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Old Photo Restoration Software Free Online | WorkinTool

Restore old photos with the AI face enhancement technology for free online.
single image size up to 10MB
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How to Restore Old Photos for Free Online

Step 1
Go to the WorkinTool online Old Photo Restoration page and upload your image file. You can upload a photo of 10 MB at maximum.
Step 2
Preview the restored result, then press Save Now to download the fixed photo.

Bonus Tips: How to Restore Old Photos for free on Windows

WorkinTool also explores a desktop old photo restoration software for Windows. Suppose you prefer to edit images offline; it is a better option. The desktop software provides more features like old photo restoration, fix blur repair, photo color enhancement, etc.

It is pretty easy to use. Just launch the software, select Edit Pictures for Fun>Photo Restoration> Repair old photos. Import your picture; then, it will auto-restore it.

Restore Old Photos in Any Scenarios

Repair ripped photos

Easily and automatically eliminate the ripped marks of an old photo.

Restore damaged old photos

Recover highly damaged old pictures, such as dirty old childhood photos, fire-damaged photos, creased photos, etc.

Recover fading photos

It also plays the role of a photo enhancer. Enhance the color of an old photo and make it bright and sharp.

Clear blurred old photos

Improve the image resolution to the greatest extent. Use the AI enhancement technology to increase the photo's DPI.
The original picture
The original picture
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Other Online Image Editors

WorkinTool Best Old Photo Restoration Online Features

100% Free to Restore Old Photos
100% Free to Restore Old Photos
WorkinTool online old photo restoration app is free to use with no hidden catches. You can use it to restore photos at ease.
AI Repair Images
AI Repair Images
Using its AI photo enhancement technology, you can automatically restore old photos within seconds.
Restore Various Old Photos
Restore Various Old Photos
It can deal with damaged old photos for many reasons, like ripping, fading, blurring, etc. All kinds of old photos can be repaired without effort.
Supports Multiple Formats
Supports Multiple Formats
Mainstream image formats, such as JPG, PNG, JPEG, and BMP, are supported for uploading to this effective old photo restoration app online.
Data Security Guarantee
Data Security Guarantee
To protect your privacy, the photo you upload will be automatically deleted after 1 hour from its server. In addition, it doesn't request registration. Your data is safe online.
No Limits to Download Repaired Pictures
No Limits to Download Repaired Pictures
There are no additional restrictions to save the restored photos. You can download it to your device immediately.

Desktop Software VS Online Tool

Desktop Software
Free Download For Win 11/10/8/7
Data privacy and information security are ensured
Faster uploading and downloading speed
No ads involved
Supports 100+ image formats
Multiple image editing tools
No restrictions on the uploaded file size
Supports Windows Only
Online Tool
Explore Now
No backup for uploaded photo files; security is guaranteed
Stable uploading speed
No need to download; restore old photos everywhere with the network
No update hassle
Supports JPG, PNG, JPEG, BMP
Only for old photo restoration
The maximum size of each uploaded photo is 10 MB

FAQs on Old Photo Restoration

How much does it cost to restore old photos?
Generally, old photo restoration services cost about $50-$500 a time. But thanks to several free old photo restoration software, you can repair old photos at no cost.

Is it possible to recover photos from years ago?
The answer is definitely YES. With the mature AI restoration technology, you can recover damaged old photos easily.

Is there an online photo editing tool to restore old photos?
Yes. Photo enhancer like WorkinTool allows you to restore old and damaged photos online for free. Just upload your photo, and it will automatically fix it.
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Old Photo Restoration Software

Start Your Free Trial Now
Free download WorkinTool old photo restoration software for Windows to repair your old photos directly. It is 100% free to use with no extra limits. More image editing and converting tools are also available. Just install it right now to fix the pictures yourself.
Free Download For Win 11/10/8/7
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