four free and easy-to-use screenshot editors are mentioned. Read on to learn how to crop a screenshot without breaking a sweat!

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Aug 27 2022
How to Make a Blurry Picture Clear for Free: 2023 Solutions

This WorkinTool Image Converter helps you automatically make a blurry picture clear. After uploading, it can auto-recognize the color of your image and increase its resolution. It is
1️⃣ practical and free to use
2️⃣ Supports nearly all image formats
3️⃣ No limits on the uploaded file size
4️⃣ No watermarks on the polished image files

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Aug 27 2022
[A SEO Guide] How to Optimize Images for Web

Images can take up a very big portion of the whole webpage. However, images without optimization can also be a big factor in slow page load time and unpleasant browsing experiences. For that reason, learning how to optimize images for the web is one of the SEO lessons. Here in this article we have prepared you with the most detailed information about what is image optimization, why is it important and the thorough methods and tools to do that. One tool we highly recommend is WorkinTool Image Converter. It covers all the editing features you need for webpage image optimization. More importantly, it is 100% free to use. Now, come download and experience the magic yourself.

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Aug 10 2022
How to Blur a Picture for Free on Windows and iPhone

Eager to know how to blur a picture for free? In addition to taking crisp and clear images, many photographers like to apply the bokeh effect when shooting a photo. We also apply the blurry effect to hide someone or an embarrassing object in a picture. To blur out an image, whether for parts of a picture or the picture background, can be easily done in post-editing. This article explains how to create focus and artistic effect to a picture using the blur technique on Windows and iPhone. Both free and paid solutions are elaborated. Head further to learn more!

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Jul 21 2022
How to Fix Blurry Pictures on Different Devices

If there are no special circumstances we take photos to strive for the clearest picture effect. But sometimes the pictures are really blurry. So how do we fix this ourselves? Don’t worry, the article below details how to fix blurry pictures on your desktop, cell phone, Facebook, and Instagram. Among them all, the best effect to sharpen your pictures is to use the desktop software – WorkinTool Image Converter. It has all the image editing features on the market and all of them are free. Don’t wait and come to explore yourself right now.

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Jul 20 2022
How to Add a White Background to a Photo for Free

Do you know how to add a white background to a photo for free? This article explains three simple methods to change the background color of a photo suitable for anyone. Both free and paid solutions are elaborated. If you want to make a passport photo, ID photo, exam ticket, visa picture, e-commerce image, social media platform portrait, etc at home, head further into this article, and you can make a stunning white background picture in no time.

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Jul 20 2022
How to Enlarge a Picture without Losing Quality

Do you know how to enlarge a picture without losing quality? If you ever tried to enlarge photo size for printing, tracing, or displaying on web pages, you may find some pictures are too small to create a clear effect. In order to avoid blurry images with low resolution or pixelation, this article explains three simple solutions to make pictures bigger without compromising quality. Free approaches are also included.

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Jul 14 2022
How to Add a Picture to a Picture in 4 Easiest Ways

Eager to know how to add a picture to a picture? This article will show you how to superimpose images to create artistic photos. We present four different solutions to put a picture on another picture, including two desktop photo editors, one online program, and a mobile app compatible with both iOS and Android systems. Both free and paid servers are elaborated. Head further to learn more!

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Jul 8 2022
How to Brighten a Picture on Different Devices

Image editing can be such a boring job. However, most of you would still choose to make some adjustments before posting images on social media like Instagram. Some of you might ask a question: how to brighten a picture in a faster way? Well, in the post, we have covered the four fastest and easiest ways to help you with that problem. For the Windows system, we highly suggest that you use the WorkinTool Image Converter. It is an all-in-one professional image editor with a user-friendly interface. Most importantly, it is totally free. Don’t wait up, go download and experience the magic.

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Jul 2 2022
How to Make a Mirror Image Step-by-Step Tutorial

In this post, we mainly help you solve the problem of how to make a mirror image. Technically speaking, it is not a hard edit. You can use the default app to mirror a picture. However, if you want to make a picture collage of two mirrored images, we highly recommend that you use the WorkinTool Image Converter. It is user-friendly and you can directly make any mirror image with one click through the image collage maker. More importantly, this powerful image editor is 100% free to use all the functions. Now, go download and explore its magic.

