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WorkinTool Free Online WAV to MP3 Converter | Convert WAV to MP3 Online

Overly large WAV files are not supported on YouTube and other sites like social media. Try WorkinTool free online WAV to MP3 converter to easily change WAV to MP3 without sacrificing quality. Batch conversion is supported.
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File size limit: 5 MB
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How to Convert WAV to MP3 Online for Free?

Step 1
Click on the green + icon to import your WAV file.
Step 2
Hit Convert to start the WAV conversion after your file are uploaded.
Step 3
Press Download when your conversion ends.

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What is WAV?

WAV, short for Waveform Audio File Format, is a popular format used to store digital audio data. The WAV files typically adopt lossless compression algorithms, which means they contain the exact same data recorded without any quality loss. Therefore, they normally stay uncompressed. Besides, WAV files are usually large file sizes, making them less practical for online streaming or sharing. However, the uncompressed format makes WAV files ideal for high-quality audio recordings and editing since they maintain the full range of frequencies and dynamics of the original recording.

How to open a WAV file?

Several ways are available to open a WAV file. Here are some common methods:
  • Media Players: Windows Media Player (Windows), iTunes (Mac), VLC Media Player (Windows/Mac/Linux), etc.

  • Audio Editing Software: WorkinTool VidClipper (Windows) Audacity (Windows/Mac/Linux), Adobe Audition (Windows/Mac), FL Studio (Windows/Mac) and more.

  • Web-Based Audio Players: Sportify, Wynk Music, etc.

  • Mobile apps: VLC Media Player (Android/iOS), MX Player (Android/iOS), etc.

WAV vs. MP3, Which Is Better?

Features WAV MP3
Name Waveform Audio File Format MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3
File extension .wav .mp3
Usage Scenario Professional audio recording and the standard format for audio CD A popular container for music and a universal format for almost all audio files
Pros 1. Better quality for lossless compression and higher kpbs 1. Smaller in size due to lossy compression and lower kpbs
2. Compatible with most sites and social media like YouTube
Cons 1. Large in size
2. Usually unsupported on YouTube and other social media
1. Lower quality compared with WAV, but not bad
Conclusion To be honest, it is hard to tell which format is better. WAV is a professional container that can store uncompressed audio, so you can expect the utmost high-quality audio.
MP3 uses lossy compression algorithm, but it doesn't mean that it has bad quality. There is no obvious quality difference between WAV and MP3 if you aren't a musical professional or don't use elite devices to play your audio file. An MP3 file with 320kbps even boasts better quality than a compressed WAV.
In general, both of them are prevalent audio formats. For the sake of common use, they only differ in size. If you want to upload and share songs/recordings on websites, you'd better use MP3 instead of WAV as it is smaller in size.

Why Use WorkinTool to Convert WAV to MP3?

Bulk Processing
Bulk Processing
You don't need to convert files one by one. WorkinTool WAV to MP3 converter can process four audio files simultaneously.
100% No Charge
100% No Charge
Turn WAV into MP3 for free at once. You will not spend a penny on your WAV-to-MP3 conversion to reduce WAV file size without losing quality. No signup and license fees are required.
Guaranteed Quality
Guaranteed Quality
MP3 does not usually share the same high quality as WAV. But this WAV-to-MP3 converter will present a converted MP3 with the most suitable Kbps that is close to the original quality of your WAV audio.
Entirely Safe
Entirely Safe
Your security is our priority. Your file data will be deleted within 24 hours, so please rest assured that no one can access your audio files.
Diverse Converters
Diverse Converters
In addition to WAC to MP3 converter, you can enjoy more audio conversions with the help of other audio converters presented by WorkinTool, such as MP3 to WAV, AAC to MP3, M4A to MP3, etc.
Simple to operate
Simple to operate
WorkinTool WAV to MP3 converter boasts a user-friendly interface and easy conversion process. So even beginners will find it convenient to convert .wav to .mp3 with its help.

Desktop Software VS Online Tool

Desktop Software
Free Download For Win 11/10/8/7
User-friendly and easy to use
No need to upload files to the Internet
Unlimited conversions (no file size/number limit)
More audio formats supported
Custom audio/video settings
Faster conversion speed
Better output quality
Batch conversion available
No internet access required
Online Tool
Explore Now
Total web-based operations without the need to download
No update hassle and system requirements to worry about
All imported files to be removed within 24 hours
File size limit--5 MB
No custom audio/video settings

WAV to MP3 Converter

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