Best AI Image Generator Free on Android/iPhone/Windows/Online

Do you want to realize your childhood painter dream? Want to easily and quickly complete a beautiful image? Come and try these best AI image generators!
BrainPix – Provides a large amount of painting styles.
UniDream – Provides a social platform for users to share their own work.
Image Converter – Generate up to 9 images at a time.
ImgCreator – Support more free features to use.
Neural. Love – Create images at high speed.

Last updated on July 20, 2023 by Orlando Written by Orlando
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Best AI Image Generator Free on Android/iPhone/Windows/Online

With the rise of tools and technologies such as ChatGPT, Midjourney, and DALL-E, artificial intelligence has also begun to appear in various industries, including design and animation. People’s daily lives have become more colorful due to some simple artificial intelligence software, such as the recently popular AI image generator. Anime enthusiasts like to use it to create imaginative images of anime characters, making themselves anime creators.

But there is also a problem. There are many AI animation generators on the market. Choosing the best AI image generator is not always easy. Therefore, this article carefully selects several simple and user-friendly AI painting generators for everyone. After reading, choose one that suits your needs and start your anime journey!

BrainPix – Best AI Image Generator on Android

Price: $2.99/week, $20.99/year, $29.99/lifetime

Free Trial: 6 times(3 for image-to-text, 3 for text-to-text)

BrainPix is an AI painting product that was just launched this year. Due to the combination of the advantages of numerous software, it received a lot of attention shortly after its release. It focuses on AI painting and has two functions: textural and graphic. Over 200 painting styles are constantly being updated, adding more exquisite styles and making every effort to meet people’s preferences.

The quality of the generated images is also very high. The text-to-image function accurately recognizes the text you enter and combines it with the style you select to create a picture full of your own creativity quickly. The image-to-image process can transform your original photo into a brand-new one. Its operation is also very simple. Just input text or upload photos, select a style, click Create, then you can quickly get the results.

best ai image generator brainpix

😊 Pros 😐 Cons
Rich drawing styles

Fast generating speed

Output pictures with high quality

6 free trial times

Easy to use

Pop-up ads


UniDream – Excellent AI Art Creator on iPhone

Price: $4.6/mon, $19.2/year, $27.6/lifetime

Free Trial: Three free trials per day

UniDream is an AI drawing software suitable for all iOS systems, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod touch, and Android, with complete AI drawing functions. In addition to converting text into images or changing the original image style, it can replace certain parts of the image, such as dressing up the characters in the picture. In addition, it also provides a social platform for users to share their own works and also browse and appreciate others’ works. Your own works can be saved to an album and in the backend of this software.

best ai image generator on iphone

😊 Pros 😐 Cons
Three-time free trial without watermarks

Rich AI image editing tools

Social platform to share and view artwork

Output pictures with high quality

Some features require membership

Ads pop-up


Image Converter – Best AI Image Generator for Windows

Price: $10.95/mon, $29.95/year, $39.95/lifetime

Free Trial: Long-term free to generate pictures

WorkinTool Image Converter is a powerful desktop tool that can help users quickly solve all image problems. It supports over 100 image formats for batch conversion, compression, and editing. You can find almost all the functions related to image editing above. Its AI painting function is a recent update with two modes: image-to-image and text-to-image. It has a rich painting style, and users can generate up to 9 images at a time.

convert text to image on windows

😊 Pros 😐 Cons
No ads

Rich AI image editing tools

Fast generate speed

Free trial to create images without time limits

Up to 9 images can be created at a time

Output pictures with high quality

Only after opening a membership can you save images without watermarks

ImgCreator – Funny Image Editor Online

Price: Starter $7.5/mon, Pro $22/mon, Boss $36/mon

Free Trial: Long-term free for limited styles and other modes

ImgCreator is an online image editing software with several AI functions, such as replacing an object in an image with something else, changing the image’s background, and even designing a house decoration. In addition, the AI painting function we are discussing this time also has it. You can convert text into images and create new style images based on uploaded images. Some of its features can be fully tried for free and unlimited times, meeting most of your needs. If you are satisfied with this platform, you can also become a member and enjoy more features.

best ai image generator online

😊 Pros 😐 Cons
No ads

Funny AI image editing tools

Fast generate speed

Free trial to create and save images

The generated image quality is unstable

Few styles

Neural.Love – Free Best AI Image Generator Online

Price: Free or $10-950

Free Trial: Free to generate AI art and download

Neural. Love is an online image editing platform that can generate images of different styles based on text and can also be edited on images, such as adding filters or changing sizes. In addition, before generating images, you can also set the paint mode and adjust the number of steps for image generation (the more steps, the higher the image quality, but the slower the speed). Change prompt guidance (a higher value will produce results that are closer to the prompt), and select a style.

create image online free

😊 Pros 😐 Cons
Unlimited art generation without watermarks

Rich AI image editing tools

Share and view other work on it

No ads

Easy to use

Adjustable image generation parameters

The generated image quality is low

Very few styles to choose from



At present, the AI painting market is very hot, and AI painting software has been developed one after another. For those who are just beginning to come into contact with this type of software, it is difficult to find good and cheap software on their own quickly. But don’t worry now. I have carefully selected five of the best AI image generators for everyone, suitable for different platforms. I believe you will find the one you love after reading it.