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Jul 1 2022
[Easy Solutions] How to Add a Border to a Picture

A border on a picture can do a lot to help attract viewers on social media sites like Instagram. But since Instagram has taken this feature off the editing function, people have to find a third way to add border to photo before posting. For this reason, we have listed four different methods for you to consider in this post. And the most useful way among them all is the WorkinTool Image Converter. It is a professional with user-friendly interface image editing software. Most importantly, it is totally free of charge to use. Don’t wait and go download to experience the magic now.

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Jun 16 2022
How to Edit Instagram Post on PC, iPhone, and Android

Instagram has been viral for years. Since it is the most popular picture-sharing social media, people all over the world tend to share their lives on it. However, nobody is perfect, now and then you may have issues like posting the wrong pictures, tagging the wrong person, or having some typos on the caption. If that happens, you may want to edit Instagram post. Here we offer you the easiest way to edit them and the best way to avoid them and make your picture more delicate. Download WorkinTool Image Converter for free use right now.

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Jun 10 2022
How to Convert PSD to PDF Without Photoshop [FREE]

PSD, a default file format developed by Adobe, will be a familiar name if you have frequent interaction with Adobe Photoshop. You may know how to convert PSD to JPG in Photoshop; however, do you know how to convert PSD to JPG without Photoshop? Well, if you don’t, please read this article to learn a simple and FREE way–WorkinTool Image Converter. It is powerful, convenient and user-friendly. Please start your reading now.

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Jun 3 2022
How to Convert PDF to PNG Free on Windows 10

Want to learn how to convert PDF to PNG for free on Windows 10 but with no clues? Have a free trial of WorkinTool Image Converter. It supports the conversion of 100+ file formats. What’s more, it is completely free for you to use. Only in three steps, you can save PDF to PNG images. Just upload your file, then select the output format as PNG, then convert it. Batch converting is available too. With it, you can easily transform several files with just one click. Try it right now.

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May 7 2022
How to Convert PPM to PNG for FREE in Windows

PPM? What is it? Well, it is a sort of image format rare seen in daily life these days. So when you accidentally get an image like this, you’d better change it to a typical one like .jpg or .png in order to view and share it if you are not a professional photographer or picture editor. Today, we will focus on a discussion on how to convert PPM to PNG in Windows by introducing you to two FREE offline ways. One is using a practical desktop tool called WorkinTool Image Converter (It’s simple, convenient, powerful and FREE while it also supports batch conversion.) and the other one is trying Adobe Photoshop. Please start your reading now to know the specific guides.

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May 7 2022
How to Convert PDF to TIFF in Windows 10 for Free

How to convert PDF to TIFF in Windows 10 for free? Many people are confused about how to edit text and images in PDF files. And usually, PDF files are locked and uneditable. So it is not a simple thing if your PDFs are heavily image-based. But TIFF allows users to add and change image information on multiple layers freely. So why not change PDF to TIFF format? This article presents two simple PDF to TIFF converters to help you.

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May 7 2022
How to Convert Screenshot to PDF on Windows 10 for Free [Top 3 Converters]

How to convert screenshot to PDF on windows for free? Many people like to take screenshots of useful information when they browsing the web. However, it’s more space-occupying compared to PDF files. And it’s a little troublesome to find and read them later because they may be out of order. Therefore, this article tells the top three screenshot to PDF converters on Windows 10 you can use free of charge. They are WorkinTool Image Converter, WorkinTool PDF Converter, and Microsoft PDF Printer. Read on to get more information!

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May 3 2022
How to Convert DCM to JPG in Windows-2 FREE Solutions

This article will continue our discussion on changing some rare image formats to a common one. Today, we will focus on how to convert DCM to JPG in Windows. Checking a DCM file at home can be challenging as it requires a professional image viewer to read it. Hence, it is essential to master the skill of converting DCM to JPG if you have to face a situation like this. This article will introduce two FREE offline solutions: using free image converter software–WorkinTool Image Converter (It’s easy, convenient and FREE. Also, it supports batch conversion.) and Adobe Photoshop. Please start your reading now to know the specific guides.

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May 1 2022
How to Convert Screenshot to JPG in Windows 10

How to convert screenshot to JPG in Windows 10? As we know, screenshot usually remains in PNG format. Compared to the same screenshot of JPG format, it equips higher resolution but with a larger size at the same time, which is not convenient for upload and transfer. Therefore, this essay explains two ways to take a screenshot and provides a free screenshot to JPG converter in Windows 10 to change screenshot from PNG to JPG effortlessly. You can turn screenshot into JPG in a batch without losing quality with this converter.

