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It is a free, easy-to-operate, all-featured audio editing App for Android users. It helps you effortlessly edit MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4a, MIDI, and other audio and music files on mobile.

Free & Easy to edit various audio file formats.
Versatile audio-editing tools, including audio trimmer, merger, splitter, converter, compressor, etc.
Premium features accessible: record audio, reduce noise, voice-to-text, extract audio, video dubbing, and more.
Export the edited audio in high resolution

Helpful Audio Editing Features in AudClipper

Features in AudClipper are entirely FREE to access for all users. Use the practical editing tools below to create fabulous audio files, then share them on YouTube Music, Spotify, and other audio-sharing platforms.

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Why Do You Need a Sound to Text Translator?

  • Organize Audio Clips

    AudClipper can easily cope with audio clips, like trimming, splitting, merging, inserting, reversing, etc. Just import all audio materials you want to edit, rearrange their sequence, cut out the unnecessary part, and synthesize a new audio track.

  • Convert Audio Formats

    This free audio editor permits you to transform audio formats. To do so, you can change the less compatible audio file formats into a commonly used one. It allows you to batch convert multiple audio files in one go.

    Input audio format: MP3, WAV, FLAC, M4a, AAC, MOV, MIDI, and more.
    Output audio format: MP3, AAC, FLAC, and more.
  • Add Effects to Music

    As a professional audio editor, it is effective in making special effects to audio files. Generally, you can shift the audio pitch, add a crossfade effect, change voice, mix audio, separate and synthesize stereo, etc. It is easy for beginners to operate and lets you preview the audio work before exporting it.

  • Reduce Noise from an Audio File

    Background noise always affects the sound quality of a song or other audio files. AudClipper can smoothly reduce the background noise from audio, such as wind, traffic, speaking voice, and any other unnecessary sounds.

  • Other Audio Editor Tools

    Apart from audio editing and converting, this audio editor application offers you multiple premium features. You can also use it to edit audio in MP4, etc. Below we list other helpful functions in it:

    reduce the audio file size
    record audio on your phone
    translate voice to text
    video dubbing
    synthesize audio and video

How to Edit Your Audio Files on Android for Free

Launch the AudClipper App
Download AudClipper and install it on your Android phone. Check the audio editing tools and navigate to the one you want to use.
Edit Your Audio File
Open the audio file from the local folder. Edit the current file, then click Next. The audio clip will be backed up in My File.
Output the Edited File
Select the file, click the Export button, and then share the edited audio to other platforms or Apps.
Launch the AudClipper App
Edit Your Audio File
Output the Edited File
Download AudClipper and install it on your Android phone. Check the audio editing tools and navigate to the one you want to use.
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Best Free Audio Editor App

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