How to Remove Background Noise from Audio for Free

If you are annoyed by the noise in your audio recording or music source, you can pick the AudClipper to remove background noise from audio on Android, and use VidClipper to reduce noise on a PC. AudClipper is an all-featured background noise removal app, which allows you to:
1️⃣ 100% free to edit audio clips
2️⃣ remove background noise with great results
3️⃣ Export high-definition audio
4️⃣ Easy and quick to create fabulous audio files

Last updated on Oct 26, 2022 by Orlando Written by Orlando
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How to Remove Background Noise from Audio for Free

The background noise, such as wind, voice, traffic, applause sound, etc., is sometimes a hassle, especially if you need an audio file of high sound quality. However, when we record audio, there will be inevitable some noises in the surroundings. However, it is particularly troublesome to re-record, and it cannot ensure that there will be no noise in a second recording, so at this time, we can increase the audio quality by reducing the noise. This guide will focus on how to remove background noise from audio on your device. Free and easy-to-use background noise removal apps and software for Android, iPhone, Windows, and online will be mentioned below.

📌 How to Remove Background Noise from Audio on Mobile

You can use professional audio editing applications for Mobile to remove background noise in audio recordings and other music files. We have picked two versatile background noise remover apps for Android and iOS systems. You can check their product details and follow the step-by-step tutorials in the descriptions below.

How to Reduce Noise in Audio on Android for Free

The AudClipper is an excellent option for Android users to remove noise from audio files. It is a one-stop and free audio editor App, which can cope with various audio making and editing troubles. In general, you can use it to edit audio clips, like trimming, splitting, merging, inserting, etc. It also allows you to add effects to your music, such as cross fades, pitch shifting, voice changing, stereo separation and synthesis, and more. To our surprise, all of its premium features are also free to use, including audio recording, voice-to-text, video dubbing, compressing audio file size, etc. Though there are plentiful functions in AudClipper, it is still easy to use, especially for beginners. It has an intuitive user interface, helping you navigate what you need in seconds.

How to remove background noise from audio recording on Android with AudClipper

  • Step1. Download and install the AudClipper from Google Play or the official website. Open it and allow it to access your local folders.
  • Step2. Navigate to the reduce noise feature under the audio editing tool category. Select the audio file you want to process. Then press Next. Click Reduce Noise directly and wait for seconds.
  • Step3. Press Next and check the edited file on My Document. Hit the share icon to export it or share it with others.

reduce noise from audio

How to Clean Audio Noise on iPhone for Free

Denoise is one of the best noise cancelling apps for iPhones. It is dedicated to removing background noise from audio recordings and other audio and video files. It works on Apple-related products only, including iPhone (iOS 13.2 and later), iPad, iPod touch, and Mac (macOS 11.0 and later). Except that it’s professional when it comes to noise reduction, it can also work with your videos, transcribe speech to voice, etc.

How to remove background noise in audio on iPhone with Denoise

remove noise from audio on iphone

  • Step1. Install the Denoise on your iPhone from the Apple Store. Open the app and upload your audio recording or other kinds of audio files.
  • Step2. Select the noise reduction level and open the Remove common noises button on the toolbox.
  • Step3. Press Done to export the edited audio file.

📌 How to Remove Background Noise from Audio on PC

Apart from several audio editors, you can also give some video editors a try to reduce noise in the audio. WorkinTool VidClipper is proficient in editing video and audio files, especially for background noise removal. Moreover, with it, you can rearrange audio clips, convert audio formats, merge video and audio, and more. It provides a long-term free trial to access all its video and audio editing solutions. This desktop editor is available for Windows right now. Windows users can pick this software to process audio files on a computer. In addition to reducing noise in the audio, it also allows you to remove background noise from video files.

How to reduce noise from audio for free with WorkinTool VidClipper

Step1. Install the WorkinTool VidClipper on your computer and launch it. Click New Project on the dashboard to import your audio clips.

import audio to edit

Step2. Tap the blue add icon to add the audio to the timeline, left-click it and paste the Noise Reduction button. Adjust the degree you want to remove the background noise.

remove background noise from audio on windows

Step3. Press the Export button to save the optimized audio file. You can select the file format, quality, etc. As for the audio file, you can export it in MP3, AAC, etc., in high definition.

save the edited audio

free download the software

📌 How to Remove Background Noise in Audio Online

Podcastle permits you to remove background noise from audio online. Podcastle is a handy online tool that can make several edits to audio files. Brilliantly, it provides you with multiple audio mixing materials to select, like some free music sources, special sound effects, etc. It is easy to reduce noise in an audio file with it. But there are limits to its free trial version. It gives you three free chances to denoise the audio file. If you need to get more trials, you need to activate its premium version, which is charged. Therefore, if you have many files to denoise and don’t want to spend any penny, Podcastle may not be a good choice.

How to remove background noise from audio online for free with Podcastle

Step1. Go to the Podcastle webpage and upload your audio recording or music.

import audio to podcastle

Step2. Right-click the file and click Add Magic Dust. Press Apply Magic Dust, then the tool will automatically normalize the volume and remove background noise.

remove background noise from audio online

Step3. Press the Export button, select the audio format and quality, and then download the file to your device.

export denoised audio

Wrapping Up

By using the solutions outlined in this guide, you can easily remove background noise from audio for free on Android, iPhone, Windows, and online. The best free background noise removal apps and software are accessible. After your comparison, you can select one of them that is compatible with your device to install and use.