How to Create a Link for a PDF Document on Windows/Online for Free

Want to know how to create a PDF link? Need to convert PDF to a webpage or URL. This post has you covered! After reading, you will know how to get a link for a PDF and how to convert PDF to HTML format for various purposes like offline web pages, development and testing, prototyping and mockups, local web applications, personal content organization, and presentations and slideshows.
In this post:
1. What is a URL?
2. How to create a link to open a PDF file HTML on Windows?
3. How to create a link to a PDF online?
4. How to add a hyperlink to a PDF?

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Nov 22 2023
How to Fill out a PDF Form for Free on Windows

Do you want to know how to fill out a form online without printing? This post explains how you can fill out an application or other forms that were emailed using a reliable PDF editor. After reading, you will know how to fill out PDF forms for free on Windows in a few steps without printing or mailing back.
In this post:
1. An all-in-one PDF filler and editor.
2. How to fill out a PDF form for free on Windows
3. How to create form widgets on a PDF for free.
4. How to sign a signature digitally and electronically.

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Nov 21 2023
How To Insert a PDF into PowerPoint Without Losing Quality | 5 Free Ways

Want to insert PDF files into PPT presentations but need to know how? Can you insert a PDF into PowerPoint? Don’t worry! This post offers five easy and practical ways that enable you to open PDF files in PPT presentations. Each method has its pros and cons. You can read through to learn which is the best for you. The five methods include:
1. How to insert PDF files into PPTs and edit them? – Free Way
2. How to insert a PDF into PowerPoint as an image/link/object? – 4 Free Ways
3. Three FAQs

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Nov 16 2023
How to Replace Text in a PDF Document for Free Online/Offline

Are you looking for a reliable, easy to use, and intuitive PDF text replacement tool? Want to find and replace text in a PDF file without damaging the fomatting? Need a PDF editor online or offline? This guide offers everything you need. Check the provided solutions and step-by-step instructions to find and replace text in a PDF file hassle-free.
In this guide:
1. How to find and replace text in a PDF offline for free
2. How to change text in a PDF document online for free
3. Four common asked questions

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Nov 14 2023
How to Extract Pages from PDF for Free on Windows/Mac/Online

How do you extract pages from a PDF? If you are confronted by blank or irrelevant pages in a PDF file, what will you do? Edit the content and formatting again? Actually, you can remove unwanted pages. This post helps you extract the pages you need and convert them into a new PDF file for free on different devices. Whether you want to isolate one page of a PDF or extract multiple pages, these solutions always work. Keep reading, and you will know:
1. How to extract certain PDF pages on Windows
2. How to extract specific pages from PDF on Mac
3. How to take pages out of a PDF file online – 2 ways

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Nov 8 2023
How to Edit a Resume in PDF Format for Free [Tips and Templates Inc.]

Want to create an impressive and high-quality resume? Need to make changes to a prepared resume template? Need a reliable and intuitive resume PDF editor? Want to find more eye-catching templates? Check this page! You can find everything you need, whether you need to download, create, modify, or enhance a resume PDF.
In this post:
1. Tips for enhancing your resume
2. A free resume PDF editor that works
3. How to edit a PDF resume for free
4. How to edit a resume in PDF format
3. Stylish and effective resume template websites

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Nov 7 2023
How to Delete PDF Pages for Free – Remove PDF Pages Online and Offline

Wondering how to delete pages from PDF on Mac/Windows/online for free? Want to remove a blank page or unwanted pages from a PDF file? Luckily, this post shares detailed solutions to delete pages from PDF files and introduces step-by-step operations. With the five professional PDF page removers, you can also insert, extract, rearrange, duplicate PDF pages, and more on any device.
In this post:
⭐ How to delete a page in PDF for free on Windows – 2 ways (with or without Adobe)
⭐ How to remove pages from PDF for free on Mac
⭐ How to cut pages from PDF for free online
⭐ Bonus: Delete PDF pages on Microsoft Edge

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Nov 1 2023
Bank Statement Generator – How to Make Fake Bank Statements Online

“How to create 3 months of fake bank statements for free online? Is there a free bank statement generator I can use? I only use it for legitimate purposes and privacy protection.”
If you are looking for a bank account statement generator as well, this post is what you need.
In this guide:
1. What is a bank statement?
2. A reliable bank statement creator online
3. How to create a bank statement online for free
Read on to get more details.

