How to Make a PDF Fillable Online and on Desktop 2022

Want to learn how to make a PDF fillable quickly online or on a desktop? Try this powerful, free PDF processor – WorkinTool PDF Converter, which has a built-in OCR feature. You can use it to convert a PDF to a fillable, editable, and searchable one and transform it back into a PDF. A free online PDF OCR is also provided here. Check the detailed tutorial and try it right now.

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How to Make a PDF Fillable Online and on Desktop 2022

How to Make a PDF Fillable Online and on Desktop 2022

As we all know, the PDF format isn’t editable. All contents including fonts, images, color, etc. are encapsulated in a file, so it is not easy to modify the content in the PDF file. Fortunately, there is OCR technology built into some effective PDF editors that can automatically recognize the text in a PDF and make the PDF editable. This guide covers how to make a PDF fillable with powerful PDF processors, including desktop software and an online tool. Check out the step-by-step tutorial in the following part.

How to Make a PDF Fillable without Adobe Free

Convert PDF to Fillable Forms with WorkinTool PDF Converter

One effective way to make a PDF fillable is to convert it to editable formats, like Word, Excel, PPT, etc. WorkinTool PDF Converter can succeed in transforming PDF to Word, PPT, image, Excel, etc., and vice versa. With its built-in OCR (Optional Character Recognition) feature, the text in a PDF can be extracted easily and in high quality. If you want to maintain the file in PDF format, you can convert it back to PDF after editing. It is free to use without any hidden cost and limit. In addition, countless advantages make it outstanding in the industry, such as:

  • Clear and simple interface that is friendly to new users
  • Multifunctional; combines nearly all PDF editing and converting tools
  • Free of ads throughout the operating process
  • No viruses during the downloading and installing period
  • Asking for no registration
  • Easy and quick to use with a batch operation feature
  • Great conversion results

Now let’s see how to make a PDF fillable with WorkinTool PDF Converter. 

Step1. Open WorkinTool PDF Converter, then select Convert to/from PDF> PDF to Word, and upload a PDF file to convert.

upload to change into word

Step2. Batch conversion is available here, and upload more files to convert if necessary. Then press Convert.

convert to editable word

Step3. Click Open File to check and edit the converted file. Then open the software again and select Word to PDF to recover the file format to PDF.

word to pdf conversion

Here is the result of making a PDF fillable and then editing it with WorkinTool PDF Converter.

make a pdf fillable

More Tools in WorkinTool PDF Converter

Crop a PDF Add page to PDF Add comments to a PDF
Duplicate a page in PDF Search a PDF for a word Type on a PDF
Add a bookmark in PDF Remove highlight from PDF Annotate a PDF

How to Create a Fillable PDF in Adobe

Another efficient method to make a PDF fillable is to use the edit feature of Adobe Acrobat. The PDF can automatically be changed to an editable one. Using the optional character recognition tool in Adobe, you can easily get searchable and editable PDF files. While Adobe Acrobat is helpful and efficient, it is not free software at all. Even more, its subscription fee is relatively high. But one good thing is that if you subscribe to it, then you can have access to all versions of it for free, like the desktop, online and mobile versions. If you are not sure whether to pay for it or not, you can have its seven-day free trial first. To have it, you need to fill out the payment information.

Here is a guide on how to create a fillable PDF in Adobe Acrobat.

Step1. Open Adobe Acrobat. Choose File> Open to upload the PDF document.

open file in adobe

Step2. Click Edit> Edit Text & Images to make the PDF editable.

make a pdf fillable in adobe

Step3. Edit the text in PDF, then press File> Save As to save it to your local folder.

save file

How to Make a PDF Fillable Online Free

If the desktop software is not what you are looking for, I highly recommend that you try this free online PDF OCR tool. It was developed by Workintool as the online counterpart of WorkinTool PDF Converter. With its OCR feature, just in a simple drag and drop, you can convert the PDF file to a fillable and searchable Word Docx or text format. In comparison, it is more convenient and is available on any device, like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc. However, there is a limit on the file size for the online version, that is, the uploaded PDF file must be within 50 MB.

Here is a detailed method on how to make a PDF fillable online for free.

Step1. Open WorkinTool Online PDF OCR tool, then select a PDF file to upload.

pdf ocr online

Step2. Decide the format you want to output. It is feasible to convert to DOCX and TXT.

make a pdf fillable online

Step3. Click the Download button to save and open it to make changes.

save the edited file

💡 Tip: Want to save the edited file as a PDF, you can rely on the Online Word to PDF tool.

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The three methods I suggest today can easily convert the PDF to a fillable one. But there are also some differences among them. You can pick one, referring to the comparison form in the following.

Testing / Tools WorkinTool PDF Converter Adobe Acrobat WorkinTool Online PDF OCR
Price Completely free Seven-day free trial; need to subscribe Free to use
Converting speed Easy and fast Quick Need to rely on the network
Supported OS Windows Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, etc Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc
Results Great recognition of text Auto-recognition Great
Limits Not at all You have to fill out the payment information first The uploaded file needs to be within 50 MB

Wrapping Up

In this post, I have shown you how to make a fillable PDF file by converting it to Word or transforming directly with OCR. With the solutions here, you can easily edit the text or make other changes to the PDF in a few steps. Adobe Acrobat is sophisticated in coping with PDF troubles but is not free of charge. If you need a helpful and effective replacement for it, you can have a trial of WorkinTool PDF Converter. Online and desktop versions are available. Just make your PDF editable and searchable right now with it.

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