Top 6 Best Free AI Avatar Generator on Android & Online

Want to know how to get AI avatar for free? Wondering what is the best AI avatr generator? Keep reading to pick the best AI avatar generation app and create artistic or realistic avatars for yourself in the easiest way. This article shares 6 AI avatar makers for Android and online, including:
1. BrainPix – Most cost-effective AI avatar app from photo & text
2. Dawn AI – An AI app at the lowest price
3. Lensa – An AI app with photo editing features
4. WorkinTool AI Art Generator – online free AI avatar creator from photo & text
5. Picsart – online free AI avatar maker from text
6. Midjourney – online free AI avatar generator from text

Last updated on July 12, 2023 by Eleanor Written by Eleanor
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Top 6 Best Free AI Avatar Generator Tools on Android & Online – Create AI Avatars


Having a unique and eye-catching avatar is essential in this digital age. However, creating an avatar from scratch can be challenging and time-consuming, especially for individuals who don’t have design experience. Therefore, this post shares free AI avatar generators on Android and online to make the creation process easy and fun. You can pick one you like and create your own unique digital persona in a few clicks, with styles available from anime to realistic portraits.

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You can create avatar images online and on Android from photos and text with the following AI avatar creators. These tools offer various customization options and style settings that can personalize your online presence. Whether you are a social media influencer, a gamer, or just looking to add personality to your online profiles, keep reading to discover the best free AI avatar generators available!

Android AI Avatar Makers Online AI Avatar creators
1. BrainPix
2. Dawn AI
3. Lensa
4. WorkinTool AI Art Generator
5. Picsart
6. Midjourney


1. BrainPix AI Avatar Generator

BrainPix applies the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology and machine learning algorithms to ensure high-quality output. It is easy to handle. Users can create custom AI avatars in minutes using this intuitive and straightforward AI art generator app. Multiple models and styles are available for choosing, approximately 7 model categories and more than 300 styles currently, and the number is still increasing. You can create your AI-generated avatars, from realistic to abstract, in different styles, such as sketch, oil painting, watercolor, and more.


This Android app allows users to input text prompts and reference images simultaneously. You can make cool avatars from photos and text to complete a work of art efficiently, saving significant time compared to manually making avatars from sketches. More than that, a wide range of custom settings are available except for models and styles. You can customize the aspect ratios, image inspirations, texture, etc.


Key Features

  • 7 practical models, including 3D, Animation, Illustration, Comics, Natural Scenery, Free Creation, and Traditional Chinese
  • Provide 300+ AI image models.
  • Keep expanding the model database every week.
  • Create avatar from photo and text efficiently.
  • Batch generation available
  • Automatic text and image reference inspirations
  • 5 aspect ratios, including 1:1, 4:3, 3:4, 9:16, and 16:9.


  • $2.99/Weekly
  • $20.99/Yearly
  • $29.99/Lifetime
  • Limited time offer: 20% off
  • Three-credit free trial


2. Dawn AI AI Avatar Generator

Dawn AI for Android allows users to create their own personalized avatars. It also uses machine learning algorithms to analyze facial features, skin, hair, and clothing to create a unique and incredible avatar result. Users can also choose from various background styles and accessories to further customize their avatars.

One of the unique features of the Dawn AI avatar photo generator is the ability to create 48 avatar images in different styles in seconds, such as Sci-fi, Anime, Cyborg, Rock Star, Cosmic, Mystical, Astronaut, and more. So, users can easily find one that fits their preferences and needs from various options.

dawn ai avatar generator

However, the main drawback is that you can only get AI-generated avatar images from photos. And it can only generate headshots. Users who want to create an avatar from a photo will find it useful and stylish. But if you need more features and custom settings or want to create avatar pictures from text, referring to other options will be better.

Key Features

  • 7 style categories, including New Looks, Wild Imagination, Sport Events, Zodiac, Grow Up, Movie Lovers, and Styles
  • Provide 31 avatar image templates.
  • You can create artistic AI avatars or generate realistic photos as desired.
  • 48 avatars in different styles instantly ready at once


  • $0.99/Weekly


3. Lensa

Lensa is also a popular AI profile pic generator app. It can create Ai generated avatars for the female, male, and dog and cat. You can create amazing AI profile pictures for yourself and your cute pets as well. This app offers a wide range of customization settings for its Magic Avatar tool, including styles and edits.