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Oct 31 2023
How to Edit a PDF Invoice Online and Offline for Free Without Recreating

If there is a mistake in an invoice, what will you do? Recreate one by going through complicated procedures? Actually, you can edit the invoice and refresh the content for free by yourself. This post shares practical and easy solutions that can help you modify PDF invoice content within a few steps. You can easily export the edited PDF file in a few steps, whether you want to correct the typo errors or manage the layout.
In this guide:
1. How to edit an invoice for free offline?
2. How to edit a PDF invoice online?
3. Occasions when PDF editors come into use

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Oct 24 2023
How to Convert PNG to PDF on Windows 10 and Online

Want to save PNG images as PDF files for free on Windows? PNG files are easy to use for the property of loseless compression and support for transparent backgrounds. But if you want to organize images more neatly, share images more conveniently with others, and save storage space, converting them to a PDF file will be an informed choice. In this guide, you will learn:
1. How to convert a PNG to a PDF on Windows 10 for free – 3 ways
2. How to save PNG as PDF online for free – 1 way
3. Three FAQs concerning PNG to PDF conversion
Read on to get more details.

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Oct 18 2023
How to Translate a PDF Document for Free Online and Offline

Want to simplify workflows and boost cooperation when you need to share and edit multilingual PDF documents? This guide offers several practical PDF translators you may be interested in. You can pick one according to your needs and make reading and working easier after reading.
In this post:
1. How to translate PDFs offline – 2 Ways
2. How to convert PDFs to another language online – 2 Ways
3. Three common asked questions about PDF translation

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Oct 17 2023
WorkinTool PDF Converter Product Comprehensive Review 2023

Since the need for a comprehensive and easy-to-use PDF conversion and editing tool is rising, this article offers versatile software that can help you deal with any PDF conversion and editing tasks for free. Whether you want to transform your PDF files into other formats or edit the password, pages, size, orientation, content, page numbers, and more, you can download this promising tool and utilize all the features for free. In this article, we provide a comprehensive product review, including its capabilities, user experience, performance, pros and cons, pricing, and product specifications. Now, keep reading to find what you need to know!

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Oct 9 2023
How to Convert Bank Statement to Excel/CVS Free | 5 Ways 2023

Want to convert bank statement PDFs to editable Excel sheets? This post shares everything you may need to transform PDF into Excel and CSV sheets. Whether you need to modify your bank statements for editing, summarizing, or sharing, you can find free and effective methods to achieve your goal. In this post, you will learn:
1. How to convert bank statements to Excel/CSV offline – 2 Ways
2. How to convert bank statements to Excel/CSV online – 3 Ways
3. Common FAQs about back statement conversion
Continue Reading to learn more details.

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Oct 8 2023
How to Combine PDF to JPG on Windows and Online Free

Want to merge multiple PDF pages into one JPG image? It is easy to do so as long as you have a reliable PDF merger and converter. Converting PDFs to JPG pictures is a common practice that can make file transferring and editing more easily. This article offers easy solutions that can combine PDF to JPG. Read on, and you will get two practical tools that allow you to edit and convert PDF files for free whenever you need them.
In this article:
1. How to combine PDF to JPG on Windows
2. How to combine PDF to JPG online

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Sept 22 2023
5 Ways | Remove Background from PDF Free Online/Offline

Removing PDF background can improve readability and have a clear printing effect. But there are so many PDF background removers on the market that you will be dazzled with and do not know which one to select. Luckily, this post explains five ways to facilitate you to remove background from PDF online and offline.
📙 #1. WorkinTool PDF Converter Online [Easy and free to delete PDF background color without time limits.]
📒 #2. Google Drive (Docs) [Free to open and turn PDF background into white.]
📕 #3. Desygner Online [Free to erase dark background from PDF in 14 days.]
📘 #4. WorkinTool PDF Converter (Win) [Keep the orginal PDF formatting after deletion.]
📗 #5. Adobe Acrobat (Mac) [Remove background from certain PDF pages.]
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Jun 20 2023
How to Incease PDF Size/Page Easily | 4 Ways

Shrinking PDF page size can help us delete the extra white margin, and reducing PDF file size can facilitate us to save more storage space. However, we need to increase the PDF file/page size to the contrary for better printing and reliability. And this post provides comprehensive solutions for how to increase PDF size/page easily with 3 workable PDF enlargers in 4 ways on Windows, Mac, and online. And reducing PDF file size and resizing PDF paper size will also be illustrated in this post.
😎 #1. WorkinTool PDF Converter (Win/Online) [Easily enlarge PDF page/file size with several methods for free.]
😆 #2. Adobe Acrobat (Mac) [Quickly and professionally change PDF page size for your preference.]
🥰 #3. PDF2GO (Online) [Provide various paper size options to flexibly resize PDF pages.]
—————————- Enjoy Your Reading! —————————-

