How to Backup and Recover Sticky Notes Windows 10

The Sticky Notes tool is preferred by a lot of Windows users for recording important information. But sometimes the note you write down may accidentally get lost or deleted. Frustrated with lost or deleted Sticky Notes? This article helps to get the data back. You will learn how to locate the notes folder, three ways to recover Sticky Notes, and how to back up the notes from loss again. One practical data recovery software is recommended for the following reasons:
1. 100% free and safe to use, with no hidden costs or risks.
2. One-click recover everything in the Sticky Notes folder.
3. Easy to use and quick response time.
4. Comprehensively detect all kinds of files from internal and external drives.

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How to Backup and Recover Sticky Notes Windows 10

How to Backup and Recover Sticky Notes Windows 10

Sticky Notes is a built-in notes application included in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11. This app is convenient to use when we need to mark workflows, and essential schedules, save temporary text information or make to-do lists. Users can write quick notes and pin the notes as post-it note-like windows on their desktop. All the notes you take down will be stored in the computer database.

But sometimes, the content you stored in Sticky Notes may disappear due to maloperation, sudden power failure, system crash, and any possible reasons. If you feel frustrated with missing Sticky Notes and are searching for a reliable way to get notes back, you are on the right page. This post is a comprehensive tutorial about how to recover Sticky Notes on Windows and how to make a backup to protect the notes from potential missing risks.

Where are Sticky Notes Stored in Windows 10?

To begin with, we should know where sticky notes are stored in Windows 10. Sticky Notes will automatically save and update a copy to its database when you are writing notes. You can find its database in a hidden local folder in Windows. Read on to know how to locate it.

sticky notes database location

  1. Type File Explorer in the search box of the screen bottom taskbar and open it. Then navigate to View > Show/Hide to tick the Hidden items option.
  2. Copy and paste this directory to the address bar: %UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftStickyNotes_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState. And then press the Enter button.
  3. You will see a folder containing the database file named plum.sqlite. As long as the database is there, you can easily see the Sticky Notes records.


  • Windows 10: The file extensions of the Sticky Notes database may differ in Windows operating systems. plum.sqlite is mainly used in Windows 10.
  • Windows 8/7: StickyNotes.snt is more popular in earlier Windows versions, like Windows 8/7. And the path to locate the folder is %AppData%\Microsoft\Sticky Notes.

How to Recover Sticky Notes Windows 10?

Knowing where the Sticky Notes database is stored is essential for this step—how to recover Sticky Notes Windows 10. And this is what we will discuss in this section below. We present three worth-trying methods to recover data loss of Sticky Notes. All three solutions are free and easy to use.

🧿Recover Sticky Notes Windows 10 with Software

Why did we put the third-party tool at the top? Actually, using third-party data recovery software is the simplest and quickest solution when sticky notes accidentally disappear. Windows preinstalled features may divide the use occasions of data restoring tools more precisely, such as cloud backup and local history version. But third-party software offers one-click scan and recovery services, which enable users to locate and find files that computers hide deeply in storage places.

WorkinTool Data Recovery is such a FREE program by which users can easily find lost files sorted by size, type, modification date, and deletion date through its two-level scan mode. This data restoration software performs a complete scan for the user-specified path.

You can use it to restore any deleted or missing data from computer disk partitions, Recycle Bin, formatted storage devices, and external drives like camera cards, USB drives, and SD cards. So it is easy to get the lost Microsoft Sticky Notes back in seconds. The steps below will guide you through retrieving deleted sticky notes in Windows 10.

Features in Use

  • Launch WorkinTool Data Recovery, select Deletion Recovery > Disk Partition > NTFS(C), and click Scan Now to start a quick scan.

deletion recovery ntfs scan for disk c

  • Wait for a while till the result page appears. Enter plum.sqlite in the upper right search box, then press Search.

search for lost sticky notes

  • Tick the file you need to restore and hit Recover to choose a path. Then move the recovered files to the original folder to restore the deleted Sticky Notes (If you can’t find the notes you deleted recently, press Deep Scan to get a more precise result).

recover deleted sticky notes windows 10

📢Tips: Every single scan will be recorded, so you don’t need to waste time repeating the detection. The scan record is saved on the home page > Deep Recovery > Manual loading.

  • FREE: 100% free to download and use, with no registration requirements, locked features, or file restrictions
  • Easy to useA clean interface and clear navigation make the recovery process easy to understand for everyone.
  • FastSuperior scan and recovery speed compared with most data recovery competitors.
  • Comprehensive: It offers six different recovery scenes for various devices, including Deletion Recovery, Format Recovery, USB/Memory Card Recovery, Recycle Bin Recovery, Disk Partition Recovery, and Deep Recovery.

workintool data recovery


Restore Sticky Notes Data from Cloud Backup

If you have a Microsoft account, the Microsoft Sticky Notes may also keep updating as long as with an internet connection. You can check the Notes folder of your Outlook to see if there is a sticky notes backup. Follow the steps below.

recover deleted sticky notes from windows 10 outlook

  1. Type Outlook in the taskbar search box, open it and sign in to your Microsoft account.
  2. Go to Folders > Notes to check and copy the sticky notes. Then you can paste the content anywhere you like.

You may also like: How to Recover Deleted Emails in Outlook in/after 30 Days.

Retrieve Deleted Sticky Notes from Previous Versions

You can also try rolling the current Sticky Notes file back to its previous version in Windows 10. As long as you have enabled File History and the sticky notes file has a previous version, you can roll the sticky notes back to a time when they were still present. In addition, the file history backup you created using the Backup and Restore tool in Windows 7 still works fine in later Windows versions. Follow the steps below to recover sticky notes Windows 10.

recover deleted sticky notes from previous version

  1. Navigate to the Sticky Notes folder.
  2. Right-click on the plum.sqlite file (or the StickyNotes.snt file for windows 8/7) and select Restore previous versions.
  3. Select a previous version of the file and click Restore.


  • If you can’t find the previous version, type File History in the taskbar search box > Restore your files with File History > search plum.sqlite or StickyNotes.snt > select one history file > click the upper right gear icon > Restore to get it back.
  • Only when you have enabled File History before the deletion can you bring the deleted files back.

How to Back up Sticky Notes?

If you have a data backup for your sticky notes, you can recover sticky notes Windows 10 in no time, without worrying about accidental data loss. The Windows system backup tool enables you to store sticky notes on a cloud drive like OneDrive or record the history of certain files using File History.

In fact, the File History backup instead of cloud backup is the simplest way to keep your file copies in a safe place, because you don’t need to log in with a Microsoft Account. Here are the detailed steps.

backup sticky notes with file history

  1. Type Backup in the bottom taskbar search box to open Backup settings.
  2. Go to Back up using File History and click Add a drive to select a drive.
  3. When the Automatically back up my files option is turned on, click More options > Add a folder.
  4. Type %UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftStickyNotes_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState in the address bar.
  5. Click Choose this folder. You can also add other folders to the Files History backup.


This guide covers everything you need to recover Sticky Notes Windows 10 and offers a practical way to locate and back up sticky note files. Hope this post is intuitive. Now pick WorkinTool Data Recovery or the built-in tools in your computer to get the lost or deleted sticky notes back in no time!


workintool data recovery

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