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Free MP3 to WAV Converter Online | WorkinTool

Use WorkinTool audio converter to change MP3 to WAV online in seconds. Easily get converted WAV files with lossless audio quality and share.
Failed to convert MP3 to WAV 44.1 kHZ 16 bits? Want to modify your WAV with more custom channels and bit rates?
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How to Convert MP3 to WAV Online

Step 1
Click to upload the target MP3 files to WAV converter. (Batch converting supported, within 20M)
Step 2
After uploading, tap the Start Converting button to start the conversion
Step 3
Download and export your converted WAV file when it is done.

MP3 or WAV, which one is better?

Features MP3 vs WAV Winner
Quality WAV is the most popular digital-audio format for uncompressed audio files developed by Windows. Standard-formatted WAV files, like the CD format, also have 44.1 kHz and16 bits, so the sound file quality is about the same as that of the CD, making WAV a lossless music format. However, MP3 is an audio compression technique for lossy audio codecs. Comparing their quality, WAV does surpass that of MP3. WAV
File Size MP3 is designed to reduce the amount of audio file size dramatically. Using the MPEG Audio Layer 3 tech, the music at 1:10 or even 1:12 compression rate reduces the music size at 1:10 or even 1:12 compression rate. Compared with MP3, WAV preserves most of the data in the document to maintain the best music quality, making it a relatively large file size. So, MP3 wins. MP3
Compatibility In terms of compatibility, WAV and MP3 are neck and neck. Even though Windows developed WAV, and the default player for opening WAV files is Windows Media Player, Now that, programs such as iTunes, QuickTime, and other versatile media players can also be used to open WAV files. Not to mention mp3, as the early audio file container, is undoubtedly to work on various devices. So, these two audio formats are both fine for compatibility. WAV/MP3

More Than an MP3 to WAV Converter

WorkinTool MP3 to WAV Converter Free Online Features

Simple Operation Design
Simple Operation Design
With a user-friendly interface, it is much easier to operate MP3 converter to WAV. Facilitate all your format conversion, including WAV to MP3 conversion.
Remain Best Quality
Remain Best Quality
WorkinTool offers the best online WAV converter to convert MP3 to WAV free. After conversion, you will get the lossless WAV file with the best image quality.
Support Batch Conversion
Support Batch Conversion
There is no file number conversion limit. Whether the online mp3 wav converter or desktop WorkinTool VidClipper , you can convert audio files as many as you want.
Free Without Limit
Free Without Limit
WorkinTool MP3 to WAV convert online provides an online service to convert audio files without cost. You only need to upload your files and click the conversion button.
Secured Database
Secured Database
There is nothing you need to worry about for file security. To protect your privacy, all uploaded files will be automatically deleted within 24 hours.
Work on Browser
Work on Browser
Now that you can directly convert MP3 to audio file WAV on the browser. Day or night, it works on all devices and platforms. (Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android).

Desktop Software VS Online Tool

Desktop Software
Free Download For Win 11/10/8/7
Various popular container formats are supported
Custom video editing options and features
No ads involved
No need to upload files to the Internet
Work without a network connection
Faster audio editing speed with better output quality
No quantitative restrictions or file size limitations
Online Tool
Explore Now
No need to download. Access anywhere you want
No update hassle or system requirements to worry about
All uploaded images are safe and to be deleted within 24 hours
Support video conversion in Bulk
Custom audio editing options are not available
The maximum file size of input videos is 20M

MP3 to WAV Converter Free

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Come download and experience our magical desktop audio WAV converter for the best format conversion service. Right now, it offers a FREE trial plan for users to enjoy unlimited audio editing features and simplifies your whole workflow!
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