Ontrack EasyRecovery Crack Free Activation Code and Serial Key?

Are you still searching for the cracked version of Ontrack EasyRecovery data recovery tool? Want to get a serial number and activation code for free? Many people feel that the licensed version of Ontrack EasyRecovery is not a small sum. No worries! You can benefit from this article. We share:
1. Why is it not advisable to download cracked Ontrack EasyRecovery?
2. A safe alternative to Ontrack EasyRecovery crack
3. Similarities and differences between the two data recovery tools
4. Comparison of their free and professional versions
Read on to find what you need now!

Last updated on Sep 20, 2023 by Eleanor Written by Eleanor
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Ontrack EasyRecovery Crack Free Activation Code and Serial Key?


What is Ontrack EasyRecovery for PC? Ontrack EasyRecovery, developed by Kroll Ontrack, is a practical data recovery tool that can help you recover lost and deleted files as well as formatted or corrupted volumes. It is able to recover data from various storage devices, including HDDs, external HDDs, SSDs, USB drives, as well as memory cards. Its intuitive interface and simple operation steps enable everyone, even novice users, to get back missing files with minimal effort.

ontrack easy recovery crack

However, since Ontrack only provides a one-year subscription, which starts at $59.99, many users turn to look for a cheaper option, even Ontrack EasyRecovery Crack. In this article, we will analyze some of the potential risks of using cracked software for data recovery for your reference. If you are interested in an Ontrack EasyRecovery alternative software, you can also read on to get a practical, safe, and reliable alternative tool for data recovery.

Table of Contents

  • Why It Is Not Advisable to Use Ontrack EasyRecovery Crack?
  • A Safe and Free Alternative to Ontrack EasyRecovery Crack
  • Ontrack EasyRecovery Vs. WorkinTool Data Recovery
  • Comparison of Their Free and Professional Versions: Which One is Better?


Why It Is Not Advisable to Use Ontrack EasyRecovery Crack?

Using Ontrack EasyRecovery Cracks or any other software is not recommended for the following reasons.

  • Legal issues: Using the cracked Ontrack EasyRecovery full version is illegal. It violates copyright laws and the terms of use of the software provider, which can lead to fines and penalties.
  • Security problems: Downloading EasyRecovery cracked version from untrusted websites may also suffer from malware attacks or other security risks, putting your computer and data at risk.
  • No updates or support: If you get an Ontrack EasyRecovery activation key in an illegal way, you will not receive any updates or enjoy any customer support, facing potential software issues.
  • Unstable performance: Although you can download an Ontrack EasyRecovery crack for free, the cracked software may lead to accidental crashes or data corruption.

Therefore, to ensure a stable, safe, and effective data recovery experience, it is better to get the licensed Ontrack EasyRecovery serial key or activation code from the official website.


A Safe and Free Alternative to Ontrack EasyRecovery Crack

However, as mentioned above, many users tend to give up the genuine version of Ontrack EasyRecovery for concerns of price and license span. In this case, alternatives to Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional come into use. There are various options on the market, and WorkinTool Data Recovery can be the most cost-effective one. This data recovery software, famous for its cheap price, effective features, high data recovery rate, as well as ease of use, has attracted a large number of users. Why do I say so? Well, refer to the following details to know more about this data recovery tool.

workintool data recovery website homepage

workintool data recovery download

WorkinTool Memory Card Data Recovery Software Free Download

  • 500+ file types recoverable
  • Suitable for various data loss scenarios
  • Available on Windows and Mac
  • Preview and filter files with custom options
  • Reliable data recovery success rate
  • Cheapest price among many rivals ($23.99/Month)
  • Distinctive scan methods: Quick, Deep, as well as Formatted Scan
  • Modern interface and three-click recovery process

Storage Devices, File Types, Data Loss Scenarios.

Similar to Ontrack EasyRecovery, WorkinTool Data Recovery is able to scan and restore lost, deleted, formatted, as well as corrupted data from various devices. Whether you lose files on HDDs, external hard drives, USB drives, memory storage devices, SD cards, or digital cameras, you can utilize this all-in-one data recovery tool to retrieve your precious files.