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Jun 14 2023
5 Ways | How to Change Font in PDF Fillable Form [2023]

Changing font on PDF can make PDF more appealing and coherent. So it is beneficial for us to learn how to change font in PDF fillable form. And this post offers four PDF font changers/editors in 5 ways to simplify the text editing process on Windows, Mac, and online. Let us have a quick look at them at first.
🥑 #1. WorkinTool PDF Converter [Win/Online] (Change PDF font style, color, formatting and size free with PDF Edit tool.)
🍑 #2. Adobe Acrobat [Mac] (Edit existing text in PDF with precise text formatting parameters.)
🥝 #3. Preview [Mac] (100% free to change font in PDF text box easily.)
🍊 #4. pdfFiller [Online] (Automatically convert PDF to editable text and change font on any device.)
—————————– What Is Your Pick? —————————–

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Jun 13 2023
How to Password Protect a PDF Free on Windows/Mac/Online | 5 Ways

Are you struggled with adding password to PDF file? Want to know how to password portect a PDF free? This article will provide comprehensive solutions to help you encrypt PDF files from unauthorized access on Windows, Mac and online. Whether you plan to protect a PDF in or without Adobe Acrobat, you can find a workable PDF protection tool in this post. Let us have a quick look at them before reading.
🌷 #1. Adobe Acrobat [Famous PDF locker to protect PDF files from viewing or editing.]
🌼 #2. WorkinTool PDF Converter (Win/Online) [Best Adobe alternative to quickly encrypt PDF files in batches.]
🌷 #3. Microsoft Word (Win) [Free to add a password to a PDF within several clicks.]
🌼 #4. Preview (Mac) [Mac free default PDF encryption tool to secure PDF files.]
🌷 #5. Smallpdf (Online) [Password protect PDF free on any device.]
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Jun 12 2023
How to Resize a PDF Image on Windows/Mac/Online/iPhone | 6 Ways

Unlike Word documents, PDF files are difficult to edit and make changes in most circumstances, not to say resize PDF images. But do not worry! This post covers six free methods to resize a PDF image on different platforms, including Windows, Mac, online and iPhone. Let us have a quick look at them before reading.
💙 Preview [Mac] (Mac default software to change the aspect ratio of PDF images for free.)
🤍 Adobe Acrobat [Mac] (Professional PDF image resizer to flip, enlarge and shrink PDF images quickly.)
💙 WorkinTool PDF Converter [Win] (Resize the existing or newly-added PDF photos without losing quality.)
🤍 WorkinTool PDF to Word Converter [Online] (Free turn PDF into editable Word to make embedded images smaller/larger.)
💙 DocHub [Online] (Support at most 25 MB PDF to resize embedded images for free.)
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Jun 8 2023
How to Convert JPG to PDF on Windows 10/11 Free | 5 Ways

Converting multiple JPG/JPEG to PDF can make printing and sharing easier and more convenient without losing quality. And this post has explained how to convert JPG to PDF on Windows 10, along with five online and offline JPG to PDF converters. Moreover, the how-to guides can also be applied to Windows 11/7/8.1/8 laptops.
🍑 #1. WorkinTool PDF Converter [No quantity limits to save JPG as PDF while keeping quality.]
🥝 #2. Adobe Acrobat [Fast to change JPEG/JPG/TIFF/PNG to PDF.]
🍋 #3. Photos [Windows buitl-in tool to turn JPG into PDF for free.]
🥑 #4. PDF Candy Online [Insert up to 100 JPEG files to combine into one PDF.]
🍊 #5. iLovePDF Online [Change multiple JPGs/JPEGs to single or individual PDF files.]
—————— What Is Your Pick? ——————

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Jun 7 2023
How to Create a PDF File on iPhone/Windows/Mac/Online [2023]

Besides viewing PDF files generated by others, you can create a fillable PDF with a signature and password from Word, images, or other common file formats. And this post will tell you how to create a PDF file on iPhone/Windows/Mac/online using 6 PDF generators in eight ways.
🌷 1. Make a PDF file on iPhone with Photos [iOS built-in software to easily generate PDF from photos.]
🌻 2. Do it with WorkinTool PDF Converter on Windows [Fast and securely create PDF from 10+ common file fomats.]
🌼 3. Create a PDF File in Microsoft Word [Make PDF from Word file in seconds.]
🌷 4. Generate PDF Files in Adobe on Mac [ Simplify PDF making and provide multiple PDF tools.]
🌻 5. Convert to PDF online with WorkinTool [100% free to get the wanted PDF file online.]
🌼 6. Make PDF files online with PDF24 Tools [Create a PDF form without any limits on all platforms.]
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Jun 1 2023
7 Easy Ways | How to Insert PDF into Excel Spreadsheet [2023]

