Best Simultaneous Interpretation App

This article introduces you to four simultaneous interpretation tools, which are suitable for Windows, iPhone, and Android. Some of them are not free, but all are simple, practical, and highly accurate. You can choose the app that suits you according to your needs.

Last updated on Oct 10, 2023 by Eric Written by Orlando
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Best Simultaneous Interpretation App

As you read this article, you must have encountered language barriers when communicating with others or are about to experience this problem. With the changes of the times, there are more and more international exchanges, and more and more people need to learn new languages, such as studying abroad, traveling, or receiving a foreign customer. However, the time and effectiveness of learning are limited, and very few people can achieve smooth and accessible communication with foreigners. Therefore, a real-time simultaneous interpretation tool would facilitate communication between people from different countries.

WorkinTool TranslateAI Translate Voice and Keep It As a File Automatically

WorkinTool TranslateAI is a highly functional software, and when you open it, you will be shocked by its toolbar. This software is the newly released international version of the translation tool by HuDun-Tech Company. The original version has gained many users in China and received high praise. The international version has added some features and upgraded the technology to the original version.

This software currently has editing tools for various documents, such as PDF, Image, DWG, etc. There is also a photo recognition function, which identifies a certain plant or animal by taking photos. It has so many functions that it cannot be explained thoroughly. And the simultaneous interpretation function that we mainly talk about today is only a primary function in translation tools.

simultaneous interpretation translateai

📝 Notes:

  1. Supported on Windows.
  2. Allow to translate Chinese, English, Russian, German, French, Japanese, Korean, and Thai in the Simultaneous Interpretation function.
  3. Automatically save translated audio files for easy recording of meaningful content.
  4. Most functions provide a free trial, while the Simultaneous Interpretation tool requires a PRO membership.
  5. Try to increase your volume during usage.

Translator.FM – Directly Listen to Simultaneous Interpretation Content

Translator FM is a mobile application suitable for Android and iPhone users. It can translate what you hear in real-time and share the translated content with you. Therefore, it is very suitable for people who must participate in various international conferences. It can help you quickly understand the meeting content and answer any related questions. However, it is unsuitable for travel or classroom use as it requires users to wear headphones.

mobile app for android and iphone

📝 Notes:

  1. Supported on Android and iPhone. (Some Android phones are not available).
  2. Real-time translation of what you hear.
  3. The translated content will be saved in text form.
  4. You need to wear headphones while using it.

Day Interpreting – Real-Time Manual Simultaneous Interpretation

This rare software in the market provides real-time manual online translation. No matter when and where you are, as long as you have the internet, you can use this software to contact a professional translator who provides simultaneous interpretation services online. Currently, this software has over 1500 interpreters. You don’t need to make an appointment or wait in advance. You can immediately have professional one-on-one translation services as long as you need them.

simultaneous interpretation app day

📝 Notes:

  1. Real-time manual translation.
  2. Billing is based on service duration.
  3. Unable to record translation content.
  4. You can set up a password to protect your software.

BoostLingo Interpreter – More Advanced Simultaneous Interpretation Tools

If you need more advanced simultaneous interpretation services, not just for daily meetings or travel needs, then you can learn about BoostLingo Interpreter. It claims to be the “first and most comprehensive unified interpretation management platform available on the market today.” The difference between BoostLingo and similar apps is that it is created for language service agencies and language support organizations. In addition to telephone interpretation and remote video interpretation, it also provides on-site interpretation. You can contact the relevant personnel on this app if you need an on-site accompanying interpreter.

simultaneous interpretation boostlingo

📝 Notes:

  1. Provide phone interpreting, video remote interpreting, and on-site interpreting.
  2. More accurate and efficient translation services.
  3. No text recording.
  4. You need to pay for the service.
  5. Provide multilingual conference translation services.

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Installing a simultaneous interpretation app on a computer or mobile phone can solve many people’s work, study, and daily needs. In today’s society, whether traveling abroad, meeting and communicating, or attending school, we are highly likely to come into contact with another language. Translation tools will be our biggest helper when we don’t have the corresponding language knowledge. This post provides you with four simultaneous interpretation apps for different devices. Hope that you can pick your favorite tool.