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FREE MP3 to FLAC Converter online | WorkinTool

A free online MP3 to FLAC converter presented by WorkinTool allows you to turn lossy MP3 files to lossless FLAC audio format in batches effortlessly and instantly. High-quality audio is guaranteed.
Four MP3 audio files at a time, within 20M.
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How to Convert MP3 to FLAC Online?

Step 1
Click the + icon or drag to upload your MP3 audio files.
Step 2
Press the Convert tab to start your conversion.
Step 3
Hit Download to get your FLAC music file(s).

What is a FLAC file?

FLAC, short for Free Lossless Audio Codec, is an open-source audio format in the extension of .flac. As it adopts lossless compression techniques, no sound quality loss is expected during the compression. Therefore, it enables you to enjoy high-quality audio files with only half of their original size.

How to play a FLAC file?

Since FLAC audio format is less common like MP3, you'd better download a third-party music player to open your FLAC music, such as VLC media player, GoldWave, aTunes, etc.
To play a FLAC file in the built-in media player in Windows or Mac, you need plugins. For example, a codec pack like Xiph's OpenCodec plugin for Windows OS while the free Fluke program for macOS.


Features MP3 FLAC Winner
Compression Lossy Lossless FLAC
Sound Quality Relatively low quality Very high quality FLAC
File Size Small Large MP3
Compatibility Playable in all media players Playable in limited media players MP3
You can try WorkinTool's FREE FLAC to MP3 converter online to change FLAC to MP3 as well.

More Than an MP3 to FLAC Converter

WorkinTool MP3 to FLAC Converter Free Online Features

Easy to Use
Easy to Use
WorkinTool free online MP3 to FLAC Converter usually takes three steps to complete your conversion. It is simple and convenient, so you don't have to be tech-savvy to operate it.
Batch Conversion
Batch Conversion
WorkinTool free online MP3-to-FLAC Converter enables you to change multiple .mp3 audio files simultaneously to .flac music files. So you can expect several FLAC files with just one click.
High-Quality Guaranteed
High-Quality Guaranteed
The converted FLAC audio files will be exported in high quality as your original MP3 music files do.
Super Secure
Super Secure
Your file safety is our priority. Please rest assured to try our virus-free MP3 to FLAC converter online, as zero security issues will happen.
Completely FREE
Completely FREE
WorkinTool MP3 to FLAC converter online is entirely FREE for users. The MP3-to-FLAC conversion feature is entirely accessible without a license payment and compulsory registration.
Anywhere and Anytime on Any Device
Anywhere and Anytime on Any Device
WorkinTool free online MP3 to FLAC converter allows you to convert lossy MP3 files to lossless FLAC music anywhere and anytime with internet access. You can complete your MP3-to-FLAC conversion on Windows or Mac.

Desktop Software VS Online Tool

Desktop Software
Free Download For Win 11/10/8/7
Various popular container formats are supported
Custom video editing options and features
No ads involved
No need to upload files to the Internet
Work without a network connection
Faster video editing speed with better output quality
No quantitative restrictions or file size limitations
Online Tool
Explore Now
No need to download. Access anywhere you want
No update hassle or system requirements to worry about
All uploaded images are safe and to be deleted within 24 hours
Support video conversion in Bulk
Custom video editing options are not available
The maximum file size of input videos is 20M

MP3 to FLAC Converter FREE

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Download our powerful desktop version of MP3 to FLAC converter--WorkinTool VidClipper for FREE and enjoy all its features other than free MP3 to FLAC Converter unlimitedly within its free-trial plan, including video editing, merging, splitting, watermark insertion, conversion, filter addition and more.
Free Download For Win 11/10/8/7
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