When you want to combine all your work into a single Excel spreadsheet, you’d better know how to insert PDF into Excel spreadsheet on Mac/Windows/online with different methods. And this post will tell your seven workable and easy ways to embed PDF into Excel, from using the built-in tools in Excel 365 to exerting professional PDF converters. All you want to acquire is in this article, and hurry up to explore the answers!
😃 Way 1. Insert by Copying and Pasting >>
🤗 Way 2. Embed PDF in Excel as Object >>
😍 Way 3. Insert PDF into Excel as an Image >>
😆 Way 4. Import PDF to Excel as Screenshots >>
🧐 Way 5. Insert PDF into Excel Comment Box >>
😉 Way 6. Add PDF to Excel by Converting >>
🤩 Way 7. Attach PDF to Excel as Hyperlink >>
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May 26 2023
How to Add Signature to PDF File Free [Electronical/Digital] – 5 Ways

Electronically or digitally signing PDF files has become increasingly popular because it will save natural resources and fasten our working belts. However, how to add signature to PDF file for free, including electronic and digital types? After reading this post, you will solve this problem on Mac, Windows, and online with several methods. Just take action now and sign PDF document immediately. You will learn:
😎 1. Digital Signature vs. Electronic Signature
🤩 2. How to Add Electronic Signature to PDF for Free?
—–2.1 Via Writing/Signature Image with WorkinTool
—–2.2 Via Typing with PDFfiller Online
🧐 3. How to Add Digital Siganture to PDF File?
—–3.1 Adobe Acrobat on Mac
—–3.2 PDF Xchanger Editor on Windows
—————– Enjoy Your Reading —————–

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May 25 2023
How to Make a Fillable PDF Form without Acrobat | 5 Ways [2023]

It’s costly to subscribe to Acrobat on $19.99/ Mon. Luckily, emerging Adobe alternatives provide a greater possibility of making a PDF form fillable without Acrobat. And the post will deal with how to make a fillable PDF form without Acrobat, ranging from Windows/Mac PDF creators to an online program.
🤩 1. JotForm Online [Automatically create and add different fillable fields online free.]
🧐 2. WorkinTool PDF Converter on Win/Online [Quickly add customized text, fields, shapes, signatures, and more for free.]
🥰 3. Microsoft Word [Easy to insert tables and words to make a fillable document.]
😆 4. Cisdem PDFMaster on Mac/Win [Cross-platform PDF creator to automatically make pdf fillable but with watermarks.]
😉 5. Preview on Mac [Meet the basic meets on creating a fillable PDF form without Acrobat on Mac.]
————————– Enjoy Your Reading ————————–

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May 24 2023
How to Insert PDF into Word Document Easily | 8 Ways [2023]

Are you struggled with adding PDF to Word documents? Luckily, this post will tell you how to insert PDF into Word document in 8 ways, including copying, converting, and inserting objects/links/images. Whether you want to use Microsoft Word, the third-party PDF editor, or Google Docs, all the solutions are available in this post.
😆 Way 1. By Copying and Pasting [Applying to selectable PDF with several pages.]
🧐 Way 2. By Converting to Word [Applying to scanned/image-based PDF files with multiple pages.]
😍 Way 3. Using Google Docs [Suitable for people who have uploaded PDF file to Google Drive.]
😎 Way 4. Add as an Embedded Object [Applying to the case that you want to add PDF to Word without losing formatting.]
🤩 Way 5-6. By Embedded Linked Object/URL [Applying to users who want the inserted PDF connected with the source file.]
😘 Way 7-8. Insert as Image/Screenshot [Suitable for people who want a smaller file size after insertion.]
——————- Enjoy Your Reading! ——————-

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May 23 2023
How to Darken a PDF File with(out) Adobe | 6 Ways [2023]

