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Convert MPEG to MP4 Online & Free | WorkinTool

You may need to convert MPEG to MP4 due to incompatibility issues. Try this online MPEG converter now. It can easily convert MPEG files to MP4 for free with a single blink.
100% free without ads.
User-friendly and easy to operate
Batch conversion up to 4 videos at a time
Free desktop converter for Windows available
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How to Convert MPEG to MP4 Online?

Step 1
Upload MPEG Files: Drag and drop your MPEG files to this MPEG to MP4 converter.
Step 2
Convert MPEG to MP4: Click Convert to change your MPEG files to MP4.
Step 3
Download Converted MP4 Files: Download the converted MP4 files.

How to Convert MPEG Videos Larger than 100M?

Free download our MPEG to MP4 converter software on Windows. It can also change MPEG to MP3, MP4 to MP3, MOV to MP4, GIF to MP4, etc., without MB/GM limitations.

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Is MPEG the Same as MP4?

The short answer is "no". MPEG is a codec. But MP4 is a video format.

MP4 is also known as MPEG4 Part 14. It is a media container for storing videos and data that is mandatory for playing a video. It is generally compressed using the MPEG 4 codec but not always.

MPEG is an encoding method that can be applied to various video formats, such as MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, OGG, etc. As the most frequently used encoding method of MPEG, MPEG-4 adopts higher-level compression algorithms to save bandwidth.

MPEG vs. MP4

Features MPEG MP4
File extension .mpeg .mp4
File Type Video codec Video format
Associated Media Players Windows Media Player VLC Media Player Apple QuickTime Player, etc. Windows Media Player VLC Media Player Apple QuickTime Player Arcsoft TotalMedia Theatre, etc.
Used for Standard digital television broadcastings, VCDs, DVDs Streaming, playing, and downloading videos
Pros • Support high-quality videos
• Can be used in various video formats and web browsers
• Compatible with almost all devices, web browsers, and platforms
• Provide high-quality videos with a small storage capacity
Cons • The file size might be large
• Not compatible with most devices and digital platforms
• Not flexible to edit
• It may lose quality when compressed.
Conclusion Since MPEG is a codec, whereas MP4 is a video format, we can't draw a specific comparison between them. Both of them have different uses. However, it is better to convert MPEG to MP4 in terms of compatibility and flexibility.

Key Features of WorkinTool Online MPEG Converter

Free for Sure
Free for Sure
WorkinTool MPEG to MP4 Converter provides the best online file conversion service to change .mpeg to .mp4 without cost. Neither ads nor registration requirements exist.
Desktop Alternative
Desktop Alternative
Converting MPEG-4 to MP4 is also attainable in the Windows free converter software—WorkinTool VidClipper. It enables you to convert MP4 to MP3, MOV to MP4, MPEG to MP3, etc., without MB/GB limitations.
Secured Online Conversion
Secured Online Conversion
All your files will remain safe with this MPEG-4 to MP4 converter. All uploaded files will be deleted from the server within 24 hours. No third parties can collect and share your data.
Easy for Everyone
Easy for Everyone
WorkinTool MPEG-4 converter can easily convert .mpeg to .mp4 files in seconds. No learning curve is required.
No Quality Loss
No Quality Loss
This MPEG-4 to MP4 converter is capable of converting MPEG to normal MP4 videos without quality loss. At least no visual difference can be viewed.
Anywhere, Anytime
Anywhere, Anytime
You can directly access this MPEG converter anytime on any device. You can convert MPEG to MP4 on Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, and all browsers.

MPEG to MP4 Converter | Desktop vs. Online

Features Desktop Software Online Tool
Compatibility Windows Any device
Video Quality Normal > Standard > High Standard
File MB/GB Limits No limits Up to 100MB
Feature Video converting, editing, optimizing, etc. Video conversion only
Conversion Speed Stable Rely on the network

MPEG to MP4 Converter

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