Best 6 Free Anime AI Art Generator Apps: Discover the Top Picks of 2023

Want to create AI anime pictures from text and photos for free? This post shares the most popular and reliable anime AI art generator apps for Android. They can create amazing anime artwork of various styles as you like in seconds. Some of then are also an AI anime character creator, you can create your own anime girl and talk to her without pressure. Read on to pick out the best anime AI art generator for yourself!

Last updated on July 09, 2023 by Eleanor Written by Eleanor
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Best 6 Free Anime AI Art Generator Apps: Discover the Top Picks of 2024


The latest advancements in artificial intelligence technology revolutionize the generation of anime artwork to a large extent. With the help of AI anime art generator, ordinary people can generate stunning anime scenes and characters in a matter of seconds. In this article, we will comprehensively review the best 6 anime AI art generators in 2024. We will discuss their features, customization options, benefits, and limitations for anime art generation and provide some tips for you to get the most out of these options.

anime ai art generator

Table of Contents

The 6 tools that use AI technology to transform photos and text into anime-style artworks include:

  • BrainPix
  • TalkMasterAI
  • Meitu
  • Fotor
  • AnimeAI
  • Imagine

Whether you are a professional artist or an anime enthusiast, you can find the best free AI art generator for anime for your needs. Want to enhance your productivity and explore new creative possibilities in a short time manner? Read on to get a must-have app for anime art generation and create unique and personalized anime art now!


1. BrainPix Anime AI Art Generator

BrainPix is a professional AI art generator that allows users to generate images from photos and text in seconds. This anime AI art maker has gained popularity among a lot of consumers due to its rich models, diverse styles, and easy-to-use operations. Importantly, every feature of it has three free trial opportunities, allowing users to try out the functions before deciding whether to purchase. Compared with other software, BrainPix offers a high cost-performance ratio and is the best choice for beginners who need AI art makers.


Key Features

  • Provide text inspirations if you do not know what to input for Text to Image.
  • You can upload a reference image for AI art generation from photos & Text.
  • 5 aspect ratios are available, including 1:1, 4:3, 3:4, 9:16, and 16:9.
  • Automatic recommendations or manual selection for models and styles
  • 7 models are available, including Traditional Chinese, Free Creation, Comics, Animation, Natural Scenery, Illustration, and 3D
  • 144 kinds of styles in total
  • Numerous reference image inspirations


  • $2.99/Weekly
  • $20.99/Yearly
  • $29.99/Lifetime
  • Discount price: extra 20% off


2. TalkMasterAI

To be honest, the main function of TalkMasterAI is not anime image generation. It is an AI chatbot that answers users’ questions based on their language habits and context. This Android app has many roles for users to choose from, including Painter, Avatar Designer, Translation Expert, Career Counselor, Travel Consultant, Fitness Coach, Interviewer, Philosopher, Astrologer, Poet, Programmer, and Product Manager. The AI Painter can be considered an Anime AI generator.

talkmasterai ai art generator

When users use these two functions for AI anime generation, the anime AI chatbox will pop up a dialogue box for users to select models, styles, aspect ratios, and the number of images to generate. It is worth mentioning that the Pro version allows users to generate nine images with different styles at once. Users can add the AI-generated anime images to the software’s collection, directly save them to their local device, or share them on other social platforms.

Key Features

  • Two modes for AI anime image generator: Basic & Pro
  • 7 Models are available, including Illustration, 3D, Traditional Chinese, Natural Scene, Comics, Animation, and Free Creation
  • Numerous AI image style selection
  • 12 characters for chatting, including Spiritual Mentor, Friendship Mentor, Fitness Coach, Writing Master, Cute Pet, Translation Expert, Private Doctor, Travel Consultant, Five-star Chef, Interviewer, Artist, and Avatar Designer
  • 7 aspect ratios, including 1:1, 1:2, 2:1 4:3, 3:4, 9:16, and 16:9
  • Users can get up to 9 ai generated anime art images at once
  • Users can keep the generated images in the app or a local folder, or directly share them on social media platforms
  • More features, such as AI avatar creation and AI chatting


  • $0.99/Weekly
  • $19.99/Yearly
  • $39.99/Lifetime
  • Discount price: extra 50% off-$9.99/year


3. Meitu

Meitu is a powerful photo editing app that allows users to edit videos, photos, combine images, and beautify pictures. Recently, Meitu has also launched an anime AI art generator from photos and text. Its image-to-image function is very simple, where users only need to upload one image to get four optimized images based on the original, and they can be saved to the local device for free.


