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WorkinTool Free Online MP3 to WAV Converter | Convert MP3 to WAV for FREE

Try this practical WorkinTool tool to change MP3 to WAV easily and quickly. Expect multiple converted files simultaneously and share them with others. Now, enjoy this completely free online converter with no ads and compulsory registration.
Failed to convert MP3 to WAV 44.1 kHZ 16 bits? Want to convert an MP3 file over 5 MB?
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How to Convert MP3 to WAV for FREE Online?

Step 1
Click on the green + icon to import the MP3 file.
Step 2
Hit Convert to start your conversion.
Step 3
Press Download to save your converted WAV file.

What is WAV?

WAV, short for Waveform Audio File Format, is a commonly used audio file format to store audio data on computers and it was developed by Microsoft and IBM in 1991. Since WAV files adopt lossless compression algorithms, they retain all of the original audio data and quality. WAV files can store audio in lots of formats, including mono or stereo, 8-bit or 16-bit, and various sampling rates. Therefore, they are often larger in size and offer the highest quality audio, which makes them a popular choice for professional audio production and recording.

How to open a WAV file?

WAV files are playable on various devices and software, including most media players (Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, iTunes, etc.) and audio editing software (WorkinTool VidClipper, Adobe Audition, etc.).

MP3 or WAV, which one is better?

Features MP3 WAV Conclusion Winner
Quality MP3 is an audio compression technique for lossy audio codecs. WAV is the most popular digital audio format for uncompressed audio files developed by Windows. Standard-formatted WAV files, like the CD format, also have 44.1 kHz and16 bits, so the sound file quality is about the same as that of the CD, making WAV a lossless music format Comparing their quality, WAV does surpass that of MP3. WAV
File Size MP3 is designed to reduce audio file size dramatically. Using the MPEG Audio Layer 3 tech, the music at 1:10 or even 1:12 compression rate reduces the music size to 1:10 or even 1:12 compression rate. WAV preserves most of the data in the document to maintain the best music quality, making it a relatively large file size. WAV is way larger than MP3. MP3
Compatibility MP3 files work on all devices (computers, smartphones, tablets, music players, etc.) and platforms (Windows, macOS, Android and iOS) WAV files can be playable by many media players, audio editing tools and online audio streaming services. Both audio formats boast strong compatibility. WAV/MP3

More Than an MP3 to WAV Converter

Key Features of WorkinTool MP3 to WAV Converter Free Online

Simple Operation Design
Simple Operation Design
With a user-friendly interface, this MP3 to WAV converter is much easier to convert .mp3 to .wav. Additionally, WorkinTool facilitates all your audio format conversion online, including WAV to MP3.
Remain Best Quality
Remain Best Quality
WorkinTool offers the best online WAV converter to turn MP3 into WAV for free. After conversion, you can expect lossless WAV files without losing quality.
Support Batch Conversion
Support Batch Conversion
Up to four MP3 files can be convertible all at once. Therefore, you save the trouble of changing them individually. However, if you want to convert more files, please free download and use our desktop software-- WorkinTool VidClipper.
Entirely Free
Entirely Free
WorkinTool MP3 to WAV converter is completely free to use. Besides, you don't need to sign up to access all its features.
Secured Database
Secured Database
There is nothing you need to worry about for file security. To protect your privacy, all uploaded files will be automatically deleted within 24 hours.
Totally Online
Totally Online
As all operations can be completed online, you can access it on any device anywhere and anytime when there is an internet connection. Moreover, you don't have to worry about the platforms since it can be used on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Desktop Software VS Online Tool

Desktop Software
Free Download For Win 11/10/8/7
User-friendly and easy to use
No need to upload files to the Internet
Unlimited conversions (no file size/number limit)
More audio formats supported
Custom audio/video settings
Faster conversion speed
Better output quality
Batch conversion available
No internet access required
Online Tool
Explore Now
Total web-based operations without the need to download
No update hassle and system requirements to worry about
All imported files to be removed within 24 hours
File size limit--5 MB
No custom audio/video settings

MP3 to WAV Converter Free

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