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WorkinTool Free WMV to MP4 Converter

Use the easy and free WMV to MP4 Converter online to change MOV to MP4 at your fingertips. Quickly download the converted MP4 videos and share.
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How to Convert WMV to MP4 Online

Step 1
Click to upload the target WMV files to MP4 converter. (Batch converting supported, within 50M)
Step 2
After uploading, tap the Start converting button to start the conversion
Step 3
Download and export your converted MP4 file when it is done.

WMV or MP4, which one is better?

Features WMV vs MP4 Winner
Quality WMV files usually cover both video and audio. The video part uses WMV encoding, and the Audio part uses Windows Media Audio encoding. WMV has a high compression ratio. But because it still emphasizes the PC more than the mobile side, the image is clear enough. As we all know, MP4 video is of lossy picture quality. So, in comparison, WMV quality will be slightly higher than MP4. WMV
File Size However, WMV and MP4 are both video formats with high compression ratios. The codecs and compression algorithms WMV are relatively lower in technology than those of MP4, primarily using H.264 and H.265 codecs. And because MP4 is more mobile-focused, its coding makes it more compressed than WMV. So overall, the MP4 video will be a little smaller than the WMV video. MP4
File Size WMV is a video container developed by Microsoft. But because of the age, the format now looks old and compatible only with Windows. For other systems, there may be problems with video playback. But for MP4, it is a universal format and can be played on almost any desktop or portable device. So, MP4 is more convenient than WMV in terms of compatibility. MP4

More Than an WMV to MP4 Converter

WorkinTool WMV to MP4 Converter free online Features

Convenient to Convert
Convenient to Convert
WorkinTool makes it easy to upload your WMV files and convert WMV to MP4 online in seconds. One-click to get the desired MP4 videos.
No Quality Loss
No Quality Loss
Here you can get the best service to convert .wmv to mp4 files. We promise you will have the converted MP4 videos with no quality loss issues to consider.
Best Compression Effect
Best Compression Effect
With the best WorkinTool WMV file converter, you can easily convert WMV file to MP4 free with the best compression level while maintaining the image quality.
Totally free to use
Totally free to use
WorkinTool offers the WMV converter to MP4 conversions for free use. You can use it as many times as you want. No membership is needed.
High-Level Security
High-Level Security
All your files will remain safe with the WMV file converter. All uploaded files will be automatically deleted within 24 hours to protect your privacy.
The sky is the Limit
The sky is the Limit
There is no time or space limit for the WorkinTool free WMV converter. With a network connection, you can enjoy it on Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android.

Desktop Software VS Online Tool

Desktop Software
Free Download For Win 11/10/8/7
Various popular container formats are supporteD
Custom video editing options and features
No ads involved
No need to upload files to the Internet
Work without a network connection
Faster video editing speed with better output quality
No quantitative restrictions or file size limitations
Online Tool
Explore Now
No need to download. Access anywhere you want
No update hassle or system requirements to worry about
All uploaded images are safe and to be deleted within 24 hours
Support video conversion in Bulk
Custom video editing options are not available
The maximum file size of input videos is 50M

WMV to MP4 Converter Free

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