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Apr 29 2022
How to Convert EPS to JPG in Windows [2 FREE Solutions]

An EPS file is a vector file format usually required for professional and high-quality image printing. Therefore, it is less known to the general public like these image formats do (JPG, PNG and BMP). As a result, it is essential to master the skill of changing EPS to JPG if you want your design to be displayed publicly online. This article will discuss how to convert EPS to JPG in Windows by introducing two FREE offline ways: using WorkinTool Image Converter (It is simple, convenient, powerful and 100% FREE) and Adobe Illustrator. Please start your reading now to know the specific guides.

Image Converter Tips
Apr 27 2022
How to Convert AVIF to JPG for FREE on Windows

Compared to the typical images like JPG or PNG, an AVIF file is rarely seen in your daily life. Therefore, it is essential to convert it to a frequently-used format like JPG if your primary purpose is concerning photo sharing via email or on social media. Today, we will discuss how to convert AVIF to JPG for FREE on Windows–using an offline tool–WorkinTool Image Converter (It’s convenient, simple and FREE) and using a built-in program in Windows–Microsoft Photos. Please strat your reading now to know the specific information.

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Apr 10 2022
How to Convert PDF to SVG on Windows in 2023

SVG is a widely-used format for creating company logos, web elements, and GIF animations. You can use it to resize images but don’t need to worry about quality loss. However, what if your original file is in PDF format but you want to keep it in SVG format? This article will help you convert PDF to SVG with no effort. There are two ways to solve this problem, and a completely free method is covered.

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Apr 9 2022
How to Convert PNG to JPG for Free on Windows

PNG is one of the most popular image formats in our daily life. Compared with JPG, however, it takes more space to save on your computers or mobile devices. In order to save space, converting PNG to JPG is a nice choice. Besides, in some cases, we have to follow the guidelines of some websites. And in terms of compatibility, PNG is not as widely compatible as JPG. Therefore, understanding how to convert PNG to JPG is essential.

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Apr 7 2022
How to Convert PSD to JPG for FREE on Windows

Converting PSD to JPG can be simple and convenient if you find a proper solution. In this article, we will discuss how to convert PSD to JPG for FREE on Windows. One method is to use Adobe Photoshop since a PSD file is its product. The other way is to apply a powerful and useful tool called WorkinTool Image Converter. You need only a few clicks to export your converted images and it allows you to change all your PSD files in batches. Please start your reading now to know the specific guides.

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Apr 3 2022
How to Convert SVG to JPG on Windows Free Tutorial 2023

Compared with SVG, the JPG format is more universal for users to apply in images. it is compatible with almost all computer systems and image software. And the compression feature makes it easier to transfer through the internet. In this scenario, many users are seeking the very method to convert SVG to JPG. Here I have provided two available ways to realize it. One of the practical tools is the WorkinTool Image Converter. It is a comprehensive image tool, you can use it to convert all the image formats you have seen. Moreover, it is totally free to use. Go download and experience it right now.

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Mar 24 2022
How to Convert HEIC to PDF on Windows and Mac Free

Even though HEIC format can save half-space than JPG format of the same photo while maintaining the quality. But the incompatibility makes it hard to replace the original JPG format on other systems. And it is super-inconvenient when sharing photos with others. Therefore, you can convert HEIC to PDF format to solve this problem. For the Windows system, I highly recommend WorkinTool Image Converter. It is a professional image processor. You can use it to convert multiple files at the same time. Moreover, it is 100% free to use. Come experience the magic right now.

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Mar 24 2022
How to Convert JPG to SVG for FREE on Windows in 2023

Much as JPG is universally deemed the most frequently used image format, SVG remains the favorite one in the design industry. Do you know a JPG picture can be changed to an SVG file? Today, we will focus on the theme: how to convert JPG to SVG for FREE on Windows? In this article, you will know two ways to change JPG to SVG: one is an easy way by using WorkinTool Image Converter, the alternative method is to use Adobe Photoshop. You will learn the specific guides for JPG-to-SVG conversion through these two approaches introduced. Please start your reading now.

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Mar 22 2022
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