How To Insert a PDF into PowerPoint Without Losing Quality | 5 Free Ways

Want to insert PDF files into PPT presentations but need to know how? Can you insert a PDF into PowerPoint? Don’t worry! This post offers five easy and practical ways that enable you to open PDF files in PPT presentations. Each method has its pros and cons. You can read through to learn which is the best for you. The five methods include:
1. How to insert PDF files into PPTs and edit them? – Free Way
2. How to insert a PDF into PowerPoint as an image/link/object? – 4 Free Ways
3. Three FAQs

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How To Insert a PDF into PowerPoint Without Losing Quality | 5 Free Ways


PDF files can convey information effectively in an organized manner. Different from PDF, PowerPoint offers more features to enhance the visual experience. However, sometimes, you may need to incorporate existing PDF pages or comments into your slides to enhance the effectiveness of your presentation. Inserting a PDF file into a PowerPoint is a common practice in this digital age. Whether you want to open a PDF in PowerPoint as an image to enrich your content, add a support link of PDF to the PPT, or transfer the PDF to an editable PPT directly, you can find answers in this guide.

how to insert a pdf into powerpoint

In this guide, we will walk you through different solutions and step-by-step instructions to import PDF into PowerPoint. Whether you want to use a detailed report, cite sources, or any other PDF content, you can seamlessly add these external documents to a PPT file without losing quality or damaging the overall flow and professionalism of your presentation.

Table of Contents

  • 1. How to Embed a PDF into PowerPoint and Edit It
  • 2. How to Insert a PDF into PowerPoint as an Image
  • 3. How to Attach a PDF to a PowerPoint as a Link
  • 4. How to Put a PDF into a PowerPoint as an Object
  • 5. FAQs
  • 6. Conclusion

1. How to Embed a PDF into PowerPoint and Edit It

If you want to put and directly open a PDF file in a presentation as slides, you can convert PDF to PowerPoint and then add the converted file to the existing PPT presentation. This method is highly recommended because it is time-saving to insert multi-page PDF files, and you can open the inserted PDF file on any device without losing quality. Follow the steps below to learn how to convert PDF files into PPTs and how to insert a PDF into PowerPoint with WorkinTool PDF Converter. Among all the countless tools out there, WorkinTool PDF Converter is probably one of the most convenient solutions. With this tool, you can insert multiple pages of ODF into PowerPoint without losing quality or formatting.

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workintool pdf converter functional page

workintool pdf converter download icon

How to Put a PDF File into PPT Without Losing Quality

1. Download WorkinTool PDF Converter and go to Convert to/from PDF > PDF to PPT to launch the PDF to PowerPoint tool.

pdf to ppt

2. Upload your PDF file(s) and press Convert. Wait a while for the process to finish.

convert pdf to ppt

3. After converting, click Open file to locate the auto-saved PPT file in your computer folder.

open converted file

4. Navigate to PowerPoint > Home > New Slide > Reuse Slides to locate and import the converted PDF file to the PPT as slides.

insert pdf into powerpoint as new slides


2. How to Insert a PDF into PowerPoint as an Image

This method is suitable for those who only want to insert part of the content in a PDF file into a PowerPoint presentation. You can use the Snipping Tool (Snip& Sketch) preinstalled on your computer to take a screenshot and add it to the PowerPoint file, or use the built-in screenshot function in PowerPoint to insert sections of your file quickly. The text below is how you can insert PDF pages into PowerPoint as screenshots.

Method 1. How to Insert PDF Page Into PowerPoint via Snipping Tool

insert pdf snip into ppt

  1. Open the PDF file you want to take a screenshot of.
  2. Type Snipping Tool or Snip & Sketch in the Windows search field and open it.
  3. Click New in the top left to take a screenshot. You can take rectangular, freeform, window, or fullscreen snips as desired.
  4. Save the screenshot to your local place by clicking on the Save icon in the top right.
  5. Navigate to PowerPoint > Insert > Pictures to add it to your presentation.

📢Note: How to Insert PDF into PowerPoint with shortcut keys? 

You can try the shortcut Windows logo key +Shift + S to take a screenshot and press Ctrl+V in PowerPoint to paste the picture. In this case, you can add a PDF to a PPT without saving a screenshot to your local folder.


Method 2. How to Insert a PDF into PowerPoint via MS PPT

take screenshots in powerpoint

  1. Open the PDF file you need to take a picture of, and switch to PowerPoint. (Make sure the content you want to capture is fully visible in your PDF file. Do not minimize the window or open other programs before switching to PowerPoint.)
  2. In PowerPoint, select a slide to which you want to add a PDF page. Then navigate to Insert Images > Screenshot.
  3. You can choose a thumbnail image in the Available Windows or select Screen Clipping to take a screenshot manually.
  4. The picture you captured will automatically appear on the PPT slide.


3. How to Attach a PDF to a PowerPoint

Users can insert a link into a PPT presentation to access the PDF file in the local folder. The anchor could be words, images, shapes, icons, etc. Make sure the PDF file that you attach remains in the same place on your computer, or you might fail to open it on other devices. Here is how to insert a PDF as a link in the PPT.

insert pdf into ppt as link

  1. Enter something that will serve as an anchor to the PDF file in your presentation.
  2. Go to Insert > Link to insert a link.
  3. Enter the address of your linked file, and press OK to save the link.
  4. When you use Ctrl + Click on the anchor, your PDF document will open in a PDF reader.


4. How to Put a PDF into a PowerPoint as an Object

This method is also only feasible on your computer. It will insert your PDF file into PowerPoint as an icon. When you send the PPT presentation to others or open it on another device, you can’t successfully open it. Here is how to insert PDF into PowerPoint as an object.

insert pdf into ppt as object

  1. Make sure you don’t have the PDF file open when inserting it into a PPT as an object.
  2. In PowerPoint, select a slide in which you want to embed a PDF, and then click Insert > Text > Object.
  3. Go to the Insert Object window > select Create from file > enter or press Browse the PDF file location > press OK.
  4. The PDF file is embedded in your PPT presentation.


5. FAQs


6. Conclusion

We have introduced different methods for you to accomplish this task. Now, you may have a clear understanding of how to insert a PDF into PowerPoint without losing quality using different measures. You can choose the one that suits your needs and preferences to create visually appealing and informative presentations that captivate your audience.


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