One of the remarkable features of Lensa AI avatar generator is the ability to edit AI generated avatars. After creating avatar images, users can retouch the portrait selfies with elements like backdrops, hair colors, skin, shapes, lights, effects, borders, highlights, details, and art styles. With its simple editing features and effects, you can make your photos perfect 365 days a year.

lensa ai avatar generator

However, like Dawn AI, the Lensa AI avatar creator can only make avatars from photos. It specializes in AI avatar making instead of AI image generating from photos and text.

Key Features

  • 4 style categories, including Time Machine, Art, Essential, and Fantasy
  • Offer 40 avatar image styles.
  • Import 10~20 photos for reference.
  • Comprehensive photo editing features
  • 56~203 avatars in different styles instantly ready at once
  • 4K resolution (4096*4096) supported


  • $3.99/56pcs
  • $5.99/105pcs
  • $7.99/203pcs
  • $29.99/Yearly (with 50% off of magical avatars)
  • $4.99/Monthly
  • $1.99/Weekly
  • Free: save 1 photo per day


4. WorkinTool AI Image Generator

WorkinTool AI image generator is a free AI avatar generator online. You can use this online program to create free avatars from pictures and text, with no registration or ads. It offers a wide range of custom options, ranging from ratios, image processing steps, matching degrees, algorithms, as well as styles. So you will have full control of the output image quality, required time, canvas, and details. All you need to do is pour your creative juices, and this online AI image generator will kickstart your ideas and show you amazing results.

workintool online image generator

However, this online AI photo creator can only generate one picture at a time. And the processing step depends on several factors, such as the network speed, processing steps, and matching degrees.

Key Features

  • 3 styles, including Anime, Realistic, and Abstract
  • Access anytime and where.
  • A wide range of customizable options
  • 6 customizable pixels, including 512*512, 576*1024, 768*1024, 1024*576, 1024*768, and 1024*1024
  • 7 algorithms for different effects


  • Completely free to download AI avatars
  • Unlock the desktop version to remove watermarks and get more advanced features.


5. Picsart

As a famous image editing tool online, Picsart also has an AI avatar generation feature. It becomes one of the best free AI avatar generators for its ease of use, all-in-one features, widely customizable parameters, as well as high-quality outputs. Furthermore, you can fine-tune your picture from the perspective of style, color, quality, art, and mood. As long as the network is stable, you can create dazzling avatars in a range of styles with just a few taps.

picsart ai image generator

But the shortcoming is that you can’t make avatars from photos because Picsart only allows text-to-image generation, denying even reference images. And users need to sign in to enjoy its features.

Key Features

  • Make an avatar from text online for free.
  • Access anytime and where.
  • Customizable image settings, including styles, colors, moos, arts, and quality
  • Various prompt inspirations
  • 61 styles available
  • 1080*1080 pixels supported
  • Generate 4 images at a time.
  • Various photo editing tools


  • Completely free to download AI avatars (signup required)
  • 7 days free trial for more advanced features

6. Midjourney

Speaking of the best free AI avatar generator, Midjourney must be the one you can’t miss. It is Midjourney that leads the trend of AI picture creation. As a remarkable text-to-image converter, Midjourney can create vivid and life-like avatar images with powerful AI-based technology. Belonging to Discord, you need to sign in to your Discord account first to get your AI avatars.

how to generate an ai profile picture by midjourney

However, since it only supports text-to-image avatar conversion, you need to describe what you need in detail to refine the to-be-generated images, typically including the style, aspect ratio, and mood. Additionally, it requires more steps to make an AI avatar picture. So, ordinary users without design experience may find this online AI avatar maker difficult to use. But professionals may prefer to this one for its advanced algorithms and exquisite outputs.

Key Features

  • Make an avatar from text online for free.
  • Access anytime and where.
  • Generate 4 images at a time.
  • Refined artwork outputs of high quality
  • Powerful AI-based algorithms
  • A lot of room for creative expression


  • Completely free to download AI avatars (signup required)
  • License payment required for more advanced performance