Merge PDF into One File in 2022 [2 Proven Ways]

Merging PDF into one file is now a great demand in the workplace and at school, so the mastery of this skill becomes quite essential at present. Therefore, you will find some valuable information regarding this topic in this blog–Two proven solutions to merging PDF into one file on Windows in 2021. One is to use a desktop tool called WorkinTool PDF Converter (It is easy, convenient, powerful and 100% free.). The other one is a free online PDF converter-WorkinTool online. Please start your reading now to know the specific guides.

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Merge PDF into One File in 2022 [2 Proven Ways]

It will definitely sacrifice your productivity when you are short of effective approaches to merging PDF since it has become a common file in the workplace and at school. Therefore, here we come. These are 2 proven ways to merge PDF into one file on Windows in 2022. After reading this blog, you will learn to combine two or multiple PDFs into one file.

In this blog, the following topics will be discussed:

  1. Why Is Merging PDF Important?
  2. Merge PDF into One File Using a Desktop Tool
  3. Merge PDF into One File Using an Online Converter?

Now please begin your journey.

Why Is Merging PDF Important

When there are numerous PDF files on your computer, it will be absolutely time-consuming and difficult to sort and manage them. Suppose that you are a tutor for several classes in a high school and receive an urgent notification to send the test reports of nominees for the Excellent Student award, you have to search for them one by one and attach all of them in the E-mail before posting it. More importantly, it will cost you more time and make you subject to your supervisor’s criticism if you accidentally miss one file. It also applies to various industries, like the financial sector, legal work and entertainment area.

However, it will be fast to find and deliver if all these files have been put together. So it is now pretty important to master the skill to combine PDF files into one file. Please continue your reading to figure out two proven solutions to merging PDF into one file on Windows in 2022, offline and online.

Merge PDF into One File Using a Desktop Tool

A desktop tool is undoubtedly the most helpful way to add multiple PDF files together and save them as one document ultimately. You will probably be at a loss since there are now so many options in the market. Well, today, we would like to introduce you to a practical desktop tool–WorkinTool PDF converter.

📕How to merge PDF into one file through WorkinTool PDF Converter?

Step 1. Open the tool, find Tool BOX > Merge PDF and click on Select PDF file or drop your file(s) to this location.merge pdf into one file in workintool step 1

Step 2. Adjust the save path if you want to and click on Convert.
merge pdf into one file in workintool step 2

Note: the file order can be changed as you like and the file can be deleted whenever you need to before merging starts.

change file order and delete file

Step 3. Click on Open file when your documents are combined.

merge pdf in workintool step 3

📣Additional Words

📌What is WorkinTool PDF Converter?

WorkinTool PDF Converter is a powerful and helpful all-in-one PDF converter that allows you to easily, instantly and safely convert and edit your PDF files. Inspired by the lightweight and practical concept, its designers endow it with an easy-to-use interface convenient enough for beginners to operate and useful features as follows:

Convert from PDF Convert to PDF Edit PDF
PDF to Word Word to PDF Split PDF
PDF to Excel Excel to PDF Compress PDF
PDF to PPT PPT to PDF Add Watermark to PDF
PDF to JPG Image to PDF Add Texts to PDF
PDF to HTML Add Page Numbers to PDF
Password Protect PDF
Unlock PDF
Sign PDF
Add Sticky Notes to PDF

Additionally, when it comes to PDF combination, three steps are all you need to realize this goal, which is as easy as ABC. Besides, WorkinTool supports file order arrangement, which means you can change the order of your imported files as you want. Also, The outcomes are all exported without losing quality. Hence, you now have a choice to combine PDF files without Adobe Acrobat.

More importantly, WorkinTool is utterly FREE for users currently, so all the features are accessible without any license payment and compulsory registration. Also, it is a green program, so there will be no ads involved during your conversion and no intrusive watermark inserted into your output.

📌Why should you choose WorkinTool PDF Converter?
  • Professional: WorkinTool is developed by a recognized Hi-Tech company specializing in SaaS solutions for more than eight years. We are exceptionally professional for office tools that aim for working efficiency improvement.
  • Lightweight and Simple: WorkinTool is equipped with a user-friendly interface, making even beginners feel convenient and simple to operate.
  • Powerful: You can use it to convert your PDF files to multi-formatted documents and vice versa like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and images. Also, you can rely on it to read and edit your PDF files.
  • High-quality Guarantee: The combined PDF file will be exported without losing quality.
  • 100% FREE Currently: WorkinTool is entirely free for users currently, so you are entitled to all its features without license payment and compulsory registration.
  • Green: There will be no advertisements in the course of your conversion, while no intrusive watermark will be inserted into your output.
  • Secure: Your safety is our priority. Therefore, we will spare no effort to protect your data privacy and information security.
  • User-Oriented: Your voice matters. We will listen carefully to what our customers say, doing our utmost to satisfy all their needs and upgrade our products accordingly.

Combine PDF into One File Using an Online Converter

Sometimes, you may find it inconvenient to download and install a desktop tool. If this applies to you, you will be lucky to read this chapter. In this section, we will recommend the online version of WorkinTool PDF Converter. It proves to be a great help if you have requests for online PDF conversion or editing.

WorkinTool ‘s FREE Online PDF converter is a useful online PDF tool able to resolve most of your PDF-connected problems. It possesses nearly all the PDF-related features of WorkinTool’s desktop version. What is worth mentioning is that it is also entirely FREE to use with only a few limits.

📕How to combine PDF into one file via WorkinTool free online PDF converter?

Step 1. Click the huge + icon to upload your PDF files or drop them there.

merge pdf in workintool online step 1
Step 2. Preview the files and then hit Convert.
(You add more PDF files by clicking the + icon behind the last document.)

merge pdf in workintool online step 2

Step 3. Click on Download to get your combined file.

merge pdf in workintool online step 3


A few limits apply to WorkinTool’s free online PDF converter as follows:

  • Only four files at a time to convert.
  • The maximum size of each uploaded file is 50 MB.
  • File order is unchangeable

If you want to enjoy WorkinTool’s unlimited features, you’d better try the desktop version of WorkinTool PDF Converter.

Something More to Say

📌Here is our study of these two methods 

Features WorkinTool Desktop PDF Converter WorkinTool Online PDF Converter 
Interface Lightweight and easy Simple and convenient
Internet Access No Yes
Download & Installation Yes No
Price 100% Free 100% Free
Limits No Yes (File number, size and order)
Import & Export Speed Instant Fast but unstable (depend on the file size and internet status)
Export Status Directly exported to PC Download required
Output High quality without any intrusive watermark High quality without any intrusive watermark
Security Guaranteed data privacy and information security High-level security

📌FAQ of WorkinTool PDF Converter

💡Can I merge the files in other formats?

Yes. WorkinTool enables you to merge Microsoft Office documents (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt and pptx) and images. If you feel like merging the files in those formats, you can also refer to these blogs like merging word documents.

💡What can I do if my files exceed the size limitations when using WorkinTool online PDF converter?

The file size limitation of the WorkinTool online PDF converter is appropriately 50 MB. However, we strongly recommend you to compress your PDF files through WorinTool if your file is too large. Please rest assured that its quality will be subjected to almost no sacrifice.

Please note that relatively slow conversion speed will be expected if you intend to join large files together.

Final Thoughts

With these two approaches, merging two or multiple PDFs into one file will not be a pain in the neck. The two solutions mentioned above have been well researched by us, which are easy, fast and safe, so you can try any of them that favors you. However, you can also opt for other PDF joiners or binders unless the one chosen is user-friendly and secure, be it offline or online.

Now, are you ready to merge your PDF into one file?

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