Darkening a PDF document can improve our reading experience at night, soften the printing effect and break the tedious white PDF color. However, it is tough for a PDF novice to make it without suitable PDF editors. So this post will explain how to darken a PDF file in or without Adobe Acrobat with 4 PDF editors in 6 ways. Whether you want to make PDF darker on Windows, Mac, or online, you can find a fix in this post. Just pick one and instantly darken a light PDF file!
🧐 1. Adobe Acrobat [Darken the PDF background and redact the PDF text in one go.]
😎 2. WorkinTool PDF Converter [Make PDF darker and blackout sensitive text online and offline.]
🤩 3. Foxit Editor [Change a light PDF to greyscale automatically.]
🥰 4. pdfFiller [Highlight PDF in grey manually and darken text in PDF online.]
————– What Is Your Pick? ————–

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May 19 2023
How to Edit Scanned PDF Document Free Online/Offline | 5 Ways

When you find any errors or want to update the info in the scanned PDF images, it is tough to select and edit the original PDF text. However, after reading this post, you might know how to edit scanned PDF document online or offline for free easily. You can pick the most liked PDF editor to edit the text in scanned PDF files on Windows/Mac/online with minimal effort. Just do it from now on.
😉 1. Online: pdfFiller [Make scanned PDF editable and edit it at the same time in one-month free trial.]
😍 2. Online: WorkinTool PDF OCR Converter [Unlimited times to convert PDF to DOCX/TXT with OCR function.]
🤩 3. Windows: WorkinTool PDF Converter [Convert scanned PDF to editable Word faster in batches.]
🧐 4. Mac: Adobe Acrobat [Professionally change PDF image to editable file and add/delete text at will in the 14-day free trial.]
😎 5. Bonus: Microsoft Word [Open scanned PDF in Word easily, but the formatting might be changed slightly.]
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May 18 2023
Best 9 Free PDF Writer for Windows/Mac 2023 [Including Online]

We will find adding comments, writing on, adding text, or doing other annotations to PDF is not easy. But having a suitable PDF reader and writer can help us save more time for crucial things and fasten the working belt in PDF editing. So this post will provide the 9 best free PDF writer for Windows and Mac. And online PDF editors are also covered, together with their pros and cons.
😆 1. WorkinTool PDF Converter [Win/Online] – The first choice for PDF novices and pros to write/edit/convert PDF easily. 
😉 2. Adobe Acrobat [Mac/Win/Online] – Provide all-in-one solutions to solve your PDF writing hassles.
🤩 3. Wondershare PDFelement [Mac/Win] – A versatile PDF editor with strong compatibility for users with enough budget.
🧐 4. pdfFiller [Win/Mac/Online] – A reliable and top PDF tool to easily write and share your PDF files across platforms.
😘 5. CutePDF Professional [Win] – The trending PDF printer and writer to convert to/from PDF and type on PDF in one go.
🤗 6. EaseUS PDF Editor [Win] – An all-in-one PDF software with strong OCR technology.
😍 7. Smallpdf [Win/Online] – Instantly edit and write PDF files online and offline at will.
🥰 8. PDFescape [Win/Online] – Free for each PDF file within 10 MB and 100 pages.
😎 9. PDF Xchange editor [Win] – Fit for people with basic free PDF writing demands.

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May 17 2023
How to Combine PDF Files Windows 10/11 Free Offline/Online – 2023

In this digital age, we will deal with many PDF files every day. With time going by, PDF documents will accumulate increasingly, making it challenging to locate the desired files quickly. Hence, learning how to combine PDF files Windows 10/11 free is essential and beneficial for everyone to manage and store PDF files orderly. Read this post and you will learn 6 PDF combiners, along with their pros and cons:
😆 #Part 1. How to Combine PDF Files Windows 10/11 Free Offline
– WorkinTool PDF Converter
– Adobe Acrobat
– Microsoft Word
😉 #Part 2. How to Combine PDF Files Windows 10/11 Free Online
– Smallpdf
– iLovePDF
– Xodo Online
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May 11 2023
How to Write on a PDF Document Free on Mac/Windows/iPhone | 6 Ways

Due to the non-editable feature, PDF files can keep the original formatting and content when transferred or shared online. On the contrary, this feature also levels up the difficulty of editing or writing on PDF documents. Fortunately, after reading this post, you will learn how to write on a PDF document for free on different devices easily, ranging from Windows/Mac computers to tiny mobile devices. Check what you will learn in this post:
🕐 1. How to Write on PDF Mac Free —— [Adobe/Preview]
🕤 2. How to Type on Windows Free —— [WorkinTool/Google Drive]
🕓 3. How to Write in a PDF on iPhone/iPad —— [Microsoft 365/iLovePDF]
—————— Enjoy Your Reading ——————

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May 10 2023