AI Tattoo Generator – Make Your Own Tattoo Design on Android & Online Free

Tattoos have been a powerful signal of self-expression, allowing individuals to adorn their bodies with unique and meaningful artwork. With the emergence of AI tattoo designers, the process of creating tattoo designs can’t be easier than before. There are numerous free AI tattoo creators on the market. Do you know which is the best one? No worries! After testing different products, this post shares three reliable AI tattoo makers, enabling you to create stunning and unique tattoo designs of different styles in seconds, whether on Android or online.

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AI Tattoo Generator – Make Your Own Tattoo Design on Android & Online Free


The process of creating a tattoo design can be a daunting task. However, AI tattoo design generators make the journey to find an ideal tattoo more accessible and innovative. In this post, we will share three AI tattoo design makers on Android and online, focusing on their features and capabilities. Whether you prefer the convenience of mobile apps or the versatility of online tools, you will find how AI-powered tattoo artists can help you create unique tattoos in seconds.

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Table of Contents

  • BrainPix – AI Tattoo Generator App for Android
  • Fotor – AI Tattoo Creator Online
  • BlackInk AI – AI Tattoo Maker Online
  • Bottom Line


BrainPix – AI Tattoo Generator App for Android

Is there an app to design my own tattoo? Yes! BrainPix is a  professional AI art generator that can create images from text and pictures in 300+ styles, including 3D, Illustration, Traditional Chinese, Natural Scenery, Animation, Free Creation, Cyberpunk, Tattoo, and more. With advanced algorithms and machine learning technology, this Android tattoo design maker can capture the essence of your prompt and visualize text to custom tattoo designs in seconds. Instead of mimicking traditional and popular tattoos, BrainPix allows users to create a tattoo design and fine-tune it with unique styles, detail enhancement, and as well as color rendering.


New users can try text-to-image and image-to-image features for free six times without image quantity limitations. Its text-to-image feature is worthwhile a try, which allows you to select tattoo styles, input prompts, as well as upload a reference image. There are five aspect ratio templates, including 1:1, 4:3, 3:4, 9:16, and 16:9. It will generate four AI tattoos at a time. And users can pick what they need without registering or paying for credits.


How to Create a Tattoo with BrainPix AI Tattoo Generator?

  1. Free download and install BrainPix on your phone, open it, and click the brush icon at the bottom.
  2. Select a style from the dropdown menu, input your prompts, and configure the aspect ratio of the to-be-generated images.
  3. You can upload a reference image for higher similarity.
  4. After that, click Create and wait a while to download the AI tattoo designs you like.

generate ai tattoo designs brainpix

📢Note: You can also create unique tattoos in seconds with WorkinTool Image Converter on Windows and AI image generator online. They are designed by the same producer to feed the needs of users from different platforms. You can generate images of the same styles and models as you need.


Fotor – AI Tattoo Creator Online

Fotor offers an online tattoo designer that allows users to design a tattoo online for free. Similar to BrainPix, this online tattoo designer is able to create a tattoo from text and images. You are free to create black tattoos, black ink tattoos, and text tattoo designs with this custom tattoo maker. You only need to enter the detailed descriptions, select a style, and choose the aspect ratio you want, and then you can visualize your own ideas with this AI tattoo simulator costing less than one minute.

Fotor AI tattoo generator generates tattoos by costing credits, with one credit for generating/downloading one picture, regardless of the generation chance. New users have five free credits, which means you can free download up to two images for free. After that, you need to buy its pro plan or credits for continuous use. There are three aspect ratio templates and 26 prepared styles available. Moreover, Fotor also provides users with a tattoo font generator. You can type your text and transform it into various fancy font styles for free online.

How to Design a Tattoo Online with Fotor

fotor ai tattoo generator

  1. Go to Fotor AI tattoo generator online to create a tattoo online from text or images.
  2. Input the prompts or upload an image, and then configure the aspect ratio, style, and number of to-be-generated images.
  3. Click Generate, wait for a while, and then download the tattoo design you like.


BlackInk AI – AI Tattoo Maker Online

BlackInk AI, as the name shows, is a professional AI tattoo art generator. This free AI tattoo generator offers 13 styles, including Dotwork, Blackwork, Sketch, Minimalist, Geometric, Traditional, Japanese, New School, Anime, Realism, Surrealism, Tribal, and Black and Grey. You can make custom tattoo designs with AI using this random tattoo generator in 30 seconds. Users only need to input text into this AI tattoo design generator, select a style, and BlackInk AI will automatically create four AI-generated tattoo designs at a time.

Currently, this online tattoo designer does not support uploading reference images or generating written text designs. And it only supports English. But its one-of-a-kind designs, free remix, free download, and one-click sharing help it attract a huge number of users. It also has a tattoo idea community, where hundreds and thousands of newly-made tattoo designs are collected.

This online AI tattoo generator provides five credits (20 images). Users can download low-resolution images for free. For downloading 4K super-resolution images, you need to pay six credits for one picture. You can buy 100 one-time credits for $5 or subscribe to its pro unlimited plan for $15 monthly.

How to Use BlackInk AI Tatto Generator from Text

blackink ai tattoo designer

  1. Go to BlackInk AI and hit the Create button on the top navigation bar.
  2. Input your prompts and select a style from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click Create to get four custom tattoo designs.
  4. You can remix or download the AI-generated tattoo designs as you like.

📢Note: This AI tattoo designer will not keep your designs private unless you upgrade to Pro. So users who want to get unique ideas and designs better upgrade to pro plans.


Bottom Line

Creating unique tattoos in seconds can’t be easier with the assistance of a free AI tattoo generator. There is a large number of AI tattoo idea generators for unique tattoo ideas and designs. It is challenging to find the best AI tattoo generator among various options. But you can use the free BrainPix app on Android or the two online free tattoo designers for a try. Their trial plans allow you to create unique tattoos in seconds. And you can determine whether to subscribe to their advanced versions or not. Their pricing is reasonable, with BrainPix’s lowest at $2.99 weekly. Why still waiting? Get the magic AI tattoo machine and experience its features for free!


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