How to Draw a Self Portrait with AI Art Generator

Do you want to change your face to a different style? Want to see what you look like in the anime world? Come and try these AI art generators to create an AI self-portrait for yourself! Read this article to learn how to draw a self portrait with AI art generators.

Last updated on July 27, 2023 by Orlando Written by Orlando
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How to Draw a Self Portrait with AI Art Generator

Using one’s own photo as an avatar on social media is a cool thing! But what if I want to use my own photos without revealing my true appearance? How to draw a self portrait based on my original photo? You need an AI painting app to change the style of your photos! Change your selfie into another style, such as a cartoon character. Here list four free apps for you to make an AI self-portrait. This post also tells you how to use these generators. Please read it and select one according to your needs.

Make a Self-portrait Using BrainPix [Android]

Among the numerous AI painting software, BrainPix undoubtedly ranks very high. Although it is a recently released software, its drawing effect is excellent. Its graph generation function provides a wide range of styles, with over 200 already available and constantly increasing. This feature can change your photos into various styles and experience endless fun. There are three free trial opportunities for each feature, and you can share it before deciding whether to pay for the membership version, but I believe it will not disappoint you.

How to Draw a Self Portrait on Android:

Step 1. Download BrainPix, open it on your Android device, and find the image-to-image function.

Step 2. Import your selfie photo into the program and select the style you like. Set the aspect ratio, then click Create.

Step 3. Wait a moment; you can get a new self-portrait in different styles. Click Save to save it.

how to draw a self portrait on android

How to Draw a Self Portrait with WOMBO [iPhone/Android]

WOMBO Dream supports many platforms, such as iPhone, Android, and online. The AI image generator also provides text-to-image and image-to-image functions. Its recent updates have added three new sizes and some painting styles, making the creation more diverse. Although there are not many painting styles, they are very unique. After uploading your own image, please select a style, and then it will generate four new photos. Most of its features are free, and the generated images can also be saved for free. You need to become a member to unlock more styles and view the other three images.

Ways to Generate a Self-Portrait on iPhone:

Step 1. Download WOMBO Dream on your phone and open it. Import your picture, then choose a style.

Step 2. Enter the prompt to describe your desired style, select a picture size, and click Create.

Step 3. Check the output images. If unsatisfied, you can edit the prompt again, then click the download button to save the image.

make a new selfie on iphone

Generate an AI Picture with Neural Love [Online]

Neural Love is an online image editing platform that can generate images with different styles based on text and make changes to the images, such as adding filters or changing styles. In addition, before generating an image, you can also set the drawing mode and adjust the number of steps for image generation (the more steps, the higher the image quality, but the slower the speed). Change the prompt guidance (the larger the value, the closer the result is to the prompt), and then select a style. You can use the AI Art Generator function to combine images and text to generate a new image or the Make AI Avatar function to change the photo to another style directly.

How to Draw a Self Portrait Online:

Step 1. Open it on your browser and find AI Art Generator. Upload your image, select a style, and enter the prompt to describe the target type of your picture, then click Generate.

how to draw a self portrait online

Step 2. After the process, click Download to save your image.

create image online free

How to Draw a Self Portrait by Image Converter [Windows]

ImgCreator is an image editing software specifically designed for Windows. It supports over 100 image formats for batch conversion, compression, and editing. You can find most of the functions related to image editing above. In addition to common changes in image size and formatting, it can also remove or add watermarks to images, create ID photos, and so on. The newly added AI painting function is also very outstanding. The AI painting function is a recent update with two modes: image-to-image and text-to-image. It has rich painting styles and currently has over 200 styles for users to experience. In addition, users can generate up to 9 images at once.

Guide to Generating AI Portraits:

Step 1. Download the Image Converter on your PC and open it. Find the Picture-to-Picture AI Generator function, select a style, and upload your photo. Adjust the ratio and image number, then click Generate Pictures. You can try to edit the style prompt in Advanced Settings.

how to draw a self portrait on windows

Step 2. Click Save Now to save the final picture.

save the generated picture


With the emergence of AI painting technology, everyone has the ability to paint independently. If you want to have an artistic portrait, you no longer need to seek the help of the painter. You don’t need to wait for a long time to paint. You can get a beautiful self-portrait right away by downloading the software directly. This article helps you select several AI painting tools that are easy to use and free of charge among numerous painting tools, suitable for Android, iPhone, Windows, and online. It also teaches you how to draw a self portrait by yourself. After reading this article, I hope you have chosen the most suitable one.