Its text-to-image feature is partially charged. When using text to generate anime images, users can choose the inspirations and style templates automatically provided by the free anime art generator, which is very convenient. In addition to text-to-image and image-to-image tools, the charged features such as AI Portraits, AI Animation, and AI Removal are also very useful. AI Portraits can automatically generate up to 100 portraits based on the three images uploaded by the user. AI Animation can transform your videos into animations with AI power in seconds.

Key Features

  • Automatically provides text prompt inspirations
  • Pro editing functions are available, including image inspirations and similarity adjustment of the reference image.
  • 9 styles, including anime, watercolor, Asian portraits, concept CG, reality, vintage, and more
  • 3 canvas models, including 3:4, 4:3, and 1:1
  • Advanced features such as AI portraits, Smart Board painter, AI removal, and AI animation are available


7 days free trial is available for subscription-based monthly payment.

  • Monthly Auto-renew VIP $7.99
  • Yearly Auto-renew VIP $23.49~¥33.99
  • Monthly Auto-renew Meitu VIP+$12.49
  • AI Portraits $3.99


4. Fotor Anime AI Art Generator

Fotor is a powerful photo editing software known for its diverse range of features. In addition to regular photo editing tools, this app also has many AI tools, such as AI Avatars, AI Generate, Magic Remove, AI Cartoonizer, AI Enlarger, Background Remover, AI Art Effects, AI Retouch, Colorize, Bg Blur, and more.


Although these features are chargeable, they are definitely worth trying out. Especially its AI Generate function, which makes this software one of the best AI art generators for anime. Users can choose from 13 styles in this anime AI app, including Japanese Anime, Concept Art, Photography, Line Drawing, Oil Painting, Anime illustration, 3D, 90’s Anime, B&W, Psychedelic Pop, Art Nouveau, Ukiyo-e, and more.

Key Features

  • An anime image AI generator that can transform images from text
  • 13 kinds of styles
  • Versatile detail adjustment, including 8 light effects, 6 compositions, 9 image detail optimization,
  • 3 aspect ratios, including 1:1, 4:3, and 3:4
  • Customizable number of generated images
  • Create your own avatar in one click, and reimagine yourself with AI
  • Upload a photo to take you into the comic world, with 8 styles available and number of generated images customizable
  • Various AI art effects (watermarks added except for VIPs)


  • $27.99/Yearly
  • AI avatar: $4.99/50pcs, $6.99/100pcs,


5. AnimeAI

As the name shows, AnimeAI is a professional anime AI art generator. Users can generate beautiful images with just a few clicks by inputting text. At the same time, users can also upload a reference image to achieve a more accurate effect. This AI anime art generator from text also supports creating AI avatars. By uploading five front-facing photos of the same person, users can create a perfect AI character.

animeai art generator

Key Features

  • 7 models for AI anime drawing, including CG, Vintage, Antiquity, Painting, Japanese Style, Street, and Role
  • Various creation styles
  • 3 aspect ratios, including 1:1, 2:3, and 8:15
  • 54 style references (part of them are charged)
  • Image inspirations are available
  • AI avatar artwork creation


  • $2.99/Weekly
  • $29.99/Yearly-3 days free

6. Imagine

Imagine is a professional AI anime app that has more advanced feature settings compared to other anime AI art generators Users can input prompts during the process of generating images from text to remove unwanted effects and can also enable HD high resolution to generate clearer images. You can generate the desired style of images according to your own needs. However, this Android AI anime generator has in-app advertisements, and users may need to click on them to unlock more features.

imagine ai art generator

Key Features

  • Image-to-text prompts are available
  • 3 free chances
  • 6 default templates
  • 14 models, including Realistic, Anime, Deliberate, Magic mix, Disney, Orange mix, Lyriel, RPG, Creative, Portrait, etc.
  • 84 styles are available
  • More advanced settings, such as High resolution, CFG scale setting, and Steps adjustments
  • Users can input prompts to remove unwanted effects
  • 10 aspect ratios, including 1:1, 4:3, 3:2, 2:3, 16:9, 9:16, 5:4, 4:5, 3:1, and 3:4
  • 83 inspirations models
  • More features, including Image Remix, Inpainting, and Batch upscale


  • $4.99Weekly
  • $39.99/Yearly
  • $99.99/Lifetime