It supports the recovery of 500+ types of files, including videos, images, documents, audio files, emails, archives, compressed files, and more. You can apply WorkinTool Data Recovery to replace Ontrack EasyRecovery, regardless of the data loss being caused by accidental deletion, formatting, system crashes, software corruption, power outages, or even malware attacks.

workintool data recovery v2.2

Pricing & Free Trial

Unlike EasyRecovery pricing, which costs $59.99 a year at least, you can get the lifetime version of WorkinTool Data Recovery at $43.99 (discount incl.). There are monthly, yearly, and lifetime plans available. In addition, there is a 20%-off coupon you can use when placing an order.

Furthermore, WorkinTool Data Recovery software allows users to recover 500 MB of data for free unconditionally. On the other hand, although EasyRecovery offers 1GB of free recovery capacity, it can only let you restore single files up to 25MB. In comparison, WorkinTool Data Recovery is more convenient because users can free download and recover missing files without any restrictions.


Ontrack EasyRecovery Vs. WorkinTool Data Recovery

By comparing the detailed features, similarities, as well as differences between Ontrack EasyRecovery and WorkinTool Data Recovery, you can better know which one best suits you and whether to download Ontrack EasyRecovery crack. Let’s dive in!

Major Similarities

  • Safe and authorized data recovery software
  • Able to preview and filter scanned files
  • Powerful scan and recovery algorithms
  • Recover data from Windows & Mac computers

Major Differences

Ontrack EasyRecovery WorkinTool Data Recovery
  • Different prices for Ontrack EasyRecovery Home for Windows and Mac
  • Only yearly plans
  • 1GB of free recovery space (with a single file less than 25MB)
  • Two scan modes: Quick and Deep
  • Slower scan speed
  • Filter files by date modified, date created, status, type, as well as path
  • Money-back guarantee unfound
  • Additional features available (RAID recovery, File repair, etc.)
  • Physical data recovery services available
  • Same price for Windows & Mac
  • Monthly, yearly, as well as lifetime plans are available.
  • 500MB of free recovery space
  • Three scan modes: Quick/Deep/Formatted Scan
  • Faster scan speed
  • Filter files by date modified, status, type, as well as path (custom intervals available).
  • 7&14-day money-back guarantee
  • No additional features
  • Only for online data recovery


Comparison of Their Free and Professional Versions: Which One is Better?

Here is a comparison sheet of the WorkinTool and Ontrack EasyRecovery professional full versions and their free trials. You can understand the specific differences between the two data recovery software.

Ontrack EasyRecovery WorkinTool Data Recovery
  • Scan, preview, and recover data
  • 1GB of free recovery capacity (with a single file no more than 25MB)
  • No access to advanced features such as File repair, Data monitoring, RAID recovery, etc.
  • Scan and recover data
  • Unconditionally free recovery within 500MB
  • Access all features with ease
  • Pricing for Windows: $59.99/Home, $99.99/Professional, $109.99/Premium, $199.99/Technician, $299.99/Toolkit 
  • Pricing for Mac: $69.99/Home, $99.99/Professional, $109/Premium, $199/Technician
  • Lowest price: $59.99
  • Features vary from the versions you choose.
  • $49.99/Lifetime, $39.99/Year, $29.99/Month (20% off coupon available)
  • Lowest price: $23.99 (20% off coupon inc.)
  • All features are the same in different versions

Source from WorkinTool and Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional review and their official websites

In summary, If you are looking for a data recovery tool that is able to get back data in more complicated cases, Ontrack EasyRecovery is a nice choice. However, if you only want to recover deleted, formatted, and corrupted data, WokrinTool would be better for its high success rate and cost-effective plans. Furthermore, WorkinTool Data Recovery offers unconditionally free 500MB recovery capacity. It is a safe option to replace the Ontrack EasyRecovery crack.


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