Foxit PDF Editor Crack Full Version or Free Alternative?

Are you wondering how to crack Foxit PDF Editor or activate Foxi PDF Editor for free? It is not recommended to do that for your data security concerns. Why not search for a reliable alternative? In this post, we explain the reasons why it is not advisable to download cracked software. We also offer a cheaper and easier-to-use PDF editor. Read on to get what you need!

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Foxit PDF Editor Crack Full Version or Free Alternative?


Foxit PDF Editor is a comprehensive PDF software suite developed by Foxit Software that allows users to modify and edit PDF files. It provides a wide range of features that enable users to tailor PDF documents to their needs, including editing text, images, pages, as well as adding annotations, comments, forms fields, etc. However, some individuals may be tempted to search for Foxit PDF Editor crack for the considerations regarding cost, accessibility, limited trial versions, and desire for full features.

foxit pdf editor crack or alternative

Since using cracked software is illegal, unethical, and carries significant risks, this article comes to the rescue. This article analyzes the negative effects of using a cracked Foxit PDF Editor while also providing a more secure and reliable PDF editor for users who are worried about data leakage and legal consequences.

Table of Contents

  • Potential Risks of Using Foxit PDF Editor Crack
  • An Alternative PDF Editor for Foxit PDF Editor Crack
  • Shared Features and Variances of Foxit and WorkinTool
  • Conclusion


Potential Risks of Using Foxit PDF Editor Crack

Using a cracked Foxit PDF Editor or any other illegal software can have several negative effects, such as:

  • Legal Consequences: Using cracked software is against copyright laws, which may result in legal consequences, such as fines and potential legal action.
  • Security Risks: Cracked software from unofficial or unknown sources may contain viruses that will compromise your computer and sensitive information.
  • No Updates and Support: Cracked software can’t access bug fixes, security patches, or new features from the official support.
  • Unstable Performance: Cracked software may crash, freeze, or exhibit unexpected behavior, leading to loss of productivity.
  • Ethical Concerns: Using cracked software undermines the efforts of software developers, depriving them of the revenue they rely on to continue improving.

Therefore, it is always recommended to use legitimate software downloaded from official channels. It ensures a stable, secure, and customer-supported experience of using the software.


An Alternative PDF Editor for Foxit PDF Editor Crack

Rather than downloading cracked Foxit PDF Editor from an unknown source, looking for an alternative may be better. Among a wide range of PDF editors on the market, WorkinTool PDF Converter serves as an effective and reliable solution. There is no need to search for license keys or download the free Foxit PDF Editor with crack. You can solve PDF-related tasks via WorkinTool with its advanced algorithms.

workintool pdf converter featrues

Foxit PDF Editor Crack Alternative – WorkinTool PDF Converter Features

Multi-language Support: WorkinTool PDF Converter supports 10+ languages, suitable for users from different countries.

👑WorkinTool PDF Converter Features

No Registration Required: Users can download the software for free without registering an account or filling in any information.
Various Features: You can find features for PDF editing, PDF converting, Form creation, Page management, PDF OCR, adding and removing watermarks, annotation, e-sign, etc. No Watermarks: You can export the edited PDF files and convert files without any watermarks.
Online Version Available: Except for the desktop software for Windows, you can find various free trial tools online, which share the same algorithms as the desktop one. Rapid speedThis software can process your tasks in a flash. It won’t take long. So you can get the result ASAP.
Unlimited-Time Free Trial: All features can be used for free. There are no locked features or advanced features that require upgrading. Dependable outputHigh-quality outputs are promised. Your files will not lose formatting or any layout after converting or editing.
Intuitive Design: A user-friendly layout makes this software easy to use. There are also a plethora of blog and video tutorials users may need. Cost-effective Plans: The cheapest plan of WorkinTool PDF Converter starts at $12.95/mo, mounting at $35.96/mo currently, much cheaper than Foxit.

workintool pdf converter download icon


Shared Features and Variances of Foxit and WorkinTool

By comparing the similarities and differences between the two PDF tools, you will have a clearer understanding of whether to download the WorkinTool PDF Converter or download a full crack version from an unknown source. Let’s view their similarities first.


  • Able to edit, convert, and manage PDF files.
  • Secure and authorized software from safe and famous websites.
  • Both free trials and billed plans are available.
  • Video tutorials are available.
  • 7 ~14 days money back guarantee


Foxit PDF Editor WorkinTool PDF Converter
  • Supported OS: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and online
  • Plans: Multiple plans for Teams, Individuals, and Education, billed monthly and yearly
  • Individual Plan Pricing: $12.83/mo, $109.99/yr (Pro version $16.33 /mo, $139,99/yr)
  • Free Trial: 14 days
  • Supported Languages: 13 languages (Users can only select one while purchasing).
  • Batch Conversion: Not supported
  • Installation Package Size: About 720MB
  • Registration: Required
  • Collaboration: Supported
  • File size limitation: No
  • Supported OS: Windows and online
  • Plans: Individual plans only, billed monthly, yearly, and perpetually
  • Individual Plan Pricing: $12.95/mo, $25.95/yr, $35.96/lifetime
  • Free Trial: No time limitation
  • Supported Languages: 12 languages (Users can switch languages for free).
  • Batch Conversion: Supported
  • Installation Package Size: About 130 MB
  • Registration: Not required
  • Collaboration: Supported
  • File size limitation: 0.5MB in the free version

Data is sourced from Foxit PDF Editor and WorkinTool PDF Converter Websites and their official reviews.

WorkinTool PDF Converter can do a large part of the tasks that Foxit PDF Editor can do. The table above clearly shows their similarities and differences. If you are price-oriented or a short-term PDF tool user, then WorkinTool PDF Converter will be a reasonable choice, which offers various features at cost-effective pricing.



Activating a full version of Foxit PDF Editor can be expensive, and downloading a cracked version from the unofficial website is risky. It is not recommended to pursue this approach due to potential threats to both data security and system stability. Instead, it is advisable to explore trustworthy alternatives. The market offers a range of PDF tools, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Among these options, WorkinTool PDF Converter Software stands out as a cost-effective solution, providing a reliable recovery rate for various data loss scenarios. So why hesitate? Download this alternative and experience its capabilities firsthand!

workintool pdf converter download icon

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