3 Best Streaming Audio Recorders for PC in 2023

Most people find it challenging to find the best streaming audio recorder for PC. Although you have known a plethora of audio streaming audio recorders, you don’t have a clue about which one to use. This article shows you the 3 best audio recording software, including WorkinTool Audio Recorder, RecordPad Sound Recorder, and Cinch Audio Recorder. In this article, you will be informed of a detailed introduction to each recorder. Their merits and demerits, and compatibility are listed. And this article also provides tutorials on recording sound with each of them. Please start your reading.

Last updated on Jan 03, 2023 by Orlando Written by Orlando
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People’s needs for streaming audio recorders are on the rise because streaming audio becomes commonplace in online platforms, like music players and broadcasts. . In this article, we list the 3 best streaming audio recorders for PC in 2024. They are WorkinTool Audio Recorder, RecordPad Sound Recorder, and Cinch Audio Recorder.

After reading this article, you will get informed of the pros and cons of each software. More than that, their compatibility and detailed tutorials on using them are involved.

When choosing software, you must need them to help you in the study, work or entertainment. Therefore, no matter what kind of software you are looking for, and no matter how excellent the software could be, the principle of selecting a proper one is that it should be useful and helpful. Because no one would like to download useless software on his computer, right?

Then please move to the following 3 best audio recording software we recommend.

3 Best Streaming Audio Recorders for PC

1.WorkinTool Audio Recorder

workintool audio recorder home page

WorkinTool Audio Recorder is new audio recording software for PC with complete recording features and a clear interface. And with simple recording steps and high-quality output, it can generally meet the needs of both beginners and professionals.

As an audio recorder, it is an all-in-one software. Firstly, to record audio, you can choose from system sound and microphone sound. Then, before recording, you can make output settings such as output quality, output format, and audio noise reduction. More than that, the audio file will automatically appear in the built-in folder. So it can save your time to save the audio files by yourself.

Ways to Record Streaming Audio Using WorkinTool Audio Recorder
It’s easy to record sounds through WorkinTool Audio Recorder. Open the software, make some settings if you need, then click “recording”. Then it allows you to pause or stop at any time.

record streaming audio by workintool audio recorder

Please look at the chart below to get some specific information.

🤩Merits 😐Demerits 😁Compatibility
  • Lightweight to take up little space
  • No limitation of recording time gap
  • Clear interface
  • Clear navigation
  • Optional audio source
  • Hotkey available
  • Automatic save optional
  • Noise reduction accessible
  • Output sound quality optional
  • Currently FREE
  • Under-protected data privacy and information security
  • Only 2 output formats
  • Windows

2. RecordPad Sound Recorder

recordpad sound recorder home page

RecordPad Sound Recorder is a high-quality voice recording software. With this recorder, you can record both microphone sound and system sound. And it has voice-activated recording, so it is helpful in reducing long periods of silence in the audios.

What’s more, noise reduction and different output quality are accessible. Besides, you are able to customize the interface. With a clear interface, you can easily grasp how to use it.
However, if you want to record streaming audio, you have to install another tool named SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder. It is a little complex to fulfill this process.

A Guide to Record Streaming Audio by RecordPad Sound Recorder
Firstly, launch RecordPad Sound Recorder and choose Recording Streaming Audio in the input device menu.

streaming audio recorder recordpad sound recorder step1

Secondly, when there is a note popping up, click Try SoundTap Free.

streaming audio recorder recordpad sound recorder step2

Thirdly, when a new interface appears, click also record from the microphone if you need.

streaming audio recorder recordpad sound recorder step3

Then click Start Recording.

streaming audio recorder recordpad sound recorder step4

Please look at the chart below to get some specific information.

🤩Merits 😐Demerits 😁Compatibility
  • Clear interface
  • Noise reduction available
  • 4 output formats are available
  • Hotkey available
  • Time schedule accessible
  • The complex process to record streaming audio
  • Windows
  • Mac OS

3. Cinch Audio Recorder

cinch audio recorder home page

Cinch Audio Recorder is audio recording software that can record high-quality music from any Music Streaming Site. Amazingly, there no ads in Cinch Audio Recorder. Besides, it has a simple and good-looking interface, which makes you feel comfortable.

Moreover, it can capture all the details about the music recorded, including music title, artist, album details, and other information. And the recorded audio will be automatically placed in your local drive.
However, the output format is limited. It only supports MP3.

A Tutorial on Recording Streaming Audio by Cinch Audio Recorder
Step 1: Open Cinch Audio Recorder, then find the yellow icon on the top left of your screen and click it. Now it is ready to record audio.

streaming audio recorder cinch audio recorder step1

Step 2: Then click the yellow icon to end up recording.

streaming audio recorder cinch audio recorder step2

Please look at the chart below to get some specific information.

🤩Merits 😐Demerits 😁Compatibility
  • Clear interface
  • Clear navigation
  • Nno ads
  • No needs to install a sound card
  • Auto naming
  • Auto split audio
  • Only one output format
  • No noise reduction
Mac OS


Final Thought

There are 3 streaming audio recorders I have recommended. And each of them is different in features and ways to operate. After reading this article, you may find out the most suitable one.
Sincerely, WorkinTool Audio Recorder is user-friendly. If you need to record streaming audio, have it a try. It’s currently free. And after that please leave a comment to tell us about your experience with WorkinTool Audio Recorder.
Looking forward to your reply.